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  1. It's in French, but this lists lots of the quest items. http://tofus.fr/fiches/indices-chasse-au-tresor.php
  2. It's set by Kerub Crepin (6,-16) in Astrub. You can do it once per week. Don't make more than one blibli wax at a time as when you finish the quest it takes any extra wax out of your inventory too.
  3. For folks like me who get totally disorientated on Wabbit Island, this French website lists most of the Wabbit Island quests with screenshots showing directions to get around. http://dofuspourlesnoobs.weebly.com/icircle-des-wabbits.html
  4. The achievement ladder is way too buggy to be helpful. My score wasn't updated for days, and then I disappeared (and still haven't reappeared). SanityClause has gone too from Shika's ladder. For those Shikans keeping track of the top of the ladder, Sani's over 4,500, but under 5,000. :-)
  5. I'm actually really hoping they might be chameleon style pets. If you click on the banner, or the round button, the banner, iop and pets change colour. Looking forward to new pets.
  6. I've done impertinence on Wa Wabbit. AP rape all the way.
  7. I can't remember the exact co-ordinates, but it's the map where you go down to the laboratory just before you fight the GM Wabbit.
  8. I won't vote for 'Pangeae' either. I hate the spelling of it. A lot of folks in the International community don't have English as a first language, and I think the combination of vowels at the end would be a disaster for forum posts. Rogue causes quite a lot of problems as it is. The name Eirene is already used by a German Christian charity. It's a nice idea as it's the name of the Greek goddess of peace. I'm leaning towards Adventuria at the moment.
  9. Sylfaen posted on the French forum that the repeated hemp quest will remain in place until 23:00 (Paris time) and then the meridia will change to Tchokun, who wants the 2 soryo snowfoux ears as a quest offering. After the maintenance tomorrow the quest will change to the Macugny meridia (2 x grabba skins) and the Almanax quests will then continue changing at midnight DUT. There will be no repercussions for anyone who has handed in hemp for two days running. Those that have, and then complete Tchokun's quest will get an extra Almanax page, the xp and almokens etc.
  10. Looking to buy a garden gem. Price: around 750 kamas. Contact: Aldarana in-game, leave a post below or send a pm. Gem now bought. :-)
  11. Grut sword is an incarnation weapon and transforms your character into a Bwork with some new spells. Previously only available if you bought one of the early Wakfu TCG cards.
  12. I've changed servers. Keep one mount equipped. Put all your mounts into your shed or into the public paddocks. Do not keep them as certificates in your inventory when you transfer or they will be put back into your bank on the server you've just transferred from.
  13. Jez_terr

    slay hound

    On the official website there's a picture possibly hinting at the arrival of the new pets that folks tracked down a while back (Moowitty, Grauler, Mouselet and the Scarakiri). Should I be worried about the description for the 'Frozen Tofu' that shows up if you search in the pet market? It says in the item description that it's favourite area is Kwismas Island. If the Frozen Tofu is being available for sale soon it had better be a pet that needs feeding, because I really don't think I'm going to get chance to level a Slayhound and a Tofu (if it's a soul eater) in the three weeks that are left of Kwismas being open.
  14. Jez_terr

    slay hound

    Found this piccy on JeuxOnLine. I can't vouch for its accuracy though. Looks better than 10 Father Whuppers :-D
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