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  1. Nomez

    Show off your new colours

    My lvl 200 Sram on ilyzaelle
  2. Nomez

    Protoz'orror group

    Bump, still need help with this! I managed to get to the boss room with a very unstable group, so if you hve a boss save we can go from there, otherwise my bunch reset so im willing to do it again if needed!
  3. Nomez

    Protoz'orror group

    I'm looking for a group to fight the belly of the whale! Been unsuccessful with finding a decent group in game so i thought i'd post here! I'm a level 200 str sadi. Just post your level, class and IGN and we'll see if we can get something going!
  4. Thanks for your help dude, worked a charm!
  5. Um, hey everyone! Havent been on this forum in a while! Anyway I recently quit Wakfu and decided to come back to dofus to check it out, just playing my level 200 cra (Not playing the rest of my team), and im stuck for kamas to be able to sub. Obviously I have a whole bunch of equips that I can sell, yet I dont know the market prices and I cant use the trade channel. My question is, how can I make 100kk as a free to play player (I managed to rustle up 900kk kamas) to be able to sub? Thanks in advance!
  6. Nomez

    The Phaeris transfer!

    You could start with all of those BoL drops ;)
  7. Nomez

    The Phaeris transfer!

    Hey guys Just wanting an update on the wakfu Phaeris transfer. Seeing as the Wakfu forums are down, and they havent really posted anything from the transfer onto the website, we're left a little in the dark here.
  8. Nomez

    Post your rare drops!

    Nice Cajun! Because of the Phaeris transfer I havent been able to play for the past 2 days! Need to do some serious grinding for good equips to show off!
  9. Nomez

    Post your rare drops!

    Finally something worth posting! Not as rare as all those relics, but still something im proud of! Still worth a fair bit on Phaeris too.
  10. Nomez

    Making a Feca, totally confused!

    Thanks for the replies guys! I am definitely hitting up a 12AP tribrid build. Still unsure of what skills to take in the earth tree, and im not completely sold on Fecastopheles yet. I am a fan of flaming carpet so I might use that along with natural attack (no one mentions meteorite even though the range is HUGE!). I think steam and crashing wave will be my water skills, flaming carpet and meteorite (still unsure of this) For fire, and Orb armour and fecastaff for earth.
  11. Hey guys! Im planning on making a tribrid feca to replace my xelor, as the xelor is totally boring me (Yes I know they do awesome dmg and map manipulation etc etc, but I'm looking for a locker/tank anyway). Anyways I've been reading guides and stuff, leeching him up as I go and just learning on the way. My question is, is it possible to go damage/support? Or is that not really worth it. Because I've partied up with a few fecas, and most of them seem to be either one or the other. I really like glyphs, and the whole support side, but ive seen some wicked damage fecas as well. My team is currently in my Siggy, and im not really lacking in the damage department, but If i was gonna go full support, I'd just use my trank anyway.Plus I like seeing big numbers go up. Just a general nudge in the right direction would be a big help, but If you feel like going more in-depth i'd really appreciate it! Thanks guys
  12. Nomez

    Post Your Guts (Wakfu Edition)

    Yeah I used Bap's cra guide from your stream haha! I changed piercing to lashing and I hate it! Miss piercing so much! But with the cra revamp coming, I dont want to respec again.
  13. Nomez

    Post Your Guts (Wakfu Edition)

    Finally posting my cr'as guts, even though I still have a lot I need to upgrade and change! My xelor is only 151 so havent run the new dungeon yet, and gearing 6 accounts I have to upgrade a bit later than normal, but it works for me for now so I'm happy! Also havent runed anything apart from DP beads!
  14. Nomez

    x2 EXP! Happy New Years! (Expired)

    Hey Mango does this include WAPAC? Theres nothing on the forums about it, and will be pretty gutted if we dont get it too!
  15. Nomez

    Post Your Guts (Wakfu Edition)

    Because hes Mango and OP ASF