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  1. time and place! pls leech. i may stick with my elio or make something else. i’m not sure if voxx will play. wakfu was overwhelming lol
  2. why did you leaveeee

    1. Germy
    2. Syselie
    3. Germy


      if it makes you feel any better, all the signatures on like all my gear were erased

  3. I'm stuck at the graves as well. That open tombstone just won't become clickable on any of my chars; tried relogging and clearing cache. :( Edit: Yay! I can click on them now. Race you to the bandits, Shield. :P Edit2; Tip for finding bandits - Check with the fortune teller lady at the Trool Fair (-9, -40, inside the tent) to see if they've even spawned, then go run around bandit's favorite area if she says they're in Cania Plains. 100k per info!
  4. umm....HI! was thinking about you just now and decided to see what you're up to :P also funnily, your cell is in my contacts list -- your # didn't change did it?

    1. Syselie


      (months later..) yah, i remember texting you even. didn't i tell you i'm in chicago!

  5. HAY. please tell me you're streaming goult. ;_; i'm doing mundane tasks at work.

  6. I'm having this same problem. So annoying. I've updated every single patch, restarted, cleared cache, and nothin'. Edit: Seems to only be happening in my Brakmar paddocks. Sorting does not reset at my Grassy Plains paddock.
  7. Damnit, I came back. ;__; Usually on private in game, if it's important leave a message/join Sexy Time!

  8. LOL sorry. i went to get dinner then passed out. if you don't see me on today/tomorrow just leech yourselff! gotta get to 199/200. gogo

  9. Restocked Plum/Eme level 100. Sold in like an hour. Probably will have another up tomorrow. Sold out. Working on more.
  10. Bump~ Added level 1 Pl/Indigo and Pl/Emes for sale in markets. Restocked level 100 Eme/Ginger.
  11. Level 100 Chameleons in stock: - Plum/Ebony: 3m - Plum/Emerald: 3m - Plum/Orchid: 3m - Plum/Ivory: 3m - Emerald/Ginger: 4.5m Level 1/5/6 Chameleons: - Plum/Indigo x2 2.3m - Plum/Emerald 2.4m - Ebony/Emerald Mounts with prices by them are up for sale in the markets. I can level these to 100 or you can ask for a level 1. If you want a specific chameleon, I have most Plum stripes, Ebony/Emerald and Emerald/Gingers but I will have to see if I can afford to sell one to you. All mounts will be sold neutered or sterile. For all requests/negotiations, please /w Taralyn.
  12. Those are rather looking French, honey :) A typical German is "Ritter Sport" or "Milka" :) <3 <3 <3 Try it!!!

  13. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m84771uo7b1r12diko1_500.png

    loll. merry christmas! or y'know, happy holidays if you don't celebrate christmas x)

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