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  1. The Crysis series, Metro Redux and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter have some pretty sweet looking graphics. Might as well get Witcher (1 and) 2 and keep an eye out for 3 and GTAV. http://store.steampowered.com/sub/52123/is also absolutely worth the money if you're still looking to fatten up your games library.
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/audiophile(sidebar)
  3. They've wanted to implement some way for Wakfu and Dofus players to interact/battle for years now, so I assume it's nearing completion. Lore-wise it's inevitably going to involve some Emotrope wizardry.
  4. Actually, Otherwise I expected nothing less from the Wakfu OF. :)
  5. Looks like they were going for a (series spoilers)
  6. I'll come clean as well: like this, you two are simply not compatible in the long run. I don't know if it's hormones or separation anxiety, but you're quite simply not being rational. Your girlfriend's got some issues to work out, and understandably so. What she needs is a stable and sound friend/partner, not someone who is clingy, insecure, controlling and downright paranoid. Listen to yourself for a second and get your shit together, seriously.
  7. Does it let you enter safe mode? Deinstall your GPU drivers as well as any Adobe flash/air/shockwave drivers and try starting your pc normally again. If that works you can just install that stuff anew, but do download the newest version.
  8. Do yourself a favour and don't expect people to spend their time on a good tattoo design for free. If you're taking this serious at all, take it up to a professional, not a deserted gaming forum. Finally, if you don't really know what kind of tattoo you want to get in the first place, don't get one.
  9. Now wait a second, since when are low-cut buttcrack jeans in any way related to either femininity or homosexuals? They're prevalent in jeans of both genders and they're uncomfortable and trashy as fuck regardless of the situation. I can't help but think they are only there to cater to the 'look at my <insert expensive brand here> boxershort rim generation. In fact there's hardly a way around it besides wearing long shirts, since I literally cannot find any pants my size that don't suffer from the phenomenon. So yes, I have to agree with the core complaint, because fuck mainstream fashion designers.
  10. So while we're waiting for Korra's continuation Disney has been working on a new series called Wander over Yonder The series will launch in a week, but the first episodes have already been released for free on iTunes. And, since Apple is the source of all things evil and hipster, people have reuploaded it for your convenience. It's pretty good fun, if old school slapstick is your kind of thing. I'm having no luck embedding this, so you'll have to make do with a direct link. http://yp.xtraxtreme.me/ypwoy/YP-WoY-1R-01x02_03.mkv
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