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    thank you so much! was away for near to a year, so outdated with such
  2. crudos


    can Trophys be bought from another player? is there a market place ? if there is where?
  3. lol Eru, i have dp souls. buy 30, i'll help!
  4. spicey does it again! woots was on the 30th soul before i wanted to log for bed =x
  5. ok i didnt SS hahah, but my enu Oldspice dropped a 20crit for Ahpeh, and immediately the next fite ahpeh dropped a 14crit for me! i finally have a turq after dropping turqs for others lol, want a better crit one though. anyway cheers! 2 turqs 2 souls!
  6. omfg i just got one >< 20 crit my 7th run trying to soul dp
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