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  1. So just to be sure; I should do up to 100 in any stat from the "additional points" and then use my regular points? As someone who professionally does stuff with user interfaces, this little bit wasn't *super* clear to me :/
  2. Ugh, I think I just mucked it up, because I put the 600 points in strength, but should have used the other option (use additional points) because now I have 390 points left and 989 "additional points".
  3. I'm pretty much hooked on Postmodern Jukebox's lazzifications of pop songs... I especially like Paper Planes, Creep (that song covers so well!) and Give it Away. Currently listening to Paper Planes
  4. I actually have no clue how many scrolled points I had (last login before this week was 2010 <_<), but I don't think I had 101 in all stats. nut I had 990+989 points to divide. Does the order make any difference?
  5. Excuse my noobness; I'm just re-entering my character points after quite a while. I have 1979 points to use and was thinking: 300 strength (= 600 points) 250 intelligence (= 450 points) 250 chance (= 450 points). That leaves me with 479. I could use some wisdom and/or agi; vit isn't really important. With all the "new" dodge and critical hit stats; does it still make sense to have Agi? Otherwise I would probably spend the remaining 479 points into 100 agility, 100 wis and 79 in vitality. Maybe all a bit too scattered, but it does leave some flexibility in equipment. I don't need 1k strength, but a pretty nice hybrid would be OK for the amount that I play now.
  6. Heh, thanks Youb! actually subbed today just so I could try out all the changed spells. Sadis are still very playable now, albeit as summoning whores. The whole 1/2 crit that I've been coasting on for years on end doesn't really do all that much anymore. All my stats were still at 0 though and I could still solo a lot of junk, so it can't be all that bad. In any case, I'll be packing and moving over the next month, so I don't think it would be the optimal time to really start playing again, let alone join for now :P Edit: However, next time I'm online for a few hours, I'd love a guide through some of the games new stuff, and then I think I'll bite the bullet and spend some stat points.
  7. I just did a few battles, am I seeing it right that they reset character points and took the liberty of also resetting scrolled points?
  8. Just stopping by and checking what's new. Dofus still is my favorite in gameplay/mechanics, but I really have very little time to do actual playing nowadays...
  9. Tweak


    Cool, I have the actual boardgame (Krosmaster Arena) but we haven't played it in a while.
  10. Yay, at least some familliar names! Yar. I remember you :) I used to play a lot with graydoo too, but I'd figured he'd hung up the feca staff too by now :p I also remember your face, does it still play? Sia knows what's up! But before that, we're also moving into a newer, bigger and better house in ~2 weeks already! 'sup Roll, you've always been part of imps' furniture right? I always remember you when I drive by Retie (on the way to Mol). Yoi, also a name I remember from longer ago ^_^
  11. 'Sup, I just downloaded dofus and randomly logged in (last login ~5 years ago). None of my friendslist were online (shame on all of you for not patiently awaiting my return) I got a bunch of achievements and gifts (3 pages worth of ...). All of my professions were returned and it said something about using gems. All of my spellpoints and character points were returned o.O Astrub was very quiet. My turq had only +10 crits (instead of +17) ._. Anyone I used to know in game still playing? ^_^
  12. Don't know if back, but what's up?! Let's both pretend I've been super active here all along and you just dropped by randomly today :)
  13. Zomg I love Dofus nostalgia... Here's complete randomness from me: don't even know why I save this, possibly for the purpose of revenge >:] out of the box screenshot: first look at the dofus 2.0 alpha @ the Ankama convention in Lille MOAR SCREENIES!
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