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  1. Every update I see about this game makes it less appealing. The sidekick customization seemed pretty cool and the mobile games ripoff with bases and whatnot also has potential to be ok. Streamlining everything is a mostly good decision even if there is lost depth. Having weapons as the ONLY equip sounds like a terrible idea if you are tying appearance and a spell to the weapon. They will need to pump out a shit ton of weapons, and if we are lucky, they will scale the weapon to the user's level so that there are enough choices out there (remember there are 6? elements in this game). So I'm mostly ok with the above stuff. I'm hoping the boss fight thing they showed is more of a content thing for mobile players since dofus-style pvm seems incompatible with traditional mobile where your participation in game is limited to a minute or 2 at a time. I was really hoping that sidekicks would allow us to solo most content, but I just don't see how that will work if it's going to take a lot of effort to summon them in the first place (which on it's own isn't a bad idea). Removing the turn timer for solo play could have made this like a 'Tactics/Fire Emblem' type game that would have actually worked for mobile. If they wanted to reward team play, they could have added exp/loot bonuses for each player involved.
  2. I agree with most of your points here. One other thing is that this game has been out so long that you got massive power creep for the equipment and annoying as shit pvm mechanics in an attempt to make new monsters "unique". I'm not entirely sure if I agree with you about questing. The main customer for Ankama is the french player base. Questing adds to the 'lore' and 'role playing' and it's possible the french are big fans of that. Using quests as a mechanism to get rare drops and dofuses gives players hope that they will actually get something after x amount of effort. Yes, they could still add dofuses as drops, but then it would fuck up the quest structure (if turq quest is prereq for next dofus quest, would dropping a turq mark all of the quests in turq chain as completed?). Lastly, I played for a few months when the solo servers came out and my personal experience was that quests weren't that bad. They are actually a good way to level up and gain kamas. As long as you had friends to play with, it was fun-ish to go dungeon hopping and do random shit that I wouldn't normally do. I will admit that trying to grind it would really suck (especially for multis). From Ankama's perspective, quests are probably cost efficient when it comes to new content, so I wouldn't be surprised if that was also one of their motivations. Adding a price floor is... iffy too. Wouldn't that just mean that your stuff is more likely to expire than sell because the quantity on the market is so large? There are a few mechanisms that Ankama put into place for destroying unwanted resources. I don't know how effective they are though (especially for low lvl stuff). Overall, I think Dofus has the problem that it has been around for too long. A lot of its changes make the game genuinely fun at lower levels. They did a seasonal solo account server that I think will be a popular thing for at least some time (even if it doesn't bring in much $$). Other than that, I don't know which part of the french base brings them the most cash. I would have liked them to modernize and streamline a bit, but there isn't really a business case for implementing stuff like the hero system from wakfu.
  3. Jalapeno Cheddar Cheetos >>>>> Hot Cheetos.
  4. No joke I am going to do that when I get my enu team up. Need to get my sig to turq x100. Also, I can't wait to drop my first crimson dofus. Tor souls hated me so much. I literally did 150 or so of them w/ my enu team and 0 drop wtf.
  5. I was looking at sellrooms and saw the market backloaded with royal gob souls (which I guess is normal). Was pretty worried that no one was actually buying them. I saw at least 6 different people with hundreds of powerful scrolls. The supply is absolutely there, but I'm a bit worried about the demand. For pvp sure, but for pvm, I almost exclusively farmed royal gob, black rat, dp, croca, and SO (at 2.0). AOE was more important than AP stacking. If we are talking about the crap with actual hp, then yeah, weapon spam is great. Maybe I'm just worrying too much. When I logged like 8 hours ago, I barely saw anyone, so had the impression that it was kinda dead.
  6. Yeah, I miss a lot of the potential for jank that 1.29 had. Just got a character on the server and turqs look quite cheap on Henual too unfortunately. Not really sure how I should approach getting kamas. Is ap stack really that strong? I seem to recall a lot of places being range oriented (and low hp mobs). I guess that wouldn't really matter with Xelors though. I really want an all eca team, but that would be maddening before near end game.
  7. So from checking out the other 1.29 threads, I see that there's no exo limit? I could have sworn that came about before 2.0. Maybe I can actually make that exo'd bluff eca that I always wanted to make! How expensive are turqs? Is turq farming viable?
  8. Because we were 6 years younger?
  9. Google translate does a good enough job. https://tot-prod.blog/category/dofus-cube/
  10. I've been playing on Fraktal (mono server) and treasure hunt is by far the easiest way to level. From perspective of a new server, it absolutely needed to get nerfed. And if you ask why you gotta be punished for something affecting a new server... we got boned by the recipe changes, so it's only fair :)
  11. With the blog post above, it looks like it pretty much confirms that there are no traditional drops (or a very limited number of them), and that must also mean no profs. They mention kamas, but they seem redundant to fragments at this point. I also don't understand how fragments are linked. They would have to link level up fragments to chars and drop/harvest fragments to account wouldn't they? Otherwise, you just use the char level up to get the rare fragment that unlocks new spells and use it on a dif char. I'm going to extrapolate a bit... Their strategy seems to be about isolating progression (like mobile games), which will mean no global marketplace If there is no global marketplace, gear will be linked to the account, which leads me to believe that it will be mostly quest based (or able to be npcd somehow) If gear is linked to the account and achievable via quest, any gear acquired will most likely be equippable on all chars (instead of needing multiple copies) Also, any gear that is quest based will either need a means of improvement, or will be fixed stat This game seems incredibly minimalist. I think that could be a good thing. As someone who would rather be a casual player, this sort of system favors me because it has removed a ton of grindy elements. What that also means is that the game is essentially its combat. With a much simplified system, Ankama will be expected to release quick updates to prevent the game from becoming stale. But isn't making new monsters and shit the most expensive thing to develop? It's almost like they are setting themselves up to fail :o I REALLY don't see how this game will be popular among the 'hardcore' dofus players and I don't know how many casuals you can expect to launch something off their computer. Oh well, not my problem!
  12. Well every once in awhile, I get past the queue and get a message that says my login was denied due to timeout lol. This is what I get for waking up early.
  13. Well I just got caught up w/ some of the classes. Tested naked w/ lvl 5 spells and looks like Eni, Osa, Feca are the most OP to start out with. Naked Feca does 300 w/ repulsive glyph, but w/o a team mate that locks, I can't really count on it (those glyphs are insane w/ the buff). Osa prob sucks for first like 6-10 hours of play time until you get +summon gear and if you play as a team, the global recasts on all summons are gonna screw you since I bet a lot of ppl will play them (agi build might work tho, but idk how easy it is to get +agi/+summon gear early on). So that leaves Eni. Eni summon seems op and Eni buff is absolutely op. W/ the +ap, it can pump out 150 a turn using that 4 ap spell (note that that will be higher in gob set!). Other shoutouts: Iop divine sword is amazing in group, but the rest of its spells kinda suck till later on Huppermage looks amazing w/ it's steal spell, but that forces 1 range and 1 range = gg when in crap gear (those dudes hit crazy hard) Ougi's stack spells look crazy strong, but they seem far stronger when you get more ap and are with a team (cha ougi 8 ap should hit hard, but getting 8 ap seems a bit difficult in the initial stages of the game). Eca perception is amazing and Topkaj should be pretty good w/ gob set. On Dofus Touch, I farmed sunflowers w/ AoN, but idk if that is still viable after the characteristics change. So I'm thinking I'll start out as Eni and possibly class switch to Osa when I craft a summon set. When I get to 100+, I'll be switching to Cra for farming. Who knows what my final class will be. Yay for disposable kamas on a server that I don't play anymore :)
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