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  1. Yeah I changed the "if Errorlevel", and now the script works perfectly. Thanks guys!
  2. I keep getting this problem whenever I click "invite" or double click any of the characters. I was hoping you;d know how to fix it? Thanks! http://img27.imagesh...3803/helpld.png
  3. Hey guys, not sure if anyone remembers me, but I've decided after 3(?) years of not playing dofus, i'd pop my head back in and finally hit 200 on some of my characters. I've got my life on track now with a fabulous job, a nice income, and plenty of hours left in the day after work/gym to kill. Hope to see plenty of you in Rosal, my one and only server!
  4. Looks like my eni got owned...Been away from the game for a couple of months, and I come back to fing my eni, and only my eni, has been stripped NAKED! I log onto the game and sure as shit, I find some french guy has been snooping. The account belongs to my brother though, so once he gets back from his travels in a week, ill send in a ticket asking to reclaim my stuff. Any chance of my getting all my gear back? Or should I not bother..
  5. Hey guys! Havent been on dofus or imps in a while since ive been travelling alot! I come back expecting all my accounts to be sweet and ready to sub again, to find out my eni got OWNED! Looking through this thread I found alot of other people got crazy hacked too! I took a look at my info and found this Are Ankama reimbursing us for getting hacked from these accounts or...? Because I put many an hour into gathering all this gear only to find its all cleaned.
  6. Just gonna put it out there, These are called Brainteasers, not "math riddle things".
  7. So I went against my better nature and bought the game, I played it for about 70 odd minutes and got over it...All I want to do is dual wield a couple of nasty daggers and go slay some dragons, but I guess that would be skipping ahead way too far. I tried my hand at bow/arrow and didnt like it, magic was totally lame, and in general I didnt even follow the questline, just ran into the wildy and slayed everything I saw. I chose wood elf, because it said I could summon creatures to fight alongside me, which I thought sounded rpetty cool. But so far nothing. Do I have to unlock this feature or.
  8. Nomez


    The math genious is back? hoorah!
  9. 6 enus, 1 int eni and 1 int cra. Makes doing the souls very fast. And at the end of the fight just WoA and voila! Everyone is fully healed with no bread wastage.
  10. Definitely a cause for celebration! Dont know you personally, but you seemed to be 199 forever! Congrats broseph!
  11. I dont understand what you mean Vcent? The order of initiative doesnt change for me, so i just log on to all my accounts from 1st to last initiative order, and then it always works perfectly?
  12. I have an AHK script that allows you to play on as many accounts as you want,but the real reasdon is so great is that in a fight, you dont need to switch over to your different character, because it automatically switches every time its the next characters turn. Example: Your playing 3 characters, character 1 has his turn and passes - monster has his turn - on character 2's turn, the window automatically changes to character 2 etc etc etc. The way I got it working was to automatically switch when the bottom icon flashes. Works like a charm, and can use it any time :)
  13. Nomez

    Trophies :)

    Makes sense...Then to answer the poll I'd have to say Initiative would be the best trophy for ALL classes, but in retrospect, each class would consider a different trophy to be the best...
  14. Our winnage! Top to bottom: Osa Sram Eni Eca Panda Osa
  15. Nomez

    Trophies :)

    Can someone explain the difference to me between AP/MP loss reduction and resistance? Is one for attacking and the other for defending? Or am I confusing myself...
  16. I'm not exactly sure, i'll go poutch tomorrow, I have 1/2 everything as well, so its pretty awesome :)
  17. My new guts :D Just waiting on 199 for my Kringlove instead of obsidemon ring. I also have an inky veil and awmigawd ring ( replaces obsidemon) for pvp.
  18. I also think this would make things a little TOO easy in the cc department. I mean, sure it wouldnt be TOO overbearing considering you need to cast like 6 vulns just to get the 30%, but even then that 30% is just gonna destroy, especially since all neutral weapons are hard hitters anyway http://dofuswiki.wikia.com/wiki/Giger%27s_Nightmare_Blade springs to mind. Using -earth vulns then topping off with -30% neutral vulns as well...would just make this kind of thing INSANELY OP'ed. Sorry V, but its a -1 from me bro.
  19. Like everyone else said, never too late to go back to school! Study up and move up in the world! P.S - Dofus and bogus dont really rhyme ;)
  20. I dont know if this is the right place to ask, but I'm also in the "grind from 199-200", and I was wondering if Frigost mobs really are worth the time of day? I get bored very easily of running the dungeons, but I dont mind at all killing the mobs. I used to kill ghosts but they got boring after like 20+ levels there...Tips please? :D
  21. I agree, I didnt really like elder scrolls either, so I feel as though I wont enjoy Skyrim as much...
  22. Muahaha Vcent strikes again! On topic, you could try clearing your browser cookies or cache in game, to see if someone was just glitched.
  23. Wear crocs. They look awesome and you will get all the girls.
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