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  1. ErisenTheGod

    Buying> Ap Stalak Shield

    Bought close
  2. Looking for AP stalak shield 25+% Power 15+ Dodge 30+ Crit res 15% Ranged Damage -15% Melee Damage Paying 30m+ (negotiable) Pm here on in game /w Putin , /w Kanye
  3. ErisenTheGod

    Goodbye Dofus

    Where he got the idea from? *thinking emoji*
  4. As title says looking for summon tash ring Stats: Str:44+ Vit:186+ Wis:22+ Crit:4 Dmg:4+ 10/10/10/10 resists Payment negotiable 8m+
  5. ErisenTheGod

    Post your "owning" pictures here!

    sometimes it is possible but that time tho
  6. ErisenTheGod

    Timeless - goult scam

    last picture bois this hurts the most as this person isnt so fortunate as others and this scam made him quit the game gg [01:14] from Zobnoxious: MP wedding ring range tf boots/pawl and summon kongoku, all other items well maged
  7. ErisenTheGod

    Timeless - goult scam

    nah he gave me fair price of 180m i refused, i bought other items tho cuz thats what i do to make kamas ? its irelevant for this conversation dont you think ? to discuss my interesets and investments
  8. ErisenTheGod

    Timeless - goult scam

    Nah the sad part is that he actually was good player and still is .. the way he mastered xelor takes time, it is not some sadi shit where u plant trees or eni where u spam unbe and dmg .. its hard class to learn. We all know that he did it before but me personaly i would help him get back into a game even if i wasnt such a friend with him only because i admired the way he played xel.
  9. ErisenTheGod

    Timeless - goult scam

    leeeetsgoooo we got more Might seem as not much but!! from Teign: inky was my 10dmg mp 3cr
  10. ErisenTheGod

    Timeless - goult scam

    i dont give a fuck about the kamas.. i gave u an option for a second chance and u blew it right away .. u did once prove that u can pvp in poor man set and u could get a decent set now even with my 200m
  11. ErisenTheGod

    Timeless - goult scam

    Emil you still dont get it ... if u would just gave back the items what u borrowed after goult backup and told me or some others that u wanna come back to game i wouldnt have any problem borrowing u 200m or some items and im sure u would find others who would give u items and you could restore your reputation .. now u are fucked for entire dofus career
  12. ErisenTheGod

    Timeless - goult scam

    Ok i got first screen from wizzyzor [14:06] from Melope: ap deep sea ring yea and kideebonit hat on SO hat [14:07] from Melope: and sinistrofu cape under tengucape [14:07] from Melope: and summon inky under teuse This way i ask Lemepos, Teign and others for more pics
  13. ErisenTheGod

    Timeless - goult scam

    As many of rushu players know, Timeless borrowed bunch of eqiup from people for goult backup but never gave it back. Just out of curiosity lets see what all he got with this, so scammed one's post ur pictures.
  14. ErisenTheGod

    Post your goals and achievements

    Haters thought we gonna stop .. that we are washed up ! Proving once again that we are not only PVP monsters but also GODS in pvm. 45k dmg on turn 4. #BestDuoOnRUSHU#MEandMahBoi#FreeWhisky P.s. There is video of the fight but will not be posted, yet. Maybe next friday ?