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  1. Cadderly

    Cadderly's 1.29 goals and info

    100 Shoemagus. Finally done with maging for a while (UGH)
  2. Cadderly

    Cadderly's 1.29 goals and info

    lol, true. Thanks man!
  3. Cadderly

    Cadderly's 1.29 goals and info

    Tailor is 100!
  4. Cadderly

    There's a new 1.29 wiki in town

    Thanks for the color Youb! Hope you find it helpful. Wiki is up to 692 pages. It's very usable. If there is some information/content that people are looking to get, just let me know and I'll bring it in.
  5. Cadderly

    There's a new 1.29 wiki in town

    That and I think the sysop of that site is not active, where we are. p.s. that wiki is dead. 147 pages. We did 570 in 10 days.
  6. Just like the title says, there's a new wiki in town. My buddy, "Ikarushka", and I have copied in 570 pages, images, templates, etc... over the course of a week and change. I must say, it has come together nicely! But there's plenty more work to do. Recipes are there (need reviewed by level 100s), dungeons are there, bosses are there, tree locations, ore/mine locations, plant locations, most of the main stuff you may seek out.We'll continue to progress over time, so feel free to bookmark!here is the link:https://129dofus.fandom.com/wiki/129Dofus_Wiki
  7. Cadderly

    Cadderly's 1.29 goals and info

    Shoemaker to 80! What a freaking grind.
  8. Cadderly

    Cadderly's 1.29 goals and info

    I did find one image with you. This is from 9/30/2009.
  9. Cadderly

    Cadderly's 1.29 goals and info

    Dude...look what I found. Picture of TA from 2008 and there you are!
  10. True Youb. It seems the pattern is for new players on the server to play for 2, maybe 3 months regularly and then they just...disappear. They simply stop logging on and you never hear from them again - even if part of a chatty or "active" guild. I'm seeing it now with the most recent wave of English speaking players that I've connected with. They are now starting to fall away. I'd encourage anyone seeking more player consistency to head your way to Henual though they are always welcome to connect with me on "the other side".
  11. Cadderly

    Homemade Gobball Cake

  12. Cadderly

    Homemade Gobball Cake

    I recently subbed a month on 1.29 for my daughter as a 12th birthday present. I sat with her and walked her through each class on the selection screen and she gravitated towards an osa. After playing, she liked the game and fell in love with gobballs. When we team up and I kill them, she always gives me crap ha. Anyway she wanted a gobball cake for her cake of choice, so my wife made her one. I think she did a great job!
  13. Cadderly

    Cadderly's 1.29 goals and info

    tailor to 80!
  14. Cadderly

    Asleep's STRONG Weapons

    Well done man. I'm been wanting an evening razor (got some chief croc's to kill). If I can't find one in the market, I'll be calling!
  15. Cadderly

    Cadderly's 1.29 goals and info

    I recognize the name "Wadanap", but that's about it. I looked for you yesterday evening and didn't catch you online. I'll keep looking for you. Feel free to do the same.