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  1. ownzored

    Bring Sarah (Wink-Wink) home

    Donated. RIP
  2. ownzored

    Under The Edge

    we are now the most active on the server
  3. ownzored

    Under The Edge

    no almonds but i have something better; almond/emeralds. the catch is no lvl100's. you're welcome to one if you want. remind me in game.
  4. ownzored

    Under The Edge

    dungy defense (james did all the work) eca+sadi vs enu, iop, sac, eni, osa
  5. ownzored

    Under The Edge

    omg. now u gonna tell me this is missing 2mdg...
  6. ownzored

    Under The Edge

    it's propaganda :P shhh im trying to trigger some 2.0 players to our side.
  7. ownzored

    Under The Edge

    guild is full and waiting list is long. please leave your ign so you can be added or be invited to alt guild. also, here's an exo:
  8. ownzored

    Post your "owning" pictures here!

    in 1.29 only 2 can defend in dungy... (ed did all the work)
  9. ownzored

    Henual down?

    went down around 9am (4hrs ago). got a message that the server will reboot in 35 seconds lol
  10. ownzored

    Under The Edge

    we're still waiting for you cas... and topi came to chat but made a new team. warning: 1.29 is fun.
  11. ownzored

    Under The Edge

    believe it or not we are probably one of the most active guilds now. we hit 24+ online the other day and still growing. come play!
  12. ownzored

    Under The Edge

    bumping for exposure. some players in 1.29 found it by accident looking for private servers. official servers exist! we are proof. Under The Edge in Henual server is recruiting! come join and afk with us! maybe even grind if you like. We are very casual players these days but pros are welcome too. /w Ownzored or message me here
  13. Under the Edge still here. Not playing as much but Dan, Simon and I still play.
  14. caj, gyhl, gidgy and pets... come join me in 1.29 henual. leech me pls