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  1. 2.46 Idols and new Leech gimmick

    "...but rather idols that in general makes the fight relatively hard for all classes." fwiw this was the stated intent when they first announced the Idol system. It's going to be a long time before someone finds a magic idol combo to replace 508, but it's probably out there.
  2. Characters new design

    That's what it looks like for now, check the previous posts.
  3. Introducing Clubs!

    Following Imps' quantum leap forward into the newest version of the forum software, we officially have the brand new "Clubs" feature! You can access clubs from the nav bar under the banner, or just click here. The Clubs feature allows users to create personal spaces within the Imps Village site. Club functionality is open to all Imps users. Anyone can create a club, but all new clubs must be reviewed and approved by a moderator. At this time, clubs will only be approved for guilds and alliances. We will consider other uses, such as major tournaments or other large-scale events, on a case-by-case basis. Club features include... Custom club icon and cover photo Membership can be "open" or "closed" to require manual member approval. You can also invite Imps users to private clubs, allowing them to join without having to wait for an approval. Private calendars and events for club members Private forums within the clubs. Finally, after 10 years, private guild forum functionality is back! You can create multiple forums within your club. Club forums function exactly like the regular forums. This includes the suite of topic and post moderation features. Club owners can designate Moderators and Leaders/Admins within their clubs. Moderators have forum mod powers within the clubs, Leaders have mod powers and club member management powers, including the ability to approve and remove users. There are two sample clubs you can check out to see some of the features. Please take note of these important guidelines for clubs: Imps Village rules apply to club forums. Content promoting kama buying/selling, account trading, and other violations of Ankama's terms of use are not allowed in private club forums. Further, the obvious rules like no hate speech, etc, are in effect. The Imps moderators and administrators have the ability to see club content and moderate posts within clubs, and we reserve the right to remove particularly offensive content as necessary. We may apply forum bans if appropriate. We also reserve the right to delete a club if it is being persistently misused. As clubs are a new feature, do let us know if you have any questions or if you encounter any possible bugs.
  4. Obtaining the crown

    Long live Imps Green
  5. Dofus Dungeons - Blog

    Free to play game mode in the same client as their subscription-based modes??? Lots of missing info... The way its framed today it sounds like a strategy to give new players literally no reason to try the classic servers unless they want an ultra complex and somewhat inaccessible MMO. Why join the real game and pay when you can enjoy the cute art and unique battle mechanics for free in a super simple-sounding format instead?
  6. Micro Blogs

    ankama posted that. anyway that's just a funny sketch but they still cared to draw lighting and shadow that make sense if you place the sun onto a 3d plane. as for architecture, all of the buildings in astrub are already top-heavy anyway and they've survived since 2009! but seriously there's a pretty srsbsns wood frame and other supports we dont see
  7. @Sommanker abo = abonnement = subscription
  8. Dofus Cube (Dofus 3) - Blog

    This real life companion board game bit baffles me... There's not exactly a proven track record of success with their board games. They had difficulties the whole time making Krosmaster Arena work, at least from a non-French perspective, and I feel that trying to keep up a board game in tandem with their online game dragged down both. French perspective or otherwise, Krosmaster Arena totally fell out of existence trying to make the game work on either platform... In other words, they're absolutely overextending trying to make tabletop + mobile + pc all work at the same time. There's no way they can maintain parity between all three. The results will be disappointment.
  9. Selling some overmages [SOLD]

    You should provide your in-game name so people can contact you.
  10. Dofus Cube (Dofus 3) - Blog

    There were other confounding factors too! In general, they went all-in for expanding their reach with Dofus and Wakfu to other countries. They outsourced to other companies to distribute to Brazil, Japan, Russia, Philippines, and North America (remember that Square Enix partnership lol). Each of those attempts was a rather dramatic failure. Once they gave that up and took all of those countries under their own management, distributing the Brazilian players to their Portuguese servers and the rest to Rushu and such, they started making new games again. Tbh Ankama was probably kept afloat through all of that mostly because expanding to South America actually did work.
  11. Ask Ankama

