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  1. I've just recently started playing again on a very dead server, I mainly chose it for the stars. Little did I know at the time that they'd removed 90% of pre-100 set item drops, and now I am on a server with almost no crafters or economy I have no set drops to sell, and no one wants to buy low level resources on a dead server, let alone things like bread and potions. I'm at a bit of a loss on how to progress my equipment, especially since prices for things like prespic set are now skyhigh, and I can't even just grind up to 5x in adventurer set to then go get some scaraleaf stuff. Is there something I'm missing, or have I basically screwed myself in choosing this server with low-level characters? Also hi again.
  2. Hi, Clem been a long time. I hope everything is well with you. Don't leech Blink ok, ;).

  3. ZATOÏSHWAN Picture Pwnage Thread!

    No socks, but still pretty nice I think. ALSO THANKS TO JEFF FOR BEING OUR TOURGUIDE!!!11
  4. Post your Guts

    Well, had a PDB already from another char, and we cant align for zoths atm to farm for PDC.
  5. Post your Guts

    Osa finished for a while now.
  6. Hai clem, how are things ;]?

    Zatoishwan is going well for you I see!


  7. Post your Guts

    At last, finished the damned belt. :)
  8. ZATOÏSHWAN Picture Pwnage Thread!

    The room before took almost the exact same time :P
  9. ZATOÏSHWAN Picture Pwnage Thread!

    The fight wasn't such pwnage. :( Shit drops shit time.
  10. Post your Guts

    You actually can, you just have to click very carefully so your char goes back out on the nearest square without moving.