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  1. ellabella

    A forced break I guess.

    My computer is doing some weird things, so I've been forced to log in by having an e-mail sent to me each time and copy/pasting the security code they send me. Need to feed my pets after all. And yesterday the game said the restricted mode would be lifted after I restart the game. Guess what - it also asked for another security code. Fine, got that one sent and copied and pasted. AND it told me to relog again. And asked me for another code. The shield is not working properly. Fuck this.
  2. All alphabets should be allowed in that case. When shall we have Arabic letters in guild names? And Greek? Or Jidish for that matter? Either all of them should be incorporated, or none at all. Otherwise it is unfair to over half the population of the server. And before you ask - no, English is not my mother tongue, neither any of the above-mentioned.
  3. Seems the new server is not an international server anymore. I am speechless.
  4. ellabella

    Rushu down

    After today's maintenance was done I logged on to get a couple of dungeon runs in for my turq quest, and in the middle of a fight in Obsidemon the server suddenly seemingly shut down. First the server status claimed backup (no warning beforehand), then offline, now for a while already it's been unknown status. I wonder if there's any info anywhere? Official forum has nothing on it.
  5. ellabella

    Issues with the new update

    As Rob already mentioned, this is INCREDIBLY stupid. Why the hell would I spec a fight if it isn't to really see what is happening? And that includes knowing people's current stats instead of how long the game has lasted. Stupid stupid stupid. And the tooltip nightmare hasn't been fixed either. I feel a rant coming on soon.
  6. ellabella

    Issues with the new update

    Well, as a matter of fact, the fights that i've spectated after reading this reply have shown no presence of a cross anywhere like the one you showed. So no, there still isn't one. Weird.
  7. ellabella

    Issues with the new update

    Good god. Thanks for the reply :)
  8. ellabella

    Issues with the new update

    As of yesterday I discovered that it's hazardous to join a spec of any fight. Namely, there is no option of leaving spec. I thought it would be fixed in today's update, but no. So right now I'm stuck in a Count Harebourg fight spec. The Also, none of the abovementioned issues (except the jumping boxes on the screen) have been fixed in any way. Not the black theme, not the infuriating tooltips.
  9. ellabella

    Issues with the new update

    That's exactly what happened to me yesterday. Also, starting cells wouldn't appear, the pass button disappears, spells show I can't use them but next turn they show I've cast them and they are on cooldown, mobs stay put after being long dead, fight line-up stays on my screen after fight is over... That's all from tonight's session of playing. Again clear cache. Luckily only a partial clear this time.
  10. ellabella

    Issues with the new update

    Thank you for your kind answes :) Really hope things get fixed soon.
  11. As the official forum doesn't allow me to post anything (the text box contains a message that a webpage cannot be loaded and that's it), I will write my thoughts here. First of all, by far the most importantly, Ankama needs to give players back the option of switching to the beige theme. My eyes are not the best and the black/neon green combination really hurts them, as in I see loads worse after just half an hour of Dofus. Besides, and it's a scientifically proven fact, black text on white background is far more easily read than the other way round. When I have Impsvillage open on the side, I can read it just fine while I have to lean in to see the chat on Dofus, and the shrift is smaller on Imps. We don't want Dofus to be accused of deliberately compromising its players' eyesight, do we? Secondly, the tooltip system is driving me insane. I raise pets, and feeding them has become a nightmare. Before update you would click on something in your inventory and it stayed clicked - there remained a marker around the cell in your inventory, so you didn't lose count which pet had already been fed and which hadn't. Also, any item in the inventory that you clicked on was shown in the space below your equipment layout, which helped a lot with keeping count of whether a pet had gained a stat with the latest feeding or not. Now I have to repeatedly hover above the pets to see if there is any change or not. That is if I have memorised the stat beforehand. EACH AND EVERY TIME. Feeding my zoo has gone from five minutes to twenty minutes. I am beyond frustrated. Thirdly, I was trying to put one of my maxed pets up for sale today and nearly decided to NPC all the pets I'm raising right now. Tooltips are crowding my screen even when I'm only hovering over the prices. It's not helping me, honestly. It's quite the reverse. Last but not least by a long shot, the option of rearranging the interfaces made me clear the game cache FULLY after only maybe half an hour of playing. The boxes started jumping around on my screen. Literally. And either the chat box has become smaller or letter size has become bigger but text seems to be rolling by without giving me a chance of reading it. And no, I do not want to drag it bigger upwards, it covers the map that way. I do like that there are new quests and mobs and things to do in the otherwise half-empty Cania areas. But if aforementioned issues impair that gaming experience, it barely balances out.
  12. ellabella

    What languages do you speak?

    Estonian, English, Russian. I understand a tiny bit of Finnish and a few phrases in all kinds of languages, especially Polish and Czech swear words :P (take a wild guess where I learned those lol)
  13. ellabella

    Ankamabox is being spammed

    Deleted them right now, I'll try tinkering some more tomorrow, when the fresh batch of spam arrives. I'll post the developments :P

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