    https://www.dofus.com/en/forum/2-general-discussion/332520-ask-ankama-1 They specify within that they'll pick one question per week and answer it for future editions. These below were apparently the most popular questions from all communities, based on megathreads they created. Will there ever be a new divine dimension? As we announced when the first divine dimensions came out, the initial intent was not to add a dimension for every deity to the game, but to offer a glimpse by showcasing a few of them. Due to the format of this type of content, it takes a long time to produce and doesn't necessarily match the theme developed over several updates. That said, we're not opposed to the idea of adding a new divine dimension so long as we deem it relevant. That was the case with Ecaflipus, the dimension devoted to the sons of Ecaflip. This content fit with the transmedia aspect by complementing the Ankama news item at the time: the theatrical release of the DOFUS movie. No new divine dimensions are scheduled at the moment, but that doesn't mean we won't make any more. We already have a few ideas, and as I was saying earlier, if it happens to be appropriate at some point, we'll work on a new divine dimension, preferably one connected to a deity that hasn't been dealt with before. Also, it's entirely possible this dimension will be in a format that's different from what has been done thus far, but we'll only address that question when the time is right. [Korri] - Game Designer *** Why haven't you changed the 508 idol scores? We're aware of the problem posed by certain configurations of idols whose restrictions can be too easily bypassed. We believe the idol system needs to be revamped. We intend to significantly reduce the number of available idols, but their restrictions will no longer be as easy to circumvent. The effects and bonuses of most idols, as well as achievement scores required, will be updated. This is a fairly large project, which we've started on, and we hope to be able to offer an idol system that's more accessible and balanced in 2018. [Simsoft] - Producer & [Lichen] - Lead Game Designer *** What do you think of the current Sacrier? We saw the December revamp as an indispensable way of offering mechanics upon which we could build new spells (particularly variants), with the Suffering system being much more malleable than the old Punishment system, which had become quite rigid. That's why we're generally satisfied with the latest changes to the Sacrier class; the class better reflects what we've wanted it to be for years: a class with good positioning skills, able to absorb attacks for their allies and throw them back at enemies. That said, we're aware that the situation is far from perfect and that adjustments could be made to improve gameplay for Sacriers. Without going so far as to do another revamp, we're going to reflect on the following varied issues to come up with satisfactory solutions: The redundancy and rigidness of the Suffering system: we're going to work on making this system more interesting and more fluid. As Sacriers specialize in close combat, they naturally must expose themselves to attack to use their offensive spells, but they don't have the tools necessary to survive long enough when their Suffering is above 0. We will, therefore, work on ways to make the Sacrier more resilient in this situation. [Briss] & [Crocus] - Game Designer *** Will the Vulbis Dofus soon be obtainable from a quest? We don't have short- or medium-term plans to change the way you obtain the Vulbis Dofus. We would like to offer a quest to replace how it's obtained, but we've decided to first focus on the Ebony Dofus quest, along with the consequences of adding the sixth Primordial Dofus to the game. The quests to obtain one of the Dofus require a lot of resources from us. There's a significant amount of narrative work, usually new monsters and very particular Boss fights with new mechanics. These are relatively lengthy projects spread out over several months, so it's difficult for us to carry out several of them at once. Regarding the Vulbis Dofus, one of the first steps will be to develop its story. Under what circumstances did it appear? Is Crocabulia its creator or simply its guardian? Are the legends about it based in reality? Some of these questions may be answered in a not-so-distant future… [Halden] - Game Designer *** Is it possible that payment via SMS in Morocco and Latin America will return? We are aware this payment method is popular with our players in Morocco and Latin America, but we can't currently reactivate these payment methods in certain countries due to the lack of means of verification made available to Ankama. We're continuing to work actively with various payment partners to offer alternatives to this type of payment method. [Huli] - Head of payment and fraud department *** Thank you for reading and participating with all of your previous questions for this first edition of Ask Ankama. Still got a question for us? Post a comment/reply and we will choose the most pertinent and/or repeated questions for the next edition!
  12. Characters new design

    Actually, adding customization options isn't all that difficult because every class has a common "skeleton." They've been able to make new classes, emotes, etc. at such a steady pace in part because they just design and add a new skin to the common skeleton and maybe upscale or downscale the size. The developers made this choice because they said it was too difficult and time consuming to add new emotes, and a new class design meant a significantly higher amount of work than now (which is why the 1.29 Pandawa borrows all sorts of animations from Sacriers, and why they stopped releasing new emotes after like 2007 for awhile). Even in these concepts every one of those characters has the same skeleton, except the little Xelor. Look at the arms!
  13. S> Ap exo Inky Veil

    For the future, we will see it much faster if you report your own post.
  14. Gamakna

    ??? What does that have to do with my post
  15. Gamakna

    This! 2017 itself was a huge year for Dofus. Ankama has really gotten their act together over the years. They've been regularly introducing new content for all different level ranges for a long time now, and they're starting to introduce more complex mechanics to the lower level stuff. The top-to-bottom redesign of Sidimote is a good example of this. Ohwhymi too. The across-the-board spell revamp is also probably the best single update they've put out honestly. Point me to unified, widespread hatred of this update because I sure haven't seen anything like previous game-changing updates of similar scale (ex: the first weapon nerf, in 1.21 or so). The monoaccount servers are also a huge leap forward. One of the most-requested features in Dofus history was finally acted on, and it was such a popular move that we ended up with seven new servers out of the deal. Overall, Ankama's been doing great work. It took them 12 years to do it, but it's happening.