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  1. I stayed around way longer than I wanted to, strictly for the community and friends I had made. The game died for me long before 2012, but I kept the dream of it alive by randomly taking my team and attacking every perc from every guild I could find, just to communicate with old friends, and potentially make new ones. I even offered back resources from my adventures because it was never about that. I wish the game was more involved. If they could have cracked down on multi-account abusers (I was turned into one out of necessity), brought a little more to the International communit
  2. Thought the game died when Frigost was released and they put limits on all spell casts.... That's when it died for me. 2012? Lol. Tried making a come back in 2016 but it was miserable. Even went so far as to buy 80m to gear up and try to do something... Nah. Bore city
  3. You tried your best, man. I was always proud of you Holy hell I haven't logged on Imps in years, reformatted my hard drives and reloaded my Chrome settings and Imps was somehow my first quick tab. Decided to come look at what's happening and my boy is name dropping the ole' BBN. Feels so fucking good :)))) also... I'm still league trash. About to hit Plat promos again, but I need to play and focus more on trying to climb
  4. I still prefer original AoE buff post-shit, pre-nerf Osas that happened right after 2.0. I was so happy :) Summons were still weak as shit, but managable by enemies.
  5. Ohh only when fused. That makes more sense. I was wondering why my Tofu was only hitting 110! Haha. I'll have to play around with this a little more. Do you know if it takes +dmg as well as +stats? Or just the latter?
  6. My Osa, before this update was Int/Str (1000 ish of both stats with 290% dmg) and I fucking LOVED IT. Now it's like... Meh. I can't see Gobballs doing much for damage in PvP, though it's disheartening seeing my favorite spell (PoC) go to absolute shit. I'm 1491 agility with 238% power and +130 damage so I think my duster is going to hit well over 1k. Should be nasty :P Canine will hit around 550 on max crits, so that's cool too haha. I just need to sub to put my pet on and try it out! Although I need to figure out which item I can swap out for 3 more summons without losing too much
  7. I made myself pure agility for shits and giggles... Sadly, my set only has 2 summons and I didn't realize they exterminated Animal Blessing, so I think I need to rework my set to abuse 5 tofus. Currently 1500 agility, hitting pretty decent with only 2 Tofus. 5 will be insane :D
  8. Played one game. I think it was on the new map... Couldn't enjoy myself. Oh well, glad you're still liking it at least!
  9. Symmetra was my best defense on certain maps. I pretty much only played Reaper, I like the in your face style of play. Have they tweaked Pharoahs numbers at all? She was the biggest cunt being able to shotgun rocket you for 140 dmg but only taking 40 dmg for herself even though it was point blank >_< That alone drove me nuts.
  10. Actually haven't even touched the game since around my last post. It stopped being fun for me too quickly. I applaud you for continuing to play! Have they made any decent changes? Added any new people to play? Fixed the awful up/downs from competitive? I was like 58% win/loss when I started and I kept dropping rank lmfao.
  11. I logged on the other day and had lost 250 LP (plat 1 50lp to plat 3 0lp) and just logged back off. Don't even care anymore. I was about to hit diamond but meh, not worth it. All the people I liked quit playing or got banned wrongfully
  12. Finally got myself a Porygon! Wooo :) And a sexy Ryhorn. I'm happy with tonight's slow drive :D
  13. The third party app being taken down is justified, knowing where nests spawn is just stupid and takes away from the game, but actually hunting the Pokemon is what I loved doing when it was active. I used the tracking system to find so many things during server up-time. Running through the woods to track down a Raichu, it was incredibly fun. If you see something rare pop up now, what are you going to do... Just continue walking down a normal path, no reason to venture off in the other direction. It takes so much away from the game
  14. Know what would be more exciting? Being able to track a fucking pokemon that shows up on the nearby radar. They might as well have just fucking removed the entire nearby menu since it serves absolutely no purpose anymore. Also, yes, that one single update ruined the game for me. Walking around aimlessly isn't fun, the pokemon have spawn and despawn timers, meaning I have 5-15 minutes upon spawn to find it. If there's no way to track the god damn Nidoking, Venusaur, Blastoise, or Dragonite (All seen on nearby over the past week) then I just spent a large chunk of time running around
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