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  1. Kiba

    B> Hispanic shield

    Please include a price range of what you're looking to buy/sell for as per our marketplace guidelines. The reason we ask for this is so that these forums can both benefit you in a quick sale but also provide a future resource for others to price check items. Also moving this to the correct forum section. Thanks!
  2. Kiba

    Dofus Active Players

    The numbers they show are just however many character pages exist for that server. It's not drawing from an API. There are a lot of weird jumps in the data, because nobody really knows how the character pages work, how or when they're added and removed... When you're looking at Statofus you have to remember what you're actually looking at is whatever's happening on the Dofus website that day. You can compare servers to each other and get a general idea of how big one server is compared to another. Servers with constantly rising numbers are kind of interesting, because it means more character pages are being created than pages are being removed for any reason, so possibly net positive population in reality. It's not drawing from any API so you just can't interpret the data as accurate to-the-day population numbers. It's merely a coincidence that this happened a few weeks before Dofus Touch's constant rising number was set to pass regular Dofus' constant decline. There is no war in Ba Sing Se.
  3. Kiba

    This gets on my tits

    do kids these days even know who quivitar is?
  4. Kiba

    Laptop for multi

    Just grab a laptop with good specs in general. Don't just shop around Dofus. These days, if you shop around enough, you can get a powerful laptop for a fair price.
  5. Kiba

    How long does Dofus have left?

    Dofus PC is shrinking and Dofus Touch is growing steadily... Ankama totally redid the new player experience because nobody was jumping on with the old Incarnam/Astrub, and now people seem to be flocking to that very same old experience in Dofus Touch? Let's get real, the endgame community in Dofus has been literally exactly like everyone in this thread since 2005. Is it really an endgame Dofus community without people hating the newest updates and pining for the old versions? Dofus has been on the decline for years because they can't get new people to play the game in large numbers, so the game appears dead because most of the content isn't being played. Our little echo chamber becomes more deafening by the month when there's nobody new to dampen the sound. The devs really need to think about how they can get today's gaming demographic to want to play a grindfest PC-based MMORPG, nevermind the subscription model. And also how to put out literally any update that does not correspond to a dramatic drop in population. It's pretty clear that today's peak gaming demographic is much more friendly to the idea of an Apple/Android-based grindfest MMO with a cash shop, as they're growing and seemingly healthy. They even just put out a big balancing patch on that game and, wow, no drop in population. So it seems like whoever's developing that version has a better handle on what the players want as a whole? If they can't figure out the magic formula, then Dofus PC is as good as dead. I think we can still consider Dofus PC "alive" until Dofus Touch's population passes us by. After that, it's over.
  6. Kiba

    old characters

    There seems to be a weird issue with folks who were inactive within a specific time frame, so their characters were removed from Rushu/Rosal/etc but not transferred correctly to Echo. Ankama support can restore characters that were impacted by this.
  7. Kiba

    Buy Ochre Dofus

    Please include a price range of what you're looking to buy/sell for as per our marketplace guidelines. The reason we ask for this is so that these forums can both benefit you in a quick sale but also provide a future resource for others to price check items. Thanks!
  8. Kiba

    mounts gone

    The message you received is linked to expired certificates, which you may have sold off ages ago. Your mounts missing from the actual paddock... Serious question, did you clear the game's cache?
  9. Kiba

    Breeding Revamp

    Active breeding had its uses and its fans. It's no more "boring" of a system than harvesting professions, imo. The removal of active breeding is the removal of micromanaging serenity, which means that patters and slappers will run out of durability at a greater rate. This increases costs to the breeder.
  10. It's part of a series of 4 or 5 different contests and events
  11. Kiba

    Breeding Revamp

    This is a really aggressive suite of changes. Big time breeders are going to freak out over the changes to sheds alone. At least some will dramatically quit today. The changes to breeding items are terrible! Many breeding items are economically nonviable because of the pricey resources required + poor durability or effects. The ones that appear in the markets are very expensive. And probably don't even have full or any durability. The combination of the item changes + public paddock changes are a major nerf on anyone who used public paddocks. Private paddocks aren't an option for most. Now there's suddenly a massive recurring cost to breeding in public paddocks and a fraction of the productivity? Obviously, Ankama wants to remove breeding as an option to make kamas. They're trying to drive people away from using public paddocks for profit at all. They're also trying to encourage people to use private paddocks, but this is just a way to reduce the raw number of players who can utilize this system for any sort of profit. And they're making the entire thing extremely expensive. Also, surprise surprise, Ankama obviously did not put a single thought into how these changes will impact certain servers compared to others: On servers with excessive numbers of paddock instances, such as Echo and some of the merged French servers, more people will be able to access private breeding. This will give the markets more of a chance to even out, since many people will be able to generate mounts and scrolls to sell. Demand for breeding items will be very high, which will make them less expensive. This will be more pronounced on the French servers (lots of paddock instances, lots of people) than Echo (lots of paddock instances, not as many people). But the Spanish servers (3 paddock instances, lots of people), PT server (2 paddock instances, decent amount of people), Agride (ONE instance, lots of people, bot free/lite) will suffer varying degrees of economic pain. These changes will make scroll prices spike, and they won't go back down.
  12. Kiba

    The Good Egg Hunt [EVENT]

    Enough with the shitposting. Nobody is here for the fake and, at times, insulting "concern" about this event.
  13. Kiba

    Dofus 2.46 Changelog

    Official changelog is up: https://www.dofus.com/en/forum/1-log-book/332734-city-mercenaries