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  1. !^^!^^! Heaven Knights !^^!^^!

    Hey everyone :lol: and Happy Holidays~! wow, this thread has been pretty inactive :( There's not much for me to catch up on >_<"
  2. An Omni Foggernaut

    my fogger is quite omni. :ph34r:
  3. With eyes closed achievement?

    yep, by doing dopples for this achievement, you will easily get the 100 dopple run achievement as well. ^^" and you'll also profit from it by getting pebbles on every character, hehe. :o
  4. Mimisymbics! Post your skins!

    Maybe... ^_^
  5. S> 16 mount and 15 mount paddocks

    omg, I wants! T_T"
  6. Goultarminator 2013 videos

    I don't think Snark + Jizz knew that rewind applied a gravity state that would prevent him from Tiding. :huh: The fog had no LoS froth too. :( Everyone realized it at around 8:06, that he was wearing a class set item.
  7. Goultarminator 2013 videos

    A loss, but the map was frustrating. Still a decent fight though.
  8. Mississ Freez question?

    You cannot MP rape every turn. Only turn 1, 2, 4, ... not quite sure what the rest of the pattern was, but it jumps around. But because on some turns, MP raping buffs them so don't just blindly MP rape :)
  9. Dofus Player Survey

    1. Which flavor do you prefer: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, or neither? vanilla ~ 2. How long have you played Dofus? Since 2006 (2005 on rushu, '06 about two months after rosal opened) 3. What servers have you played on and for how long? Rosal since 2006, f2p until lvl 73 (~1 year). 4. How many breaks have you taken from Dofus? If possible, go into detail about those breaks. I've never really taken a break, per se, but I've always had a heavy load of coursework + classes + a part time job to balance. I'm on nearly everyday during breaks if I'm not traveling. On my worst "breaks" I'll log at least twice or 3 times a week to breed, feed pets, and check up on things. Even when I'm busy, I'd still be on to chat, but my rule was no roping me into dungeon runs. ^_^ 5. What is your highest level character(s)? Between my friend and me, we share at least 8 level 200 characters, and 2 level 199s. A few accounts weren't ours to begin with, but are from friends who we've leveled and played with for years and have quit due to real life commitments. 6. What is the level of interaction that you have with other players? Quite high, actually. I've gone back to playing nearly full time now, so I've rekindled old relationships, and even met a lot of new people. I've even met a few dofus players face to face. :ph34r: 7. How often do you buy or sell goods in Dofus? What are your preferred methods of doing so? I sell more than I buy, I think. I prefer to go make or farm my own items, rather than spend the kamas to do so. I usually use the sellrooms since things sell fast there, but I can merch on an alt or start a topic on Imps, if need be. 8. What are your views on the economy of Dofus? Please go into as much detail as possible. Include specific events, if necessary. There was this one half year in which I'd barely played, so my flow of kamas came to a complete stop. When I came back, I was shocked to find that so many mats had decreased in price. I'd to scramble to sell my String set before the price fell so low that the profit was barely enough for me to sub all my alts for two weeks. Kimbo socks, gourlo's powders, bherb feathers, and even bworker nails that used to be at least 1 mk in price, became worthless as pebble prices started to soar. When achievements came out, almost everything dipped in price and instead of selling, I just hoarded my mats for future almanax needs or future recipes. 9. Is the economy of Dofus in need of improvements? If so, list the ways. Ankama keeps making new resources for new items. Since it is so easy to get xp now, most players rush their way to end game and old mats that are used to make non-wis level 150-180 items are as cheap as piwi feathers. After achievements came out, the only thing that prevents players from over-saturating the market with items are the soaring prices of pebbles. Also, Rosal's population has been steadily decreasing as more and more old players quit or change servers. 10. How much longer do you see yourself playing Dofus? I'm not looking to quit anytime soon, because I've made many friends on Dofus. Even if I have more real life commitments, I still love the feeling of sitting down and having a whole community of people interact with after a hard day's work or to destress with before midterms/finals. 11. How much longer do you see Dofus being up and playable? Dofus is not in any danger of becoming non-playble, lol. Ankama is pretty good at keeping up with new features and new challenges, despite ruffling the feathers of many old players every time they do so. Change is hard to accept, and it takes awhile for old players to get used to new features. However, I can imagine that a new player will be astonished and overwhelmed at how much there is to do on Dofus. 12. What are your views on the general populace of Dofus? In Dofus, how do you tell a person you can trust from a person that you cannot trust? I'm growing older, but the population of Dofus seem to get younger and younger. :( Yes, I started playing Dofus when I was only 14 as well, but now I find it harder to take any interest in the 'conversations' at say, the village zaap or sometimes in alliance chat. Usually I judge/trust a person from the way they talk and what they talk about. If all they use is chat-speak or have tons of misspelled words/grammar (my pet peeve!), then its pretty hard for me to trust them with anything. :huh: 13. What time period was your favorite period to play Dofus? When everyone is on! I guess the peak times of the server? Gotta love the atmosphere when there are 30+ people on in guild. But since I play when I'm bored of studying or am trying to pull an alnighter, I've met many people from the other side of the world~ like Australians, for example. :lol: Ah, misread this question. xD I'd say the lvl 50-198s were my favorite. Back then, no one really muti-accounted, and we all shared the same goal of lvling. It was so fun/easy to gather a group of friends to go leveling. Since then, many of my friends have quit, and thus, I've resorted to mult-accounting to get things done + renew interest in the game. :( 14. What updates have you appreciated the most and appreciated the least? Reconnection system and the afk -> pass turns feature. <333 The weapons nerf was quite a blessing actually, since it motivated people to play more tactically now. The achievements are fun, in that it gave me more goals to work towards, but at the same time it ruined prices of the majority of resources. Frigost l ll lll are quite fun, and I've spent months leveling on Otomai island. The interface improvements and the new trophies were very appreciated. However, the team search feature is useless and the slow kolossium fights (and fighting the same teams over and over!) are a turn off. <_< I wish they didn't remove the diamond exchange for spell point scrolls because they are so high in demand.
  10. Post your goals and achievements

