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  1. Lol, wtf? What is the point of even robbing a low level character? And if this guy needed more items, maybe he could have used more chars. What a retard. Guilds like this are necessary for solo players, so I hope you guys are able to keep growing.
  2. People multiaccounted because important roles could only be handled by a few classes and those classes were either boring to play or had trouble soloing content. By 1.29, it was less of a problem, so I think a solo server would work if they replaced/buffed some of the really shitty spells that still exist for some classes (Iop). A solo guild is a good idea. You can also consider creating a discord channel or a room dedicated for solo players in a channel like Under the Edge.
  3. There are some apis to get the page text, but what you say is the conclusion that I reached. Could build a database off scraping from the wiki and roll with that. That's completely out of my skillset though and I have to imagine that there are some french sites that still have 1.29 support.
  4. Nevermind... 'No Conditions', 'With Conditions' do seem to be categories, just not ones that are visible on the equipment pages... I'm curious about trying to set up conditionals like strength > 35. Further research makes me think that you'd have to edit each page to make this feasible. Otherwise you have to parse each page in the category and do text shit. That's something that should only happen once, not every time someone wants a conditional search...
  5. Nice wiki. I've noticed that a lot of monsters aren't there. I'm thinking of trying to improve it a bit by copying and pasting from older revisions of the normal wiki. What strategy do you suggest for picking a revision (a lot of pages seem to be valid for 1.29, but better edited after 2.0 was released)? Also, how are you attaching images? Do you download off the current wiki and reattach?
  6. I think Dofus 2.x after SO rework was the best version. SO made grinding so much faster. It was really quick and easy to farm, had a high level cap, and gave amazing exp. Main problem with early 2.x was the memory leaks though. I remember I had trouble running 8 on my laptop until they added that multi-account optimization and made some improvements. I was really close to getting sucked into henual. The thought of grinding up those enus on something other than SO was a huge turnoff. I think doing thousands of dp souls only got them to like 177. Not sure how I'd prioritize getting them to 200 without SO (ghosts with panda + eni + 6 enus?). I just checked the kama exchange on echo and it's only 600k per ogrine. I thought it was like 1.2kk last year. I was expecting it to go up to like 2kk (did mono server drastically reduce the demand for ogrines?). If it's that cheap, I'm kinda tempted to play it even though I know in my heart that it is a bad idea lol.
  7. Apparently this game is out in public alpha (no sub needed). Those of you who still play dofus would probably know this already. The game is still in french, but the news is translated (which is kinda weird). I played a few games against the computer. No clue what I was doing. The game reminds me of fire emblem heroes (which is doodoo), but the spells and sidekicks seem to have effects going on that I don't understand, so I'm guessing that there will be a bit more depth to it. I like the concept of spell decks, but the current execution seems kinda lame. Mainly because you only seem to gain 1 spell a turn. If there's no way to increase that, on the surface, it seems like you will want to load your deck with higher ap spells and there currently isn't enough spell selection per element to do much. There also aren't enough hybrid sidekicks to give many options. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens as things are further fleshed out (and translated!).
  8. Every update I see about this game makes it less appealing. The sidekick customization seemed pretty cool and the mobile games ripoff with bases and whatnot also has potential to be ok. Streamlining everything is a mostly good decision even if there is lost depth. Having weapons as the ONLY equip sounds like a terrible idea if you are tying appearance and a spell to the weapon. They will need to pump out a shit ton of weapons, and if we are lucky, they will scale the weapon to the user's level so that there are enough choices out there (remember there are 6? elements in this game). So I'm mostly ok with the above stuff. I'm hoping the boss fight thing they showed is more of a content thing for mobile players since dofus-style pvm seems incompatible with traditional mobile where your participation in game is limited to a minute or 2 at a time. I was really hoping that sidekicks would allow us to solo most content, but I just don't see how that will work if it's going to take a lot of effort to summon them in the first place (which on it's own isn't a bad idea). Removing the turn timer for solo play could have made this like a 'Tactics/Fire Emblem' type game that would have actually worked for mobile. If they wanted to reward team play, they could have added exp/loot bonuses for each player involved.
  9. I agree with most of your points here. One other thing is that this game has been out so long that you got massive power creep for the equipment and annoying as shit pvm mechanics in an attempt to make new monsters "unique". I'm not entirely sure if I agree with you about questing. The main customer for Ankama is the french player base. Questing adds to the 'lore' and 'role playing' and it's possible the french are big fans of that. Using quests as a mechanism to get rare drops and dofuses gives players hope that they will actually get something after x amount of effort. Yes, they could still add dofuses as drops, but then it would fuck up the quest structure (if turq quest is prereq for next dofus quest, would dropping a turq mark all of the quests in turq chain as completed?). Lastly, I played for a few months when the solo servers came out and my personal experience was that quests weren't that bad. They are actually a good way to level up and gain kamas. As long as you had friends to play with, it was fun-ish to go dungeon hopping and do random shit that I wouldn't normally do. I will admit that trying to grind it would really suck (especially for multis). From Ankama's perspective, quests are probably cost efficient when it comes to new content, so I wouldn't be surprised if that was also one of their motivations. Adding a price floor is... iffy too. Wouldn't that just mean that your stuff is more likely to expire than sell because the quantity on the market is so large? There are a few mechanisms that Ankama put into place for destroying unwanted resources. I don't know how effective they are though (especially for low lvl stuff). Overall, I think Dofus has the problem that it has been around for too long. A lot of its changes make the game genuinely fun at lower levels. They did a seasonal solo account server that I think will be a popular thing for at least some time (even if it doesn't bring in much $$). Other than that, I don't know which part of the french base brings them the most cash. I would have liked them to modernize and streamline a bit, but there isn't really a business case for implementing stuff like the hero system from wakfu.
  10. Jalapeno Cheddar Cheetos >>>>> Hot Cheetos.
  11. No joke I am going to do that when I get my enu team up. Need to get my sig to turq x100. Also, I can't wait to drop my first crimson dofus. Tor souls hated me so much. I literally did 150 or so of them w/ my enu team and 0 drop wtf.
  12. I was looking at sellrooms and saw the market backloaded with royal gob souls (which I guess is normal). Was pretty worried that no one was actually buying them. I saw at least 6 different people with hundreds of powerful scrolls. The supply is absolutely there, but I'm a bit worried about the demand. For pvp sure, but for pvm, I almost exclusively farmed royal gob, black rat, dp, croca, and SO (at 2.0). AOE was more important than AP stacking. If we are talking about the crap with actual hp, then yeah, weapon spam is great. Maybe I'm just worrying too much. When I logged like 8 hours ago, I barely saw anyone, so had the impression that it was kinda dead.
  13. Yeah, I miss a lot of the potential for jank that 1.29 had. Just got a character on the server and turqs look quite cheap on Henual too unfortunately. Not really sure how I should approach getting kamas. Is ap stack really that strong? I seem to recall a lot of places being range oriented (and low hp mobs). I guess that wouldn't really matter with Xelors though. I really want an all eca team, but that would be maddening before near end game.
  14. So from checking out the other 1.29 threads, I see that there's no exo limit? I could have sworn that came about before 2.0. Maybe I can actually make that exo'd bluff eca that I always wanted to make! How expensive are turqs? Is turq farming viable?
  15. Because we were 6 years younger?
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