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  1. Hi Syd, Just wandered in, I did #4-7. Cheers sir, hope you're doing well! Poingy
  2. Oi Syd, not playing atm - Ankama still hates my credit card.

  3. np - if whoever made ur original sig used Flash to make it, I can either get that .fla file from 'em, or give 'em mine, to make it cleaner looking.

  4. The game is structured that, if you know what you are doing, you can always within its 4 turns. Example: Turn 1: You try 3 ingredients + 1 wrapper. Result: 1 ingredient is yellow, the other 2 red. Wrapper is red. Let's call this yellow ingredient Yellow1 and it was in slot 1. Turn 2: Try 3 all new ingredients. Don't put the previous turn's yellow into some other slot. Save that for later. You have to identify as fast as you can the other 2 ingredients. Try new wrapper. Result: Wrapper is red. 1 ingredient is yellow (Yellow2 in, say, slot 1), other 2 is red. Thus, you now know
  5. I guess there are some limitations that I'm not sure how to get around. oh well.
  6. eh. EH. wow, so far this thread is like the Sydney show. :X one daaaaaaay ONE DAAAAAAAAY. * Smaller version has longer pause @ end and I DREW IN TEH EAR
  7. I think it drops easily enough. Sent 1 character decked out in full tofu, gathered at least 10 tofu pheromones before I figured I had enough. This was a while ago though, near when we were first able to do this.
  8. If you want to play Eliatrope, here you go. I didn't get very far though, lost interest in this Season 2 version of the game when it looked like there weren't any prizes that would be carried over to the Dofus game like it had 1st season. I put a little bit of spell information in English on my pages, but if you poke around the wikis below, you can probably find additional information, but in French: My unfinished wiki page on this game. My wiki page for Season 1 version of this game.
  9. Sometimes Dofus Poetry may look Like text from a children's book, But it might be risqué Like Sydney's entrée, And his finger to young lads a'crook.
  10. This is a haiku. Notice its syllabic count. So easy to make.
  11. Unless someone who's tried it says otherwise, that probably works. However if you're wanting an 8 man team to do the dungeon, you'd have to have the nub teleport up to 7 of you to the NPC, log out nub & wait 10 minutes? for the teleport cooldown, then teleport your remaining group member(s). Still a lot less frustration than running 8 toons through aggro areas.
  12. This sounds awesome, but this came up earlier this year: http://impsvillage.com/forums-arch2011/index.php?showtopic=118145, source for this is http://devblog.dofus.com/fr/billets/461259-point-modules.html Who knows when or if this will ever become available to us, and it might contain all the information that volunteers would be submitting to you.. but just wanted to let you know.
  13. A few friends have found the Ankama e-mails in their spam/junk folder. Try checking yours if you don't see it in your regular inbox.
  14. You do understand that Dofus is a game and not a dating site right? If you're looking for that "someone special", better to try a dating site where the general goal IS to meet that "special someone" versus an online game.
  15. Suggestions as you may not have considered these: Because you are an enu, I would save one of your profession slots for Fisherman, that is, if you game long enough. Out of all the gathering professions, Fisherman is likely the most pp-dependent, and your Living Chest that you get at lvl 100 will provide you extra PP when you fight those fish devourers and perhaps drop one of those rare fishes that sell for a lot of kamas. You will eventually get enough HP to have your chest live through one of the devourer's attacks. Mind you, I feel this is the most time-consuming gatherer profession to l
  16. changed again so that is more of a proper group picture. some bits look off. fix later.
  17. How long has Sydney been waiting now? Over a year? I think whatever it is, it beats Elane's wait. Posting to see if that will help keep me working on this. It should look better later.. my old thread ;_;
  18. Where did you hear that there is a connection b/w Wakfu final & Sakai? I only know N is found in Dofus/Sakai, and also in Wakfu Les Gardiens, so there is something going on, but my French is too poor to figure things out. The world of Dofus that we game in is 1000 years before the events in Wakfu. (Or maybe just the game Wakfu? I thought that Wakfu the animated series is @ the same time as Wakfu the beta-game)
  19. English Hardsubs: Episode 24 is http://www.megavideo.com/?d=A342SJV7 Episode 25: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZN1L99Y9 Episode 26: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1MA429RW Goultard Special: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4NSI1DO7 Nox Special: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8S93ZVQ8 I've already seen all these, so they work. Enjoy! * In the Nox Special: I have not ready any of the in-game documents, nor tried to look any of this up. too lezzy.
  20. Cheatsheet: yw ^^ GL w/ turkey breeding. Actually got no wife/kids D:

  21. Sorry, I put in a fake birthday. Not sure if you can see the year.. (1909) XD

  22. I made a cheat sheet of Azaelya's first post for a guildie who was confused by the whole raising-a-turkey thing. Thought I'd share:
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