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  1. Since the "English Empire" is now dead (leader hasn't logged in ~20 days, 2nd command longer). There is now a new active (for the time being.... :/) English speaking guild on Eratz entitled, "Prometheus". /w Tensin, Cezx, MikesWildTurkey, Sir-Leuxia, Cadderly, or post here.If it doesn't stick, guess I'll be moving to Henual to join "Under the Edge" because there are so few English speakers here! p.s. I'm not the leader/creator.
  2. This resonates with me. I used to spend time getting the "next set" together so I could make my character(s) stronger. It was thrilling finally hitting that +ap, +crit, +range set that you were gathering for. I also remember being low level and trying to put together the kwak set or scara sets. Then looking ahead to other sets and playing towards them. Was a lot of fun (and very social) to work on these gear items because they required mat hunts with friends or other valuable dungeon runs to earn enough kamas to buy the gear. It used to be like that for high level stuff too because the bosses could be beaten with friends even if they didn't know the "mechanics" of defeating the boss (i.e. they weren't any really complicated mechanics). Now the bosses are rule/logic based and the recipes require pebbles anyway, so boss mats aren't thrilling. You'll get them with achievements anyway. Admittedly, I'm probably looking at it through the lens of a guy who has been around the game too long.
  3. I don't play anymore. What made me loose interest are: the restrictions. I like games where you can become uber powerful with enough time/effort/fun. Some probably think that's grindy, but I enjoy it. A little grind here, a little grind there...if you stick with it, a few years later you kick some real butt. Gives you something to strive for. boss vulnerability logic in the name of tactics. Slow and inconsistent game play - i.e. if Johnny doesn't make an exact move from a to b and hit using x during the battle-you will never win. To point 1, I like games where I can become powerful enough to overcome boss tactics with enough time/effort/fun. Now my time doesn't matter as much, it's about Johnny, Suzie, and Carlos doing exactly what they're supposed to do exactly when they're supposed to do it. I just don't find that enjoyable. pebbles in recipes. I missed trying to spend time to create gear when ready to upgrade my characters gear. Now the mats are easy, it's always the pebbles that are a pain and those aren't something I can just go do a hunt and collect. Granted you can hunt other things, sell them, then buy pebbles, but I get hung up on the principle of that idea, I don't like it. More or less, all the things I enjoyed are gone. Hack-n-slash/grind, gear building, limitless power. All of these are just MY preferences. Plenty of people feel differently obviously, glad you still find Dofus enjoyable.
  4. Cadderly


    My story I suppose. I had a $350k (USD) house built in late 2006-early 2007'ish right before the recession hit. Fantastic timing *sigh*. I sunk $60,000 down in it, and that was all my cash at the time. In hindsight, I consider it one of the worst decisions I've ever made. The high payment + expenses of owning a home (A/C issues, repair issues, etc..) + maintenance (large lawn,pressure washing, painting the outside trim, etc...) + timing/economic factors hurting value, We even had a small kitchen fire that left our hardwood damaged, and so on, etc...The house has lost all it's appeal. Back before this housing bubble burst, houses were an appreciating asset from day 1. As someone mentioned it was the "right thing" to do..and maybe it still is LONG term. I mean VERY long term. Houses used to be a good investment even short-mid term. I got an appraisal in 2011 and the house appraised at considerably less than what it initially appraised for. Less to the point where I didn't have the extra cash to make up the difference for a refinance. So I missed out on the 3.25% and less rates. I'm now in a better financial situation and could possibly refinance it, but rates are around 4.25% now and my current rate is 5.0%. The numbers aren't quite working out anymore. Instead, I'm overpaying the principal each month to help offset the 5% that I appear stuck at for a long time. Likely forever. Now I'm simply "stuck". I MIGHT be able to sell the house and move, but I wouldn't make any money (realtor fees involved). So buying a house simply locks you down. All in all, I'm in favor of families buying homes, but keep them home as simple and inexpensive as possible so you can dump them and break even at least. If you're young, coming out of college, etc... rent. At least in the states, if the US ever removes the tax incentive for owning a home (aka. the Mortgage interest deduction), everyone will dump their homes and we're going to see huge rent increases and home price plummets. Gov't has talked about it before, but I don't think it will happen anytime soon.
  5. Cadderly

    subbing 8 in 1 day with 1 card

    Yeah, this system has been in place for a while. Back when I subbed with money (been a long time), if all the subs expired and I needed to start again, I would sub 4 with CC. Then I would get gouged and buy ogrines for the other 4 so I could play 8 right away. I was willing to do that just to get the first sub "set" going. However, after that, I staggered my subs by a week. I would sub 4 3 weeks out, then sub the other 4 the following week. This way the block never affected me beyond the first sub.
  6. Cadderly

    Heavy Chest is Good

    I've been struggling to get into dofus, but I could SURE as hell get into that.
  7. Cadderly


    The street I live on is named "Hearthstone Court". Does that count? What games is this?
  8. Cadderly

    Sword art online Tattoo

    dude! Got you taken care of. inspiration: and the HOOKUP:
  9. Cadderly

    Strange series of disappearances

    They should launch a quest line to find those disappearing players!
  10. Cadderly

    windows 8 start button

    I downloaded Pokki. Very happy with it.
  11. Cadderly

    6-8 MAN TEAMS

    I'm confident that any i3,i5,i7 chip and equivalent AMD will be fine for running a team. (Can't speak for Mac..not familiar with their chipsets) My home comp is an i5 2.8ghz w/ 6 gig ram, onboard video (no video card) and I can roll 8 clients just fine. Granted I leave them on creature mode just to make it "smoother".
  12. Cadderly

    If Dofus didn't exist...

    I'm been non-playing since around October 2013. I've felt a slight itch lately, but I'm waiting for the "2014 timeline" to see where the game is going in order to determine if I should play right now or wait. I'm completely content with an on-again/off-again relationship with Dofus. When I feel the urge, I"ll play for a month or two, then take a 6 month break. It's just not a serious part of my life. Things I do instead is work (ug), family time, music (I'm in a band that has 2-3 gigs a month), play a bit of ps3, etc.. Just life in general! No real replacement from a gaming perspective since Dofus is very unique.
  13. Agree completely. The pebbles have really turned me off in many ways. I used to love gathering up mats and making new gears. Gave me a goal to accomplish. Now everything has those damn pebbles in it and I hate having to buy them and I hate farming them even more since I dislike kolo. Oh well!
  14. I ankamabox Izmar a few days ago asking when the "dev calendar/timeline/roadmap/(whatever)" for 2014 would be released. I remember a post mentioning that they are planning on doing that again. I'll post it on Imps if I hear back.