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  1. Oi Syd, not playing atm - Ankama still hates my credit card.

  2. Are you still playing? :)

  3. I haven't talked to the person who drew it for a long time. If I get in contact, I'll send you that file; whatever it is. Say hey to Elane for me if you see him :O

  4. np - if whoever made ur original sig used Flash to make it, I can either get that .fla file from 'em, or give 'em mine, to make it cleaner looking.

  5. Fanks for the coot gifs.


  6. The game is structured that, if you know what you are doing, you can always within its 4 turns. Example: Turn 1: You try 3 ingredients + 1 wrapper. Result: 1 ingredient is yellow, the other 2 red. Wrapper is red. Let's call this yellow ingredient Yellow1 and it was in slot 1. Turn 2: Try 3 all new ingredients. Don't put the previous turn's yellow into some other slot. Save that for later. You have to identify as fast as you can the other 2 ingredients. Try new wrapper. Result: Wrapper is red. 1 ingredient is yellow (Yellow2 in, say, slot 1), other 2 is red. Thus, you now know you have 2 ingredients but they were in the wrong spots. Turn 3: You try one of the yellow ingredients from previous in a new spot, say Yellow1 in slot 2, and the 2 last ingredients you haven't tried yet. You try the 3rd wrapper. Result: Wrapper is green (it better be!) and you have maybe 2 yellow (Yellow1 in slot 2 and Yellow3 in slot 3) ingredients at worst, and 1 red. Turn 4: By now, you should be able to logic where each of the 3 yellow ingredients should go: Yellow1 has already been tried in 2 different spots so there's only 1 place left for it: Slot 3. Yellow2 already failed in slot 1, so it must be in slot 2. Yellow 3 has only 1 place left to go: Slot 1. And you already know the wrapper.
  7. I guess there are some limitations that I'm not sure how to get around. oh well.
  8. eh. EH. wow, so far this thread is like the Sydney show. :X one daaaaaaay ONE DAAAAAAAAY. * Smaller version has longer pause @ end and I DREW IN TEH EAR
  9. I think it drops easily enough. Sent 1 character decked out in full tofu, gathered at least 10 tofu pheromones before I figured I had enough. This was a while ago though, near when we were first able to do this.
  10. If you want to play Eliatrope, here you go. I didn't get very far though, lost interest in this Season 2 version of the game when it looked like there weren't any prizes that would be carried over to the Dofus game like it had 1st season. I put a little bit of spell information in English on my pages, but if you poke around the wikis below, you can probably find additional information, but in French: My unfinished wiki page on this game. My wiki page for Season 1 version of this game.
  11. Sometimes Dofus Poetry may look Like text from a children's book, But it might be risqué Like Sydney's entrée, And his finger to young lads a'crook.
  12. This is a haiku. Notice its syllabic count. So easy to make.
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