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  1. How do you weaken klime tried pushing him into a wall the first turn with no effect.
  2. thank you, i must be blind still cant find them :(
  3. In recalled to life are the chunky leaves in the dungeon?
  4. Frig 3 is almost here dont quit when we are so close
  5. If shield is up and your not registered on that account I thought you couldn't attack anything meaning you couldn't get dishonor however I lately logged my account to find the character moved and 4 dishonor on it but equipment intact. Looking on manage account I noticed some strange login infos. That is why I was asking
  6. I was wondering if anyone knows if you can get dishonor points while logging in unsecured?
  7. KingPiccolo


    Did you make the correct cake? this thread may help http://impsvillage.com/forums/topic/131571-brak-allignment-guide-60/
  8. Alignment Quest 61- A Tempting Rumor Talk to oto then head to the ripate inn at 12,24 in sufokia. Talk to the innkeeper ,he will ask for the turtle shells of moon island. Give him one of each shell or just talk to him without them. Without shells he sends you to 4,1 to talk to harry stottel. Then head to 2,-1 and speak to laura soho. Get 50 kokonuts and speak to oto Mustam. Alignment Quest 62: Investigation on moon! Talk to oto mustam, make 3 or 4 bottles of glutoburg (10salad, 1 greedo rum, 5 pandaburg flasks from an alc) and get one ambusheadgear.Then head to 32,6 (you will need 12 kokonuts to get there) put on the ambusheadgearand use the glutoburg. Then head to the right from that map and you will see Elturt, talk to him. Report back to oto Mustam Alignment Quest 63: Use of strength Visit Elturt again, you will need the glutoburg andambusheadgear to see him again. I advise against attacking him. He is level 250and has 10khp 50% resists and can make you pass your turn. Pick to posion him and talk to gropinson cruaule @ 34,5 to get the recipe. Make the fishy salad using 2 lard bass 3 crab stick*** 2 lemons 4 salad 1 rasputin cake and a fishmonger. Give it to Elturt then report back to oto mustam. Aligment Quest 64: Second rate-task Head to 9,21 and talk to oshimo he will send you to 10,19 to save a fire bwak, when you do using the climbing robe you are attacked by two lvl 60 spies. Return to oshimo. Then talk to herr palp itane @ 21,-12 on skelewabbit island. Alignment Quest 65: A soft-shelled turtle Visit brak smiths workshop @ -21,34, talk to mulic bere. Get his keys from the brak handyman workshop. Now you need to make the backscratcher. Tip (shovel smith): scratcher smith hammer (10 tin, 1 oak wood) 2 aluminite 5 iron 1 oilbow grease Handle (wand carver): a handle slasher (10 copper stone, 1 chestnut wood) dagger 2 maple wood 5 treechid resin Assemble (handyman): handymans hammer 2 ebonite Handle Tip Alignment Quest 66: Priority to the documents Talk to oto mustam, you will find the spy @ -27,-31. Talk to him, if you take documents you report back to oto mustam quest complete. If you help him you have to fight 5 bonta pursuers that are just weak enus 500hp each. If you fight you only receive 2000 kamas reward because you ripped the documents in the fight. You get 5000 kamas if you don't help the spy. Alignment Quest 67: counter spy Talk to oto. Head to -25,13 and talk to the spy on the run. Take the documents to larry pollar @ -30,-53, hand over the documents then report back to oto mustam. Alignment Quest 68: salad days revised This quest is pretty straight forward the compass shows you to all npcs you need except the last two Slim the soft is @ -25,-14 and you need 10 kani skins the other is in bonta. Then you need to create each of the items: longevity potion- 2 unikron blood, 10 potions of old age, 2 memory potions (alc) Plate of scrampi- 10 grawn fritters***, 5 lemons, 10 salad (fishmonger) kerbabben salad- 5 brawn salad***, 20 blop pollen, 10 treechnid buds (butcher) Vaulting Rye Bread- 2 funky flour, 5 water, 2 baker's yeast (baker) Funky flour needed in the vaulting bread is made by 1 Xavierthe baker's flour, 1 eniripsa powder, 4 onions For this next part you need 6 people. One alchemist, one baker, one farmer, one butcher, one fishmonger, and yourself. They don't have to be level 100 I did it with a level 79 butcher. Then you need to head to -14,-9 in the dark treechnid forestand enter the hidden map in the west part of the map. This will put you on a map with six squares numbered 1 to 6. You need to stand on them in order to open the door or you get teleported off the map. Then have the 6 characters stand on the correct tiles in the cave and you should create the salad laced with pollen. Return to oto mustam Quest complete 219000xp reward. Alignment Quest 69: Confrontation Return to Elturt for information on this refer to Alignment Quest 62: Investigation on moon!. When you get to Elturt, Harr Palp Itane is there also. Give Elturt the back scratcher and then you have the choice to attack him with Harr Palp Itane's help or leave. I attacked him and got 75kxp and a salad. After head to 36,5 and click on the bush to the left of the statue. You then have to fight a lvl 60 sadida with 700hp. Once he is defeated you can search the bush again. I didn't find the horn since i attacked Elturt. Return to oto. Alignment Quest 70: Defensive preparation brank thoof @ -26,31 one map above merchants square. kad maxy @ -21,37 onemap right from lumberjacks marker jack rottance @ -23,38 outside the milita xale dugros @ -24,37 one map below shoemakers marker Report back to oto mustam and then head to -29,35 and talk to Rekojel ask about the gambling rooms. Then head to the burnt cat inn @-28,40. Speak to the inn keeper and then enter the gaming room. Speak to Baal O'char then use the higher east exit @ -20,34 (miners saleroom) to enter the sram petras house. With petra there are several options since she tried to bribe you with kamas and a offer of a night of passion. Report to oto mustam Quest complete 3000kamas, 233000xp rewards
  9. guild wars are one of the best parts of being in a big guild, oh i miss the fun :(
  10. Not sure if the better drops part is true.
  11. Sorry to hear the sad news but how do you know who did it?
  12. Its been able to spawn in that house for years so dont think it will suddenly affect the price.
  13. gutted I wasted loads of kamas on junk this weekend would of been nice to get a rollback :(
  14. Just lock xa at the edge of the map with summons, push kolosso away from everything then kill one thing at a time. If you keep an eye on +damages and turn order you can unbewitch any large +damages before they hit you. Avoid hitting lots of targets in one turn or you will just buff several monsters at once leading to a death.Good luck
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