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  1. Dark Chronicle, and pasta! Facebook or Twitter?
  2. For the first time since blubbersaur, I might actually choose a grass starter! Chespin looks beast.
  3. Hey guys, just need some general advice really. I've always been the hit and hit some more kind of guy, but with these new dungeons and stuff it really requires a lot more thinking. After a hard days work, plus gym as well, the last thing I want to do is come home, jump on dofus, and have to think about what I hit and work out all that jazz. I just want to swing away and smash stuff. So with my 8 man team, all 199, can you recommend something other than frigost 3 for me to fight, with minimal thinking involved? Lately ive been doing ghosts, the arches give awesome EXP, and they are fairly s
  4. Is hotkeynet different from Autohotkey? Because I have a script that you press Shift+Click and it will manually run all your characters to the space you clicked.
  5. Any of the new classes are always good. The ones suggested - Rogue fogger, or even a Masqueraidar. They are awesome and extremely diverse. I have a level 199 str/vit masq on my team, and its just insanely good, and has been ever since the lower levels. Very unique class.
  6. How about you challenge yourself by writing down a list of dungeons you know you can beat, and fight them all in one week. Then write down your times/turns/challenges for each dungeon, then when you get more keys or bunch returns, go back to the same dungeons and try to get faster times/turns/challenges. It's a little challenge after all, but it will give you good EXP and something to do. As long as your fighting something your making progress!
  7. Am I the only one whos excited about the new mewtwo transformation? I think it looks awesome! Everyone is always complaining about how the original 151 pokemon need to make a comeback, and now they are! Just bigger better and stronger! BRING ON POKEMON X AND Y!
  8. Holy crap it's the guy who started 'Rosal's, Post your "owning" pictures here! '!!!! Welcome back!
  9. I have a str/vit masq on my current team and its LETHAL! Although it is end game (197, before that it was wisd), It was still useful with its nice MP rape, good shields, map manipulation, and buffs to the team. They take some getting used to, but once you master it you wont regret it! Also im sure you have enough int damage on your team not to need an int Feca, unless you were going to make it strength, which is also nice (even though I've never used one). +1 for Masq from me, it looks like it would benefit your team with its strength/neutral damage, and everything else i mentioned. Good luck
  10. @ vcent - I think he was just putting it out there that some people such as myself are quite content with PvM, thus miss out on a lot of the PvP events. Also, if the idea is suggested, it might reign in someone like Ralfeh who would put a bit more thought and effort into the actual concept. Although in saying that, I agree with you that fights based off EXP/time to determine the winner is a horrible idea firstly, because like you said no one has control over the challenges and thus making it mostly luck. Also, if you get 3 or 4 teams to run the same dungeon, the person who clicks on the monst
  11. My sac is agi/cha at the moment and I love it. Mainly agi, but he can do some serious cha damage with a little buffing. Since your a lower level i'd say go straight cha, but once you up a bit more, definitely look at hybridding for a bit more diversity.
  12. I'm surprised no one mentioned Piglets below Scara zaap? Are they completely dead now, or do they still give good EXP? When I was playing my sadida back in the day, that was the bees knees for levelling...Sure I used a bit of bread for a while, but it gave me more motivation to level up farmer/baker as well.
  13. I also agree with Lanturn, some newbies rely on those dungeons to start their income and start their dofus career. Maybe you could change the reward from running the higher % dungeons...to what I have no idea...I'll brainstorm and get back to you.
  14. Like many others have stated, I dont see the harm in adding in a characteristic scroll vendor. It IS the TEST SERVER after all, it has no effect on anyone, and like someone previously stated, it doesn't matter what people test, as long as they are testing. Also, some people need to scroll to test new gear and weapons, which is what the test server is about.
  15. With an int cra, plus an eni, not to mention a masq/enu with mp rape, BR should be a breeze.
  16. Must have been some REALLY super long breaks if you only have two characters 15x and 12x! Although I shouldn't really say anything since you own a longbow...I'll just assume you have arrows for it.
  17. I have a question. Is it impossible to get to higher levels whilst only having a solo account? I assume that a lot of people play with teams of 8 and just aggress lower levels for their items or exp. I was looking at playing maybe one or two characters on the Heroic server, and wasn't sure if this was wise.
  18. Whiners gonna whine! I thought it was awesome, even went out of my way to try other ways around it, such as turning my laptop upside down and standing on my head! +1 from me guys!
  19. Nomez


    Haha classic imps! I would have posted yesterday but I was too busy listening to the music! *chuckles*
  20. You said you wanted a team of 4, why not create a 4th character? Your team looks good, plenty of diversity, range and CC, healing and PP. Why not add in a Cra as your 4th? Will give you a bit more range, and a lot more options. You could start him off as int, get him to explosive arrow, then start farming black rat dungeon. When I was a newbie this dungeon was great!(If someone could confirm if its still viable that'd be awesome). Then later on you could switch your Cra to agility, just so your team would have all the elements.
  21. With a whole bunch of Trial and error, I managed to win (some would say luck!) all the way up to Korri before I died. Watching youtube vids and reading strategies made it a lot simpler, and only having to run one character to tele people to the dungeon is just amazing! I only lost to Korri because enu died and he wasn't range raped, otherwise I think I was doing pretty well! Thanks for the suggestions guys, really did help me understand my new team a LOT better, and I hope to be at CB one day!
  22. Hey guys, so ive been playing a team of 4, and recently inherited another 4 to my team. The classes are: Strength iop : 194 Agility sac : 197 Int cra: 200 Agi cra : 199 Int eni: 198 Cha enu: 199 Wisd masq: 167 Wisd panda: 185 I'm not asking what to gear blah blah blah, I already have them all mostly equipped and ready to go, what I mainly need is PRACTICE! I just need a list of some dungeons to run that are fairly easy, but still enough to give me a challenge, so I can start running the Frigost dungeons. Playing 4 was fairly simple, but now that im adding a bit more diversity to my t
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