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  1. s> orche dofus 60mk

    still selling. no longer p2p so no merch
  2. Manitou Zoth

    that sucks... cuz I quit dofus :)
  3. as the topic tags say im selling the rest of my junk which includes my crim dofus[24mk], my 11 crit turq dofus[24mk] and my orche dofus[77mk] :^) also my bearbaric band (ap exo) -edit- hehehe alright 45mk for the ring [sOLD] +1ap +10 ini +231 vit +55 str +55 int +34 wis +4 crits +10 neutral dmg +10 earth dmg +1 prosp +1 lock +7% water res +7% air res i wont be online so message here on the forums if interested thx I added 125 sp scrolls to my merch mode 333,333k each @ [-1,0]? i think? 8)
  4. Manitou Zoth

    - her eni's already done it and it can't be done twice :p bump
  5. Manitou Zoth

    im not o_o lets do it
  6. Manitou Zoth

    bump bump bump straight to the top slip and slide and keep on runnin bump bump bump straight to the top and strut ur stuff
  7. 200 xelorium dung

    Ohh ok thx
  8. 200 xelorium dung

    Tyra - Recherché Xelorium, Le Sicogne : THANOS PO: Why are their thanos staffs so OP and where can I get one cause the ones on rosal are broken.

    I sent Izzy baby a love letter using the game .. box messaging system, and she replied and my ticket was dealt with. I also bitched on the official dofus forums a whole lot. Maybe if you do that it'll help
  10. Char for kolosium

  11. I'm selling a nileza cape, yellow + red piwins a golden dragoon +55 wis and some other stuff
  12. The "What gear should I use" thread

    Class: Sram Build: ???? probably str or tri Kamas/time available: A lot. This is my be all end all general pvm duoing set. Current team: 200 int eni in old age/nomarrow filler + eternal - lvl 200 11/5 klime,allister,dofus's,eternal wand Lvl range: 200 Extra comments: time and money arent issues but I won't ever be getting a dolmonax lol PvM oriented Now that im not on my phone I'll do this right :)
  13. The "What gear should I use" thread

    Currently my sram uses an Allister set with overmaged agi an ap exo Allister ring and a klime+eternal wand + kringlove. I have 11ap 5mp 4.6k vitality and 1k agility.... Can I improve the set more.for.pvm? Most spells r lvl 6 I was wondering.if int/str would be better or not