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  1. Thanks All weapons/equipment is in as well (that I know of). Let me know if you notice any holes. Gravestorm's equipment finder is slick and anybody can create their own custom "look ups". Take a look at my profile for a good example! https://129dofus.fandom.com/wiki/User:Rtaulbee
  2. Missed this one. Definitely. Guild stays full and I have to kick players to make room. The best way to get in touch is with the Discord channel: https://discord.gg/5PSasY2
  3. Equipment Finder: https://129dofus.fandom.com/wiki/Finding_Equipment (will be more complete once all weapons are in)
  4. I've uploaded all gear I could find except lottery items (no pictures though). That includes all hats, cloaks, backpacks, rings, amulets, boots, belts. All swords uploaded as well and I'm working through other weapon types. There are now over 2,000 articles. Gravestorm is working on a search tool to find gear by stats, effects, etc... which will super helpful. More on that to come.
  5. 1,428 articles now Very usable! Come check it out.Thank you Gravestorm for tremendous help.I'm personally working on getting all equipment in (that can be crafted). I've got all belts/shoe done. Now working on tailor and jeweller. After that, weapons. Should be in super good shape within a month.
  6. In cooperation and support with Youbutsu and the Under the Edge team on Henual, we have created Under the Edge on Eratz! It's a haven of rest for English speakers on Eratz and is the only active English guild that I'm aware of at this time (Apologies if I'm incorrect). My goals for the guild are: Create an English driven guild and community on Eratz Level professions so that guild mates have access to English speaking professionals Have communication with our sister guild on Henual for camaraderie and advisement Keep it loose and have fun Some of the benefits we currently offer: Crafters! Level 100 Jeweller(s) - CHECK! Level 100 Tailor(s) - CHECK! Level 100 Shoemaker(s) - CHECK! Level 100 Other professionals- CHECK! Many professionals are currently in progress with the goal of being available for crafting Experience! So many players in the guild are experienced players that are happy to help with advice and action Communication! We share the Discord channel with our sister guild from Henual. It's an active community of current and former Dofus 1.29 players. Wiki Sysops! My buddy, Ikarushka, and I created the 1.29 dedicated English wiki and are committed to building it out. You will have a direct line to the sysops of it to help you add articles or make updates If interested, feel free to post or locate one of the members. You can also find me on Discord as "Cadderly". The best way to get in touch is with the Discord channel: https://discord.gg/5PSasY2 Thanks!-Caddp.s. wiki plug : https://129dofus.fandom.com/wiki/129Dofus_Wiki
  7. 100 Jeweller! (92 shoemaker) Light at the end of the tunnel is in sight!
  8. 100 Shoemagus. Finally done with maging for a while (UGH)
  9. Thanks for the color Youb! Hope you find it helpful. Wiki is up to 692 pages. It's very usable. If there is some information/content that people are looking to get, just let me know and I'll bring it in.
  10. That and I think the sysop of that site is not active, where we are. p.s. that wiki is dead. 147 pages. We did 570 in 10 days.
  11. Just like the title says, there's a new wiki in town. My buddy, "Ikarushka", and I have copied in 570 pages, images, templates, etc... over the course of a week and change. I must say, it has come together nicely! But there's plenty more work to do. Recipes are there (need reviewed by level 100s), dungeons are there, bosses are there, tree locations, ore/mine locations, plant locations, most of the main stuff you may seek out.We'll continue to progress over time, so feel free to bookmark!here is the link:https://129dofus.fandom.com/wiki/129Dofus_Wiki
  12. Shoemaker to 80! What a freaking grind.
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