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  1. Soweee not logged in ages and it was pretty spur of the minute :)
  2. Met DG and Serryl in Manchester last night, forgot about this thread actually so didn't mention it to others doh! Here's a pic :>
  3. Yeyyyyy I met DG and Serryl last night ^.^ Had to crop the image as my top looked REALLY low cut with me leaning over like that :lol:
  4. -Bird

    We do not?? Have you moved?? I bought a house :D can't even remember when we spoke last everything has been MENTAL for me lol email me sometime I rarely log Imps anymore xx

  5. Diz

    <_< We live about 15 mins away from each other... lol That came to my mind tonight and I Realised we've not spoken in a while. Hope life is treating you well sweetie.

    If you're still around I'd love to hear from you. :)

  6. Manchester is fine! We will stay away from Moss Side :)
  7. Anybody up for Manch MCM in July?
  8. I'm up for having regular ones if they are only day events and therefore relatively cheap/local.
  9. -Bird


    EDIT: Nm I am completely retarded, there is a button to view un-obtained ones already :lol:
  10. Do you not have a calendar facility on your PC? :lol:
  11. March is much better for me, I will be skint until at least then looking at the state of my credit card now and it's only November :lol: When we decide on a date (how about 23-24 March?) maybe you can link us all a cheap travel lodge or something if you know of one nearby? DG I will make sure you know the plans in case you forget to check the thread <3
  12. I use Chrome and have never noticed it :S how bizzare! Can you log a ticket or something with fb?
  13. Awesome, well I can organise that if you are organising the Leicester one :) I was thinking for the Manch one, nothing expensive or anything just meet up in the morning/afternoon and grab some food/drinks/coffee and hang out for a bit around Urbis as it will (hopefully) be warm-ish then. If the Leicester one changes months for any reason then I can make that one also.
  14. Mine doesn't do that either...
  15. I'm probs not up for Feb tbh, have a lot on in Dec/Jan so will be working a lot of weekends to recover my finances. Also that is Valentines weekend and will probs still be freezing :lol: Anybody local fancy a day out in Manchester sometime in March/April when it's a little warmer? Nothing fancy maybe just food and drinks for a few hours?
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