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  1. Haven't been able to log into the beta yet. Does the poison apply if the damages were done to allies, or more importantly allied summons? Or do these attacks have to be on enemies. Edit: Just tried and the answer is yes.
  2. Wow we were all really excited about customizable interfaces for two days only. 4 years on this is like a series of boring interface arrangements we've all tried lol. Is anyone out here in 2020 using some kind of galaxy brain setup? also honestly kind of interested in how people arrange their stuff for fights
  3. Kiba


    Surprise, we're accepting more memes. New end date of May 4th, go go go.
  4. Times are tough out there. Let's make some Dofus memes! What else are you doing in the login queues anyway? (These jokes were more timely when I wrote the draft for this days ago, my bad). THE CONTEST: Make a good meme and post it here. It can be a regular meme format, it can be you doing something in the game if we ever get to log in again. THE PRIZES: A mysterious benefactor who's name rhymes with Bob is offering a decent kama prize for two winners One meme will be selected based on the popular vote (most reactions recei
  5. Try the official forum for that. I think Ankama staff still read the discussion areas on IV but I doubt they'll click into here any time soon.
  6. Indeed. Please click into the thread below for more information:
  7. Please include a price range of what you're looking to buy/sell for as per our marketplace guidelines. The reason we ask for this is so that these forums can both benefit you in a quick sale but also provide a future resource for others to price check items. Thanks!
  8. Please include a price range of what you're looking to buy/sell for as per our marketplace guidelines. The reason we ask for this is so that these forums can both benefit you in a quick sale but also provide a future resource for others to price check items. Also moving this to the correct forum section. Thanks!
  9. The numbers they show are just however many character pages exist for that server. It's not drawing from an API. There are a lot of weird jumps in the data, because nobody really knows how the character pages work, how or when they're added and removed... When you're looking at Statofus you have to remember what you're actually looking at is whatever's happening on the Dofus website that day. You can compare servers to each other and get a general idea of how big one server is compared to another. Servers with constantly rising numbers are kind of interesting, because it means more
  10. do kids these days even know who quivitar is?
  11. Just grab a laptop with good specs in general. Don't just shop around Dofus. These days, if you shop around enough, you can get a powerful laptop for a fair price.
  12. Dofus PC is shrinking and Dofus Touch is growing steadily... Ankama totally redid the new player experience because nobody was jumping on with the old Incarnam/Astrub, and now people seem to be flocking to that very same old experience in Dofus Touch? Let's get real, the endgame community in Dofus has been literally exactly like everyone in this thread since 2005. Is it really an endgame Dofus community without people hating the newest updates and pining for the old versions? Dofus has been on the decline for years because they can't get new people to play the game in large number
  13. There seems to be a weird issue with folks who were inactive within a specific time frame, so their characters were removed from Rushu/Rosal/etc but not transferred correctly to Echo. Ankama support can restore characters that were impacted by this.
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