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  1. ma ja lagano prestajem, neda mi se vise bas malo zezancija radje i to :D

  2. Uglavnom samo posao,cura,posao,cura,nogomet...i to je ubiti to

  3. dobro sam, baš me nije bilo 2 tjedna lagano fax ide pri kraju :D i tak, kod tebe?

  4. mislio sam počet, al sad vidim da necu imat vremena. kako si ti prijatelju

  5. nisam ne..mislim da necu imat vremena za to

  6. malo bezveze gledam imps, pa vidim tebe slučajno :D kaj si opet počel igrati?

  7. yes ofc u can :P easy thing ;)

  8. u can buy p2p with kama these days?

  9. ogrines hon is the best i will give u some kamas for p2p ;) catch me in game nigger <3

  10. hey gaby :)

    i will be back if i find some free time and find more about p2p payment methods

  11. Dofus Rosal worth of returning back?

    Thank you people for sharing your views about this. Glad to hear some old friends and new ones aswell ;) Anyways..when i find some free time i might start playing this game again,give it a shot, why not? Still, it would be nothing ambitious, just chiling-type play meanining no lvl and equipment farm.It would be a completly new start,once i was pretty skilled with knowledge and tactics but now im nothing more than a rusted noob so i have much much homework to do :) If i encounter any of you people ingame ill make sure to say "hi" :) Cheers
  12. Hey people Some of you may remember a sram named "Balkan-pride"and some new players might not, anyways i quit dofus long time ago when i tought i achived everything there is to achive in this game. The game become boring to me, so i sold my char and my 4.5 years investing in it and i never regret it becouse i tough i was done for good with this game,and i was! So lately i considered playing this game again, starting everything from zero,and my question to you folks is --Is dofus worth of coming back these days? I left dofus when it was "original dofus" not his dofus2 crap, i say crap becouse i hated every second in this "new dofus", old version was so much better for me, it had much more "soul", but thats my opinion and now i wanna hear your's. What became of dofus during my absence?( aprox.2-3years , maybe less) hope u could understand my question, cuz they are not always easy to understand :) p.s. "hi" to oldschool rosalians ;)
  13. what's your real name anyway?

  14. So we meet again balkan...