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  1. the majority of multi clienters don't want to invite soloers to their groups because they tab out inbetween turns, then don't know what the fuck's going on and then do something stupid that wipes the whole team. snobby solo players act like multiboxers are antisocial dickheads and that they're entitled to join any dungeon run that they want, but then they act like they're getting carried and don't have to pay any goddamn attention or lift a finger to see the run concluded. i get it, i get that it takes a while inbetween their turns when they're 1 of 7 things in the fight all taking turns, but if it's really so unbearable, then why don't they fucking multibox. /rant
  2. granted, your ear falls off i wish my friends played on ilyzaelle
  3. best of luck rob, and thanks for keeping imps alive!
  4. somewhat offtopic, ish. method wakfu just got taken down (the owner refused to take donations) which was the only set builder the wakfu community had available would it be at all possible for a version of dofusplanner to be made but for wakfu?
  5. body options? be still my beating heart also, i'd take these designs over seeing equipment at all.
  6. they nerfed boliche because they added a masqueraider dofus? fuck off
  7. do they not understand that if a blanket rule of the game were "triggered effects do not trigger in melee combat", there wouldn't be so many mule enutrofs?
  8. more doodlin cause i saw some art and got kinda inspired
  9. they really ran out of ideas for iop lol "there's more than one way to skin a cat" tot says to console himself while designing spells for the completely themeless super saiyan knockoff vanilla baseline punchy-do-damage class
  10. oh everyone else was saying it so i assumed it's true cause i'm a dumbass beta never. update postponed to summer 2018
  11. no new shields is untrue beta on wednesday
  12. i never said you said anything, i thought you were pointing something out by quoting two things adjacently like that and responded to that. literally in my post i quoted you and said you said "absolutely nothing". bruh me again.
  13. 1) you cant make sweeping judgements like that about a class revamp that you have not played 2) literally everything they said rip to is functionally exactly the same when in context of the other spells oh no, rip wheel of fortune because it gives -50% crits, except a) critting as an ecaflip is now a choice, b) you can counterbalance it with clover which gives +50% crits. rip healing mode, because now you're just getting healing spells. give me a break. it's 2017, if you're still revamp doomsaying get a hobby like collecting newspapers or sitting as still as possible for as long as you can and letting the world revolve without you
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