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  1. I was finally able to get my 2nd account added to the Multi-Accounting tab in Ankama Launcher. It took me a while to figure out exactly what was needed, so here it goes for anyone that is also facing this issue: - Go to account.ankama.com and log in - Go to Account -> Information -> And then click the Pencil icon for updating your email - Now, instead of updating your email, click on the REVERIFICATION button that shows up on the right side of the page, under the "REVERIFY YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO MAKE SURE YOU CAN STILL SIGN IN AFTER ANKAMA SHIELD IS ROLLED OUT."
  2. I'm curious what step did you do to get it fixed. I went to https://account.ankama.com/en/security and Deactivated my Ankama Shield, and then re-activated it (including the email code dance), but even then the Ankama Launcher wouldn't accept my alt account I'll give it a try again to see if I get any luck!
  3. After opening the Ankama Launcher, click the Gear button (tooltip: Game Options) right under the PLAY button, which will open a sliding panel. In that panel, select Multi-Accounting and then click "Add an account"
  4. I forgot to mention that I can log into Dofus on my 2nd account just fine if I enter the account name and password manually, directly into the Dofus client upon opening a 2nd instance. Thanks.
  5. Hi all, Since the last update, my Ankama Launcher in MacOS is unable to automatically log in my 2nd, Alt account. I tried removing the 2nd account in order to add it back again, but now I get a generic "An error has occurred" when attempting to add my 2nd account into the "Add an account" modal dialog. I know the information entered for the 2nd account is correct, because I'm able to log into the dofus site without issues. Any ideas what is going on? I'm also having trouble logging into Ankama's support site, too: I get error "Forbidden: Tok
  6. Thanks, it's nice to be back. It's been so long, many things have changed, and many other have not. It's somewhat strange, but overall enjoyable. See you all around.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm back into this game because nostalgia reasons or something. I'm running 2 accounts in Echo server, taking my time just doing whatever; basically relearning the game (so much has changed). Back in the day (1.29?) I used to play a water Sadi and it was so much fun. Unfortunately, I gave out the account when I left the game. Now I'm playing a Huppermage, and thus far it's been super fun. The other character is an enu. Both characters are just under lvl 60 atm. Anyways, maybe I'll see some of you in game. Cheers ~
  8. I'm kinda coming back to the game with a fresh account. Solo account, sram. I'm quite impress with the amount of xp you can get from missions In incarnam. Got to lvl 21 in a flash. Solar server btw, still looking for a Gobball set (tricky trap is now fire, cool)
  9. Nice to see some Alma guts. Here I show mine, Cha Sadi btw. Still hunting mats! Low in agility and summons :lol: Edit: Spring Leaf under living item amu B-)
  10. As a 18X cha sadi myself, that set looks awesome. Would love to see you in action :lol:
  11. So I was farming crocs for their meat. After some fight, I see that the perc took a pair of boots, so went to agro for some fun. I don't do pvp because most of the time I'm with guildies or doing crafts and stuff. When battle started, I see that me and my alts where outnumbered. But, whatever, lets die with some honor! :lol: On my side, top to bottom: Str/crit eca, cha sadida and int/range eni :P On there side is what you see in the image above. So yeah, luck was on my side in this fight. Battle starts. When my sadi gets her first turn, she casts tree lvl 6 with silvian power to block
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