    A few days old.. did this right after peki duo, hehe.
  11. Close please!

    D:< you has an AP kring with heaaaaaaals?!!! I was wondering if I could borrow it for goult maybe? Unless you need the monies.. T_T" Edit: hehe, ty otto <3 hope you find a buyer :3
  12. Post your goals and achievements

    Finally mustered up some motivation to finish Peki Duo~! :lol:
  13. BANK SALE!

    D: Are you quitting?!
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      Should I play Dofus again.... hmm.
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      omg no forum in UtE club !
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    • Bohemia

      I was thinking to make a Flash Fleatser event myself, when I noticed that the Fleaster Haven Bag had only 2 days left in Shop, but I was told that the gift feature from Shop was disabled at the time; the prizes were supposed to be P1) Fleaster Haven Bag, P2) one mimisymbic and one weapon of choice at 300 Ogrine to mimi winer's weapon, P3) a Beanie Set (cuz I am addicted to coffee ...; that could be used for merch or w.e.) and 5 packs of 10 Brief Fairyworks. Oh, well, it just couldn't be ... The good thing of that was that it would have let me buy and gift pressies across servers.
      I was told to maybe make the contest only on Echo instead, with prizes only there, since for the moment I can't buy from Shop items and gift them to other people.
      So I'll tell you what is the next plan:
      - drawing event, as it was supposed to be, with drawings made in Paint, Fleaser related, regardless if they are Dofus related too or not;
      - not sure if to have only 1 Paint Fleaster drawing per person, or 3, and from those, only the one with best score to be taken into account;
      - not sure where it is best to do it: on Dofus forums, or here on Impsvillage; or maybe have 2 sections: one on each part, and half the prizes on each part?
      - as prizes, I was thinking about 3 - 4 Ice Dt Harnesses (that one could put over their PP mounts when they do souls for lot, like I do); maybe I could add a couple of Armored Dts too;
      - as period for submitting entries, I was thinking about 2 weeks, to give more time to people to participate.
      I'd appreciate any thoughts/ ideas/ suggestions on this.
      Many thanks in advance for your time reading all this/ replaying.
      PS: I'll show you some examples of Paint Fleaster drawing that I have made in about 5 - 10 min e.a.

      · 2 replies