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  1. What I Have : 4 (Int/Omni Cra, Cha Enu, Int Eni, Str Panda) What I Want : 4-5 man team Number of New Accts: 0 or 1 Goal: Being able to solo most PVM content and get my own drops. Leaning Toward: Agi Sac Wondering what class to take in order to solo most content and get most of my own drops for sets (since I'm poor and whatnot). I'm leaning toward Agi Sac for more tankiness, but there is also a lack of AP reduce and AOE in this group (mostly just Cra and Panda, and somewhat limited at that). What would you kind folks recommend? If you think this grouping will work just fine soloing most thing
  2. Awesome! Thanks for the replies! I appreciate the feedback. And agreed. MUCH easier than EH, just a lot longer. :P And of course I'm very interested in seeing what "bonuses" it provides to other dofuses. They get a 4/5 for cliffhanger there. Thanks again!
  3. Basically my question with this new dofus is this: Do we need to complete the quest on every day of the year? i.e. - 365 individual, unique calendar pages? So, if you get every day except January 1st, then you have to wait for January 1st NEXT year? OR, is it that you just need to do the event 365 times? I just wonder if it has been answered here or over on the official forums whether or not you need to do it each day of the year, or just 365 times. I read the devblog update, but it was still a little unclear to me. There is a progress bar, which indicates you just need to do it 365 times.
  4. What I Have Acct1: Str Panda Acct2: Int Eni Acct3: Int Cra (going Omni) What I Want Number of New Accts: 1 Goal: Solo dungeon running Leaning Toward: Cha Enu So I've just started a couple of new accounts. I want to go for a four or five (tops, hopefully) -man team with which I can get through most, hopefully all, dungeons the game can throw at me. This is what I imagine it would look like mid-late game: Str/Agi Panda; Omni Cra; Cha Enu; Int Eni. I have a friend who is going to play a bit with me who is probably going to do either an Agi Sac or Str Iop, but I want this team to be self
  5. DizzleGizzle!!

    I booted up Dofus and imps for the first time a few days ago and couldn't help but drop in and see if you were still active. How are you?

  6. Someone's woken up. :o

  7. My biggest thing is that I want to be able to do the maximum amount of content (i.e. dungeons) with four characters. I'll have fun almost no matter what they are. I always liked the idea of Cra and Sadida on a team, because I feel like they're both interesting classes to play with a lot of underutilized utility. That being said, I have a 14x Sadi on Rushu, and I would probably be doing this multi-boxing on Shika. Just judging from imps as well as people I've met, there are some really good folks over there! More English, too. =\ I definitely want a Panda in the group somewhere, just because
  8. I guess my biggest problem with having that many accounts is just the subbing. But I suppose that is much less of an issue when you have all the accounts to spam dungeons and you can just pay for subs with all the kamas you're raking in. So hey, while I'm here and we're talking about multi-boxing. What's a good 3-4 multibox team? I honestly don't know if I can handle 8 windows on one monitor. I'd get confuzzled. I'm guessing an Enu is pretty necessary, eh? Perhaps cha enu, agi sac, int eni, str panda? Seems like it lacks range just a tad. Ideas?
  9. Wait, how are you getting all of the loot if you have 8 people running? Are they just giving it to you? Or because of your shear group Prospecting is each person getting the max loot possible?
  10. So is the best way to reliably make kamas just to make a second account and two-box it? :P That's the impression I'm getting.
  11. I keep hearing that Prospecting has an affect on what (or how frequently something rare, I suppose) you can get from Fishing. How drastically does this effect returns from the profession, and is the profession still worthwhile (as a comparison) if not pursued on a Chance- or Prospecting-based character?
  12. With the newest version of the Initiative calculating system, is there any way to estimate roughly what a monster's Initiative is going to be, or do we just have to test it now? Thank you.
  13. Ciao matey... how's life? Did you stick to Rushu or try elsewhere?

  14. I apologize for this question being a little vague, but: How are Osamodas at soloing? And I mean overall: at leveling on mobs, farming, dungeons, etc. I have heard that they can be beneficial to groups because of their buffs, but I would assume that because of their being primarily a summoning class that they could do some very nice solo work--would this be accurate? I guess the question is: As a comparison to the other classes, how does this class fair by itself? Worse, better, same?
  15. When people mention reaching the ideal level cap for a mob of monsters, I know that they mean to receive the maximum experience from the mob, but is it simply a matter of comparing the group's overall level to the mob's overall level? Is it just that you are trying to get as close to the mob's level as possible, or is there something else involved? Thank you. P.S. - If there is a thread that deals with this topic that I have not found, feel free to point me toward it instead of explaining it all over again.
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