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  1. Where does one level beyond 150 typically? I haven't played since 2008 and it's feeling a little slow. The Earth spells in the low 100 range are nice though.
  2. Everything in this thread is adorable.
  3. From what I understand a lot of the major decisions are being made strictly by the developing company, IMC, while Nexon is handling publishing and servers. I am still apprehensive because NA Nexon ruined Dungeon Fighter Online all those years ago (though it was rebooted this past summer by Neople), so if they are handling publishing in the west they best not screw this up. The game had a rocky KR release, but so did Ragnarok Online and much like RO they're rapidly making good changes to rectify early mistakes. It 100% will, in the coming months no doubt. Much like a lot of KR games/MMOs, it requires a Korean Nexon account that was verified by a KR phone number or similar identification. They use this system so that your account is linked to you as a person, making penalties for infractions and violations much more severe and wide-spread. That being said, it's not that difficult to locate an account for a reasonable amount of money if you're itching to play, but the game should be released worldwide soon enough.
  4. Hey all! Haven't been active around here lately, but going to try to start checking in occasionally. :D Have been playing a lot of different games, among them the Korean-made MMORPG and spiritual successor to Ragnarok Online, Tree of Savior. Here's a trailer from the recent G-Star 2015 (Korean E3) showcasing a lot of the newest starting zone, Orsha, and some of the higher leveled jobs that you can advance into from the starting four (Swordsman, Cleric, Archer, and Wizard): Happy to answer any questions about the game for those interested. Put in a decent chunk of time into the game. Currently playing on the Korean servers, where the game is full release as of not long ago. International Open Beta and release is expected among the community members within the first half of this year. In short, Tree of Savior features an admirable world that you can explore alone or with friends, with a simple but intuitive story about the Goddesses of the world. You can play as one of four classes, advancing in character level and advancing through a tree of jobs/classes (planned 600 character levels, with 10 job advancements and 80+ classes including hidden classes that require conditions to unlock). Gameplay is relatively simple, and should be particularly appealing to people who enjoy grind-heavy games, in-depth theorycrafting, and pantsu. PvP is currently on the backburner and there's not much balance, but there's been both instances of arena (normalized levels and gear) matchmaking as well as open world (GvG, declare war on one another - levels and gear matter) PvP. The game is Free-to-Play and will be found on Steam for the international version. It had the honor of being the fastest game to ever be passed through the Greenlight system. The cash shop at this time on the KR side is NOT very pay-to-win, just pay for convenience. It can be likened to subscription benefits of higher EXP gain at best. Some notable things about this game: - 2 starting zones, both with their own unique main quest that goes to around level 110 or so on both sides. Can travel between both zones easily with warp statues. - Many classes feature non-combat roles. Squire can repair gear instead of town NPC (even in dungeons and in the field) and improve durability beyond max capacity or strengthen weapons. Pardoners can transform their buffs into scroll consumables which can then be sold to others for on-the-fly Cleric buffs. Alchemist can 'awaken' gear and unlock hidden attributes on them as well as 'roast' enhancement gems to reduce their penalties. Templar can create guilds (yes, a dedicated guild leader class). - This game has a LOT of bosses, both in questlines and in the world. Like, almost every map will have at least one boss from its subquests, and many will have multiple. Zones can also spawn world bosses with millions of HP, tens of people can attempt to kill for loot simultaneously. - Classes are themed after real-life historical things. Most niches are covered in the 80+ classes. When you max out a class, (class level 15), you can choose to either pick up a new subclass with new abilities, or improve the current class you're on up to twice (what is essentially class level 30, and class level 45). Improving a class lets you level up the skills further. In a class' first 'circle' the skills can be maxed at level 5. When you choose to improve a circle to two instead of picking a new subclass, you can now level the same skills you had up to level 10, and once again to 15, as well as unlock additional stronger abilities for that class. If you didn't pick a class you wanted at one job advancement, it'll always be available along with new options at the next. Any other questions you guys might have, feel free to ask. I have some experience with every class except for Wizard, but have still partied with many Wizard characters. The game is still VERY early in its life cycle, so major changes should be anticipated and no information gathered permanent.
