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  1. Mercutio


    Hmmm... so only the noncebadgers left.... shame... Still will have a bit of a muckabout and catch up with my fav plpls The forums are ugly and basic-bitch af...
  2. Mercutio


    Hello, I was messin with my PC and laptop and got sentimental and logged on, but none on i remembered. Just curious if anyone about i still know as very tempted to have a bash on this again....
  3. Mercutio

    Merc Merchant

    RIP indeed... :( Also bump RIP indeed... :( Also bump
  4. Mercutio

    Merc Merchant

    So ive some bits to sell still, heres a sample of em, and if want owt PM me on here ideally or post in this thread as i wont be online hardly at all. Some Exos Some Random Gears My Sexy Sram with Random Agl Gears and Item Preview Oh and also: Minifoux 55 Wis Eliom Blank Friendrake Blank x2 Brindled Minifoux 90 pp x4 Golden Dragoone 50 wis Black Dragoone 47 wis, 13 wis, 15 wis Angora Bow Meow 48% Power Yellow Piwin 90 agl Bworky 1000 pods Bow Meow 90 str Air bwak 20% air res fire bwak 20% fire res Bow Meow 80 str Em/Ging Camo Mounts lvl 100 Plum/Em Camo Mounts lvl 100 4 em dofus 1 ochre Max PP Kali Dofuses
  5. Wow very selfish attitude by alot of people pestin for a merge regardless of the many who would want to keep on their small server. Christ complaining you cannot afford it via ingame or rl money is pathetic. Yes its bullshit ankama profit from you needing to move, but get over it. You could farm loads of mats/gears etc easily on your server with the high stars, graft the small money to transfer one character over (the one less likely to be needed for future farming of course), load it up then sell that stuff on the populated server then pass the money to your other chars to pay for their transfers. To literally demand a merge is arrogant and thoughtless towards the many who dont want a busy server. How people cant afford irl or ingame transfers, why are you still playing this game? To demand a merge is extremely unfair and narrow-minded. I currently stopped playing due to busy irl, and losing the taste of it, but if i ever came back and felt like returning to a quiet server, and couldnt because you *beeps* made a petition, id want to literally punch all of you in the throat for removing that option for me coz your lazy af. Personal version: From shika. played on that from near beginning. Alot of people i knew started moving, i was ok generally on shika. felt the grass was greener hearing stories about the bigger server. Slowly swayed to moving and felt bent out of shape having to pay so many kamas to move. sold up as much stuff as i could on shika, priced up everything between servers and worked out what the demand was, back then a main one was sini wings (thanks to eith for merching 100s of them for me to buy :) ) so i farmed them til i was sick, took about 20mk worth of them over and sold rapidly for twice that in a few days. Hell my first /b message got a guy ready to buy pretty much all i had of them. I must admit i didnt enter the move correctly, felt disappointed goin from a big fish in a little pond to a non-entity in a big pond, and clustered my characters into one guild and didnt try to blend well, so as a pro tip scatter your characters in guilds when you get there and try to really mix. So to sum up, if you want a populated server suck it up and work hard on it and fund it. Many people would likely aid and advise you and return that favour to people you know who may want to move aswell, and if you do it right you may end up making money from it. If all you can do is sit and whine then your no use to the small or large server so kill yourself. EDIT: Oh a couple of friends chipped in to get me to move so props to them also, its probs coz im awesome af. So if you dont happen to be awesome af like me, you can still manage it, just a little slower.
  6. Mercutio

    Recruitment for "Shikans Against Coopers"

    Christ u better level it fast as spots should fill rapid.... If still playing can confirm id join the hate campaign 10/10
  7. Mercutio

    Shika Goultarminator 2015

    if i amend it, id have to greatly reduce the overall size of my signature so im rebelling whilst also maintaining a semblance of veteran status and retro-ness :)
  8. Mercutio

    I hate pretentious people

    It must suck to be inferior and numero zero. I personally dont know what that must be like, but you have my sympathies. rip in mediocrity †
  9. Mercutio

    Shika Goultarminator 2015

    There is only one true Maus, and Oberyn be his name.
  10. Mercutio

    Looking for someone to make a team for real

    If by real, u mean irl, then that could be funtimes aplenty. Sign me up as an osa. I cant leash as well but i once gave a pigeon cpr.
  11. Mercutio

    Shika Goultarminator 2015

    The tips were damned good sir, but the above? I always put "trololol vote4swaglord" etc each year, and actively told people to vote for others and procreate with themselves and it never stopped me getting in :D I might not be on shika anymore (or even actively playing) but hope you scrublords do well as last year was horrific.
  12. Ok so I use Vuze to convert movies into being able to burn DVDs. This is probs outdated so if better suggestions that are user friendly feel free to shout. Anyway when I run malware bytes it seems to clear all the conversions I've done and this is a pain. I basically need to store some of these, dunno where to even begin to suss this out tho.... Edit: if any use to mention, ccleaner used to also do the same when I ran that. Any help or pointers lemme know cheers
  13. Mercutio


    whend we get these gifts outta interest? EDIT: Nvm link had the info: The distribution of gifts should be starting any moment now, and we expect that by about 8 PM tonight the majority of Rushu players should receive their compensation packages.
  14. Mercutio

    The official newbie question thread!

    Ok so i was maging a tf amulet, the ap fell off and had alot of sink. Then lost connection and havent been logged on for 1-2 hrs. Just wanting to check will the sink still be there or does it go? Cheers in advance. EDIT: Also out of interest, if you mage and need more runes, so stop and go buy them, you are ok with the sink still right? Thought id sneak that in also just to make sure. FYI I hate maging so know very little about it still after 6+ years.... :,(
  15. Mercutio

    The Story of Persona - The Apology

    One necro to rule them all and in the darkness troll them.