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  1. I remember seeing ur display pic and bein like wtf is that. Well, I finally know what it is cuz I just finished watching that amazing anime xD

  2. Just came to say yeah, I can't PM you either. Tried to respond to some PM you sent me and it says you don't exist... ^^;

  3. You visited my profile, I visited yours. Owned. jk


  4. ty for the info on ouga, and nice Elfin Lied pic

  5. Iots wand? I knew a Eca who used it, Corthala. Maybe your not speaking of iots though, but that's what i theorized. Seen a few Eni's use it too, but only criezy wand replacement if they were not too poor to scroll...
  6. http://www.impsvillage.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=49934 http://www.impsvillage.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=37086 http://www.impsvillage.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=43647 http://www.impsvillage.com/forums/index.ph...;hl=fatalkiller http://www.impsvillage.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=36658 http://www.impsvillage.com/forums/index.ph...mp;#entry455232 Now, I'm not calling these people liars, in fact one of the topics listed is one of my friends. However the accusations they have made are all unfounded due to invalid screen shots, and the fact that there is no other evidence listed in the topic. Negligence? I think so. And I do realize that these topics are not an indication to ankama, however as many of the users of this forum are devoid of there own opinions, they will follow blindly any topic posted in the 'scammer' registry, with or without proof. And judging by some of the posts of users of impsvillage, you too must realize this. Therefore it is your responsibility to ensure that unfounded accusations are not hosted here on impsvillage, and I believe that is something you have stated that you ensure 'doesn't happen' with the moderation system used. However if you just take a look in the links I've provided - it clearly does. Also Jiri, don't pm me claiming said topic is locked when it blatantly isn't.
  7. Your much older than me nub, figure it out yourself. :p

  8. I know what you mean, but there are also other threads where a 'invalid' screen-shot has definitely been enough to sway the 'verdict' of many of the topics readers. And there are many flaws with the example you have provided when relating to the one I have. For example Slag is a very respectable person of the community, whereas the OP from the example I provided only has 16 posts, he also doesn't state anything about any other evidence (eg testimony's of other users) will be posted later. Wherefore in the examples compared the 'lack of /whois' in screen-shot is far from the only variable. In the case of Paragon there were testimony's from other users and even people who at least claimed to know him in real life, and I'm sure Slag stated that other people would post there evidence in due course. However with the example I provided the scam was 'peer to peer' it is very unlikely he would be able to get the testimony's of other users and I also very much doubt he stated he had more evidence when creating thread... as he certainly didn't state so in his post. I understand that people can be convicted without screen-shot evidence, totally. But I also believe that no screen-shoted evidence can be taken into consideration authenticity is unconfirmed. And I do actually believe the OP of this topic states that you have to have the intention to report them to Ankama with valid evidence to post a topic here. Ankama will not take screen-shots as evidence which are lacking a /whois of the culprit wherefore such action remains futile... However, I also believe that this could be fixed rather easily. I should imagine the people posting here read 'Kyeks Rules' for this forum. If the OP of this thread was to mention the importance of these factors and explain how to incorporate them into a screen-shot then they would in future remember to do so. It isn't something that's particularly hard to do. Is there a thread on these forums explaining how to take proper 'Dofus' screen-shots ? If not, perhaps I or someone else should create one, and pin it. Anyways, bottom line is. Some of these threads appear to be using screen-shots as there only forms of evidence, and the users of impsvillage are willing to convict people on this basis alone. I understand other forms of evidence can be used for conviction, but as you know, all circumstantial evidence is resputable therefore unless in large amounts is rarely going to be enough to convict anyone fairly. The example you gave was one of the few where the community has pulled together to provide evidence against a suspect in order to obtain a conviction, but there are many others using 'invalid' screen-shots without the supporting evidence for them. (although being a flash game it's easily possible to create your own screen-shots totally from scratch with a full /whois and all the required information to the exact cell, but going over to something completely different) Edit: Your quote is irrelevant, I didn't state what my opinion was based on. Actually my opinion was reflecting on the first hand encounters I've had with Pargon in game, and you are foolish to assume otherwise.
  9. Actually - you accept many threads purely on the basis of screen-shots which have not been taken properly. Here is a perfect example: http://www.impsvillage.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=59388 This screen shot lacks a /whois of the player in question, and there fore is not proof of anything. The majority of threads on this forum are like this, it's really quite terrible. I tried explaining the importance of a /whois in screen-shot to a moderator previously - but they didn't understand, although I would think it was quite clear. Here is an example of why using screen-shots without /whois is severely flawed. The first screen shot below displays Azaelya as a 'scammer' but lacks a /whois, without the /whois this could be a Azaelya from any of Rushus servers, however people on this forum would take it as the Azaelya whichever server the OP stated they were from. The second screen-shot displays the effect of a /whois. In this case it makes it quite clear that the Azaelya in question clearly isn't your character from Rushu, something which was clear before. Therefore the first screen-shot, like many which are being used as evidence on this forum. Is invalid, worthless data and SHOULD NOT be allowed to be used as evidence in any part of these forums, it's as valid as saying 'Azaelya is a scammer' in pure text. Sorry about using you for the 'screenshoted' examples Azaelya. Needed an example other than myself, and since I was quoting your post. I hope that now the moderators of these forums can begin to understand the degree of negligence your exhibiting by allowing screen-shots to be post as evidence of conviction when they are clearly 'invalid' as I have explained.
  10. Teach me math. :(

    I'm half serious, my SAT score was weak on the Math section.

  11. Happy Birthday!! may all your candles blow out and your wishes come true* hands you a big red balloon*

  12. Hey your inbox is full so it won't let me pm you =p

  13. It was hell soulin that spawn...not that I know from experiance though, I just recall Veledia moaning about it, and about the inter perc which 'always' took the souls. :P I'm not 100% but I beleive I recall being shown a 6 crit Dofus by Sek in the Dojo once before, when she/he was demonstrating Sives in the Dojo, but I can't be certain. It was a long long time ago. (around 1.5-2 years ago)
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