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  1. I'll join the necro party here! These are some legends that inspired me on my way up on the game. Odiegood/baddog? iop - I think we were essentially enemies but he was a decent sort to chat with. Vivi - inspired me to make a wisdom xelor Jseu - Long talks about xelor play and development. Without each other I think we both would've scrubbed. oOoAmonoOo - Good guy and helped me with guild leadership. I sponsored this guys tailor. Skye - I think he was the original wisdom xelor. He even had that high level hat that had like 50 max wisdom and actually l
  2. So... nothing to do with prospecting locks?
  3. Just curious what the colored boxes mean?
  4. I've actually seen you! I too play dofus touch on grandpan just for professions! Stay away from the cereal bread market :P You can actually make a lot of kamas by becoming a magus. Very few maguses are available on the server for any profession. It's even difficult to find a jewelmagus. I recommend going that route.
  5. Well that cpu is 8 years old now. He is right for thinking that. If it produces a lot of heat now and throttles the cpu down to compensate. Odds are it has been doing that for years. I wouldn't expect a laptop cpu to holdup well after so many years of use. It likely has degraded from the heat from so long. A laptop fan likely will not help at all. You can probably get a bit more performance opening the laptop up and replacing the cpu thermal paste. If it's never been done before I guarantee this will help with the heat. After a couple years most builds need the thermal
  6. I found a soft oak soul for 1/3rd the price in sellroom. Figured why not give the enus a challenge! +15
  7. It's been almost a year since someone posted here... Eratz drops still count right?
  8. I know them feels man. I made 1 friend in game whose first language is french. There is a guild "intercontinental" that is sort of the english guild. It isn't active though. I recommend just learning the basics of french/spanish to join groups. Let them know you don't speak their language well/at all. Eventually you will find some english speakers to play with. Otherwise keep spamming /r or whatever. Eventually you will find someone...
  9. Those effects are the reason many people like myself quit playing the newer version of dofus. I quit during frigost 2 as that trend showed no sign of slowing down. For myself and many players these new bosses that were invulnerable and instant dead were less than creative. Since you mention 1.29 I'll compare what made that fun. In 1.29 we were able to use our classes to invent ways to defeat bosses. As there wasn't some silly method to make the boss vulnerable to damage. Or things that would just leave you scratching your head as to how people in your team died. We just took the cl
  10. After a few days of spamming /r I'm close to giving up on it. Any active english guilds around? The few listed here can't be reached.
  11. I can't say I've ever played dofus arena. It seems I never will either lol. I'm already pretty set on eratz. I swapped 200m on echo for 400m eratz lol.
  12. Yuna

    Ask a Mage

    holy blast from the past it's braz! The best way to learn is to get a low level item and mage it. Best to learn the rune values when it comes to sinks. I recommend any level 60-100 item you don't mind destroying. make sure it has several types of stats and something like + dmg as the runes are cheap and will teach you how to use sinks.
  13. I'm looking for a guild with people that don't know how to be quiet. Also could use some help leveling up. I wouldn't mind compensating people for helping me out.
  14. Been playing grandpan off and on. Being able to play on my phone while shitting has been perfect. I may even post on imps during this time. That scrub pantaleo is on eratz, i think i will check that out too. The server update looks great. Maybe i should do something with the kamapile i have there. Any old frenemies here?
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