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  1. Ikarushka

    There's a new 1.29 wiki in town

    Realistically, nothing... I think we were not aware of it initially, and when we realized it existed we already had more paged ported so we decided to stick with the new one. edit: to be clear i think we have used http://129dofus.com till it went down
  2. Ikarushka

    Cadderly's 1.29 goals and info

    of course the screenshot with me is all about critical failures... story of my life
  3. Ikarushka

    Cadderly's 1.29 goals and info

    boo, and i am not online :P
  4. Ikarushka

    Price of scrolls

    How about a few options: 1) They (say person A) put one up for sale at a low price hoping that someone who is putting the next one for sale (say person B) and does not do it all the time will try to mildly undercut. As a result person A is hoping to buy stuff from person B at a low price ad resell. There is always a chance that a person C would come along and buy person A's item. This would technically result in a loss; however, assuming that a person C (or anyone who cares) would have already done this for the most part and ran out of cash - it might be a risk person A might be willing to take. 2) Person A is quitting the game and for some reason decides to do this with their cash, I don't know maybe they were annoyed with the scroll price gauging in the past. Good news is they will run out of money some time. 3) Person A feels that the price for the scrolls should be X and willing to spend their money to make sure that it is the case. Lets say they enjoy the game this way. ultimately, they would do it because they can. You rage because your motivation and strategy are different from someone else.
  5. Ikarushka

    People like this need to be shot.

    See that is exactly what i mean... you just compared somebody who has been ignorant and rude to someone to murders and rapes. Somebody else suggested that her kid will grow up into a Hitler (is that a proper noun?). I will not comment on whether what she did is a crime, i am sure she will be prosecuted if it is. However, i do like your own example. Of course people who break the law are responsible, in the western system they are normally removed from the society so they can not do that again... though notice how some other people still continue murdering and raping, which suggests that certain people, when placed under certain conditions, do certain things. Of course we can have a long discussion how nazis, personal responsibilities, right and wrong but it changes absolutely nothing. In fact, as a result you hate a group of people. From your own example you clearly differentiate hate based on the way a person is born (race, nationality, etc) and hate based on the way a person acts... but the thing is: you can not expect other to stop hating till you will do the same. You want to make a difference? find somebody who is ignorant and angry and help them.
  6. Ikarushka

    People like this need to be shot.

    Hmm, I am not trying to justify anything. I guess the only personal reaction i have to that video is being grateful that i was not put in a situation where i would turn out like that. I guess I am in the minority of not being pissed off but rather very much saddened... not only by the actions of that woman, but also by the reaction many people seem to have. As far as scenarios, you once again are talking about the symptoms not the disease. We can pretend it's her personal fault ( and of course on some level it is, since i am sure that some people in her environment didn't turn out like that). However nothing comes from nothing or goes anywhere, she is a product of her environmental (and not the only one) - being angry at her will not change anything
  7. Ikarushka

    People like this need to be shot.

    Ironically, statements like that are as ignorant as the video itself... in the end, everyone has a story, experience, life. Life makes people the way they are... it's easy to judge while sitting in front of a computer screen
  8. Ikarushka

    The Osa Spells Thread

    Agreed, however i don't think people questioned summoning one... people questioned leveling it from 1 to 5. You still get the same 5% at lvl 1
  9. Ikarushka

    The Osa Spells Thread

    It's not exactly the same... but ultimately the difference is very minor, while the spell point cost is high. Osas are always low on spell points due to all the buff and summons. edit: lvl 6 might be worth it, but 5 seems like waste
  10. Ikarushka

    Best Worst Strategy in Random Kolo Teams

    Though i guess the most annoying part for me is the fact that when one side outlevels/outclasses (not in the playing sense, but in the sense of theoretical strengths) the other... the other side gives up and dies quickly. It's annoying from both perspective of winning and losing in a fight, I like to see some moves and perhaps even a big upset. That being said i don't really argue when my side wants to do this... not like i can one man the other group :)
  11. Ikarushka

    Best Worst Strategy in Random Kolo Teams

    People who run away from the feca and then complain they got no shields :)
  12. Ikarushka

    Kolossium on October 18th

    We just had a 4 v 3 fight :) lol
  13. Ikarushka

    Big News about CB

    Awesome, thanks :)
  14. Ikarushka

    Character Tiers

    I think in general, there are three possible scenarios that can play out in Kolisseum: 1) Team of complete idiots - as it has been said many times here, no matter which class or composition idiots will lose. Example, I rebounded an iop on my team and a cra on the other side hit him 4 times (no those were not shortcuts queued together where by the timeyou realize it's too late, there was a good few seconds between shots, and he also tried to switch damage... so he was trying though not in the right direction). 2) Team of individually competent players that may not be super familiar with other classes (ie they played with them, though have not played one extensively themselves) - this is an interesting fight. Tiers will play a role, though communication is huge during this. Perhaps even more important that the class. Some people do it well, other do it poorly. It boils down to chatting/helping each other, etc - to me this has been most fun experience.. ie see builds i have not seen, pay attention to their strength (from the perspective of the player themselves) 3) One person logging 3 chars and being very familiar with the setup. Unfortunately, in this case (no matter the specific rules or setup or classes or equips) PvP in dofus turns into rock-paper-scissors. I agree that at any given time it's not an even split between classes - but ultimately there is no way to change it conceptually, it will always be rock-paper-scissors... with the only exception that your class will be more important than the others (or more likely to contribute or what ever) So there you have it. Even though I have multiple accounts I only join Kolisseum with one, specifically due to points 2) and 3) ... granted that I could be in 1) but who wants to admit to that? PS: fecas are relevant on a large scale for the first time after how many years? PPS: we are getting nerfed soon :( PPPS: hi mom!