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  1. ChankD

    2.31 beta inquiry

    Eni update soon, plz!
  2. ChankD

    how desperate can one get ?

    Well, that's what that screenshot says… average price is 29.9kk. Cheap, yes, then again, there's a glut of mounts on any mature server, no one should be surprised.
  3. ChankD

    how desperate can one get ?

    What's the problem? They're just under the average price.
  4. ChankD

    Ogrine Market Not Working

    Change your language to French maybe. Back when the website subscription page was broken, I found there was no problem with the French version (after all their complaints wouldn't be ignored by Ankama).
  5. ChankD

    Subscribing from Asia

    Sun, you're so getting banned for moving to Korea. :P
  6. ChankD

    Smithmagic interface improvements

    I might actually start maging my gear with this interface! :)
  7. ChankD

    breeding stripes

    Roki, just buy gingers with mixed trees and breed them together until you finish your achievements. :P Youb, does my answer disappoint? No %ages. Haha! Yeah, breeding stinks now, the bottom fell out of that market.
  8. If you sell certificates and the buyer doesn't transfer them out of your name, you get the paddock keeper message. If you 'scroll' them, you get a paddock keeper message too (or at least you used to.)
  9. I think this is awesome-sauce. I can toss all my professions on side characters onto mains. I do have an extra Carvmagus and Hunter now though, maybe some other professions I've long since forgotten about.
  10. ChankD

    Small Curiosity Question

    Pricing, time preferences, laws of supply and demand…
  11. ChankD

    Update 2.29: new Critical Hit system

    Dudes, chillax. He's high by a factor of 100, the difference still exists. It's only 3% higher without the Turq. There are spells that benefit and those that don't. He's missing the numbers with current 1/2 crits and current 1060 int, low chance of crits. That would be the apt comparision. And regardless, it's a problem with Forbidden Word as much as anything! Fix Enis. :)
  12. ChankD

    Update 2.29: new Critical Hit system

    @winged-one or increase the crit damage. Also, Flinty Daggers are even more powerful now. I'm going from 1/2 crits to 2/3 crits. A 6% buff in damage.
  13. ChankD

    Update 2.29: new Critical Hit system

    Agree with Kiba and Nox. Instead of 50% crits, 33% crits, 25% crits with nothing in between, there's everything in between and more is possible. I'm losing a few crits myself, but I'm going from 50% crits to 44% crits. Instead of critting 10 out of 20 times, I'll crit ~9 out of 20 times. I don't think I'll be able to detect that. My Enu who is not crit built on the other hand will go from 4% crits to something like 31% crits. If I bother to quest her Turq (let's face it, I will, if I come out of my hiatus), I'll crit 10x as much. That's a huge buff. It's a buff for, what, 99.9% of players - a huge number.
  14. They will let you change emails. Heck, they forced me to change emails at one point.