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  1. I think this is a permalink to the English discord https://discord.gg/YR2cwZb. Would recommend you stop in Tweak!
  2. Hey Peetz - sad to say, no it's not. The guild is still doing well on Henual (original location), but suffering on Algathe and Eratz these days.
  3. I responded to your personal message. Thanks, Cadd
  4. @Dovahkiin Henual or Algathe. For a good collection of english players in the 1.x space, here is a discord server: https://discord.gg/bRd2vJz
  5. I believe the 2.0 AHK script auto selects the window of the current turn, so the order of the windows don't matter. I don't play on 2.0 any longer, so I'm not sure if this is still the case, but I know it used to. Also, people use "windows tabs" as a container. With that, each dofus client is in a tab that you can reorder.
  6. Not a simple way at this time. The "flash" of the window was what allowed the ahk scripters to hook into that. 1.x does not flash. I think there was a guy that used the character preview animation and somehow captured that, but it was pretty complex.
  7. If the chatter on the french forum is accurate + the decline of the 1.x wiki searches are an indicator, it's on a decline now. Some french are saying that the merger needs to happen now because the servers are dying. People are tired of waiting for the merger (mounts/houses/etc..). Now Eratz is still busy for sure and there are servers that still seem busy (Algathe). If anybody were to start retro "now", I would encourage them to team up with the Under the Edge guild on Henual. Those guys continue to stick to it and have for years.
  8. That's an expensive, tough gear build out! Grats!
  9. Nice! I thought about doing an agi sram as well. I had one in the original dofus 1 and really liked it. Agi double is awesome. Fear is awesome. Doesn't it suck that at level 121, you still have to wear level 80-105 gear just to get the agi/crits?
  10. Here's a discord invite for the under the edge guild (henual, eratz, and algathe).  Lot of long-time players there: https://discord.gg/qgtqbA

  11. Most English players have coalesced on Algathe. Henual also has a strong pocket of legacy English players including Youbutsu and others from that era.
  12. Wow sucks for those affected. Just goes to show you never really know an "online person". Can be charismatic. Come across fun and playful. Nope.
  13. I hate to admit it, but I kinda missed this type of Imps dialogue Kept things poppin' around here
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