  5. It feels rushed. The UI is beautiful, and the benefits they offer to broadcasters is fantastic with their FPS/bitrate allowance, as well as easy integration when it comes to uploading content directly from your stream to your regular channel. But the constant forcing of non-live content on the front page and all-in-all the difficulty of finding categories/game directories/etc. makes this site a mess to navigate. Not to mention how they're handling DMCA what with their audio enforcer basically shutting down your channel automatically if you don't comply with copyrighted music. Also, the whole bit with the Germans being unable to access YTG was mildly humorous.
  6. I'll be on Aermyne under the name Cidrus. Dunno what kind of builds are good for Sram nowadays, but I'll play around with it. Szi, I'll send you a message so we can get back in touch.
  7. Hello friends. Figured I'd make one of these posts since I plan to give the game another go with the 2.29 update. Haven't touched the game since it had just reached 2.0, and hoping to have a fresh sense of the game since I'd extended-hiatus Wakfu two months ago after completing (mostly) everything there. I'll be playing on the Aermyne server. Not my choice. The server (along with the notion of coming back to Dofus) was brought up by a friend of mine on Twitch, where I may or may not be broadcasting my nub adventures. If any IV people exist on Aermyne (I understand it's a mostly dead server) I'll be lurking around. Name/class still TBD - will be updated in signature later on. I need to do my research since I understand that nothing is the same since the last time I touched the game. Yay for almost escaping Ankama Games.
  8. Incredible song, and one of my favorite music videos to boot.
  9. I believe YouTube Gaming will provide really healthy competition for Twitch whereas most other streaming services haven't. YouTube has a ridiculous pool of resources that greatly exceeds Twitch whereas the latter has a far better name in homes when it comes to streaming game content. But YouTube steps it up further with a lot of really basic things like HTML5 that Twitch really needs to pick up to stay up-to-date. YouTube has taken huge steps to promote their platform and even put some really well-known professional gamers on their official team but I don't think that smaller niche games will perform well on that platform. I can be wrong, but these kinds of games tend to work out better on Twitch (Dofus has a surprising presence on Twitch, though Wakfu has none). Where the most competition between streaming services will occur is in the most popular games, like CS:GO and League of Legends. YouTube already made two big shots in the industry by not having a rocky E3 broadcast and hosting the Heroes of the Storm launch stream. With summer coming in full swing with what's probably going to be the most popular few months yet for streaming as a whole (what with people having time off from school to give it a shot) it'll be cool to see how things pan out. Competition is always a fantastic catalyst for innovation.
  10. Let me know if you decide to fresh start! I recently quit Wakfu and have been very tempted to get back into Dofus on the streaming side.
  11. Hey all, I've rented a server and set it up for FTB Infinity for a bunch of Wakfu friends of mine and just found this thread again. If you're interested in not only a Minecraft server but also a nightly gaming community, send an inbox with your MC username we'll talk shop (mostly active during late night EST, early morning EU).
  12. Welp, it's next week. This'll be the first one I go to for all three days. Anyone else going this year? I'll be manning a booth however I don't mind meeting up to grab a drink during the evenings. Also for previous goers who won't be in attendance, any tips for a newbie PAX attendee? ;)
  13. It's a little weird to explain. The promotion was out of request, and not initially planned by the Ankama staff at all (they just cooperated to make it an official thing). The idea is that IV players are well-founded in these kinds of games and would have the easiest time transitioning to Wakfu since they already had the Dofus background. It's more for the Wakfu community's benefit than Ankama's benefit by having these kinds of players branching out to try out Wakfu too. Wakfu can always have more well-rounded and educated players. So this promotion was specific for IV people to give it a shot, and if they stuck with it then all the merrier!
  14. This code is only being promoted on ImpsVillage. We really want to give existing Dofus players, especially from ImpsVillage, an opportunity to try out Wakfu with as pleasant an experience as possible. I wrote the guide listed in the OP last night specifically to point out some key differences between the games. Once you've taken a little bit of time to settle on some choices, take some extra time to ask any questions you might have about the game in this thread here. Mentors can also sometimes be found online. Looking forward to seeing you all in the future (literally, in-game)!
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