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  1. I have to agree with Cuff on this one. Im sorry Nudist, but that is an absolutely disgusting thing to say.
  2. Quoted for truth! Like many have stated, this is totally unacceptable, and yes, if the situations HAD been reversed, this would probably have ended the little boys future. I find it absolutely disgusting that people scream and whine for "womens rights", yet when it is the negative side of said rights, they dont take too lightly. I say give the girls the exact same punishment that would have happened if two boys had done it to a girl.
  3. Umm, in the old imps village, I used to just browse all the latest posts by clicking "View new posts". Is this option still available? Because if it is, either im blind, or its invisible.
  4. This also depends on how long it will take till your able to transfer back to other servers. Eg. X player from Z server transfers to Y server, but he cant transfer back to Z server for 6 months or whatever it might be. Plus there are already subdivisions.
  5. Doesnt look like any downsides, so full steam ahead I say!
  6. Nice to see a video that aint all level 200's! Keep up the good work V! Cant wait to see you take on something a little more challenging though!
  7. looks nice, colours blend really well, and i totally get the whole "freefalling thing". nice effort! 8/10
  8. Just watch all the late night ads on TV and buy/do whatever they are selling/telling you to do.
  9. I am so putting this in my sig. This is just win. On topic: I think one dungeon you guys didnt mention needs a fix. Peki! I recently ran it the other day, and ALL the mobs took me at least 20-30 minutes per mob to kill. This was pushing borderline rediculous, if they cut the mobs in half, it would still be a challenge, but it wouldnt take 2 hours for a single dungeon run.
  10. Nomez

    Best xp bosses

    To you maybe, but I prefer Mastogob. Easy to make keys, and easy to run the dungeon. I feel ive run it enough times to have a general "knack" to it, and even though I dont have the chance of dropping that sexy crim, I still feel its faster EXP/time.
  11. ^This. If unbewitching became an elemental spell, why shouldn't invisibility become an elemental spell. Why shouldn't acceleration/jump/teleport/felines leap/flight all be merged into one spell and be elementary? If you change the unbewitch, you would have to revamp more spells to make them suitable...or as you say, elementary. My answer is no, purely because unbewitching gives certain classes more usefulness. Take that away, and your just taking away one more thing that makes the class unique. This isnt even talking about PVP, where the game seems to be headed, so you can imagine the upset
  12. Nomez

    Best xp bosses

    I find pingwin + mastogob amazing EXP, also Croca is nice EXP, although highly undervalued. Tot is amazing EXP as well, Black Rat for lower levels, also another under appreciated dungeon is Bherb. Umm...Thats about all I can think of right now!
  13. Nomez

    Best xp bosses

    Maybe he doesn't mean best EXP for his own group per say. Maybe hes just asking what is the best EXP boss monster EXP/time ratio? As to that question, i'd say Mastogob is pretty insane, i'd even go so far as to call it the next SO...possibly better.
  14. I was spamming iop + feca + eni and it worked quite well. Then the monsters started to get a bit tougher (frigost) and I cant win anymore. Might have to go back and level up my osas a bit :P
  15. Are dofus's easier to drop nowadays or what...There seems to be alot mroe drops now, and percs seem to drop a fair few as well.
  16. Cats and humans have very different perspectives, so using one to arguement the other doesnt really count. (I just jumped in the thread and looked over the last page, so im not sure if what im saying is valid.) Also, saying cat owners are not liable for their cats is just silly. If they are not liable, then why do they even own a cat.
  17. What if you just applied it to "Soul stones only".
  18. Nice and simple, I like it! 7/10 for you Mr Revert.
  19. Sigh....I fell for this years pretty hard, even though I kept telling myself all day it was the 1st of April...Curse you Fosjam and all the other mods in on it!
  20. What are your livi items?
  21. Just something I noticed with the first video...I mean, its not bad or anything, but maybe you could tell us a little mroe about the characters, like, what class they are, level, build etc? I kind of got the general gist of it when I was watching, but nevertheless, couldnt hurt ;) Love watching the vids too by the way, they are getting a LOT better :P EDIT: Are you going to run SO and DP again now that the new update is out?
  22. Having to go through 108 pages to make SURE no one has written the same thing as me, to forget what I was going to write because I got so caught up in everyone elses problems.
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