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  1. The lack of underboob on my Cra drove me away. Seriously. -Warning, serious amounts of text coming, apparently- Jokes aside perhaps even when the game was still the same at it's core it just didn't feel like it. Dofus was my very first online game which I started playing when I was 16 (I'm 24 now so go figure) and I was lucky enough (seriously lucky) to get to experience the whole thing and meet great people. I started off in Rosal back in the day, as this little crazy ass person who could barely speak English. Shortly after getting my first couple of levels grinding like a mad person I joined my very first guild, 'Lust'. These days were fun as heck, a few of it's members and I would band up together and attack Perceptors in Astrub and would often succeed despite being low level in comparison to our opponents, if I recall correctly some of the people involved in this were MR-BEAR? And Yawn (Fuzzyfoo). I recall this particular episode in which I was running around happily because I had finally gotten my Rags and a Gobtubby, and we attacked a guild called 'El Olimpo', two members defended one of them being an Iop around 130ish using an Ancestral Tree set and we nearly left right after, except we stuck around. Needless to say all the Lashing Arrows stuck and the Punitive rolls were high, and we won. To this day I still recall this one as one of the key experiences I had with this game and that made stick with it. Take into account that up until that point and even around Lvl 70 I was still a F2P player, because subscriptions were rather hard to get at the time from where I was residing. So I would constantly try to find ways to get some, which is why I started leveling the Miner profession to get some codes (I never got that crap to 100, I was far too lazy I swear) and such. To my surprise I came across people who would willingly suscribe my account whenever they could and we would stick together. To this day I can't thank them enough (seriously way too many people) because I wouldn't have experienced the game the way I did had they not done it. Couple of months after, Lust pretty much disbanded due to our leader quitting, and some of the remaining members hopped to 'Anemone', myself included. Much of the feel was the same despite the fact that some of the people I'd regularly hang with simply left the game. I don't think I was level 100 yet at the time. This is when I got to meet Mat (Bluczes) and some Chinese wench named Bel (There was also Gylh I believe? And Cajun-Cunt probably <3). I would nag them both constantly and they were nice enough to let people join in their activities. There was also Shinobu or whatever who was a pretty chill guy. It was really fun and I recall Bel helped me a bunch with Tree set parts and we would always fool around. It was all pretty fun rad times. I believe Anemone died off at some point but I'd still talk to some people regularly, Mat being amongst them and being present for as long as I can remember (wonder if he finally quit? PROBABLY NOT), he always gave me a hand without hesitation and he is probably the only reason I got my Inky Veil (among other things) done so fast (shout out to Serryl as well -I still hate you- for being a generous fuck and basically donating whatever he had from countless hours of farming to me). Oh, Bluczes was later responsible for my first exo mage, an AP Solomonk which I sold for 100mk at some point I can't even remember. It was hilarious when it landed though. My memory fails me but I believe I met Sunny around the time I was around Lv 105 or so, I don't even know how we started talking regularly but I do remember it was casual as heck while we were both at the -2,0 Zaap. I can say with confidence that he's the sole reason I definitely stuck around. To this day it still amazes me how he practically chose a random person to help out and went through with it. He helped me shape the mess of a Cra I had back in the day and always tipped me off to the right direction. I was basically part of his team and he'd pretty much take me anywhere he went. Scrolling, gear, playstyle and mounts and anything else you can name wouldn't have happened without him and despite either of us being in breaks or simply not active at different times we'd always keep in touch. Guy was (and probably still is) a top notch strategist and had interesting takes when it came to everything, he pulled off things out of who knows where. Most recent being (and the last time I played consistently) during the release of Frigost 3, with us being one of the first few groups to get most of the Dungeons done with him pretty much doing all the work whilst using classes that were probably deemed as not the best for each one of them. Overall throughout my whole Dofus 'career' he was basically my other half and I can't thank him enough for allowing me to enjoy the game as much as I did with him. Through him I met a bunch of people who later conformed my friends list and were always present. Between these on and offs I got to meet other cool people, such as Psycate and Kagura-Chan (through Naso the hottest intel eca ever and no one can deny it and if you do don't speak to me shut up ok alright). Psy helped me through a lot of things and we progressed a lot together. He's also responsible for the second Turq I had since he dropped it when we were farming DP together (he also got his +20 from souls I either gave him or we had gotten together, can't recall) and I was one happy person back then. I was never a fan of multi accounting, reason why I'd partially get less done within a certain time frame than most people, even then Psy and I started working on a small team. We made a panda together and a Sac, I believe we made an Eni at some point but that one was never as active. I'd only ever use my panda if there wasn't anyone else using one. Somehow through sheer grinding it got to Lv 200 and is rotting in an account somewhere. Later on I met these two Brazilian idiots who made me laugh to no avail and were pretty much like little brothers to me, both Scorpionxelot and Harrison (you always picked stupid ass names, also my Ochre is missing you son of a wench) are quite lovable fuckers. Overall, if I were to speak of the things I did with every single person I met I would probably take ages to share all the fond memories, so here are some people worth mentioning which I CAN THINK OF OR AT LEAST REMEMBER RIGHT NOW DON'T HURT ME OK: Tar (sup), Sable (muah), Marya (<3), Maxeh, Tyson, Arular (and the whole Revelation gang who were always lovely and nearly made me pick up German as a third language), Sebasmejia, Cicada (greencat <3), Cajun-Cunt (I really just wanted to call you a cunt twice), Hakfu and another amazing intel Eca friend whose name I forgot and I sincerely hope is doing okay (as I do with everyone), Slusheh, Hayk, Youb (I probably still have the screens of Blank's guild chat from that one day I pretended to be Lichen and like 3 people bought it), Vor, Jewslim, Sljm, DarkRage, DrNinjaMonkey (for being part of some of the awesomemememest Prism/PvP fights I had), PaoShot, Waink, Picasso, Mac-oo, Odie/The gang (for providing cool PvP battles to watch as well partake on) and huhh... Seriously too many people. Also thanks to Dofus I discovered Impsvillage and it's IRC chat, even though it was mostly silliness and such at that given time there was still space for everything, and part of me who would visit the chat daily grew up with them still holds them dear to this day because they taught me many things without realizing it, I still love you guys and even though time doesn't really allow it nowadays I still remember the shenanigans that often ensued and every single one of you. <3 Anywho, I started typing all that to make a point, yet I got a little carried away remembering stuff... I don't even know what to say at this point. Overall, even when I actively tried to get back to it due to sheer nostalgia the sense of achievement and community just wasn't the same. This isn't even about multi accounting, it's just that I have yet to find something to thrive on as much as I did when we finally dropped that Skeunk skin or got that Moon Fabric, or when I finally got to look badass with my Moo cloak/Solomonk, or when I did a 1700 Damage crit on a Tynril, or when you finally had spare spell points for that one Weapon Skill, or getting that stupid Blue fish I needed for my equipment at the time, or the rush you would get when the maging system was uber shit and you had to roll good stats or else you were pretty much fucked (I remember this happened with a necklace I was supposed to use). Today I logged in to see my Turq is no longer +17 for whatever reason, not that it matters at this point but yeah *shrugs*, also whatever happened to scrolled stats wat, 101 was such a lovely number. The limitations on Close Combat, Exotics and so on also took away a bit of the fun for me, because I didn't have much else to strive for since I was far too lazy to start the Ochre questline. I remember taking pride on my Exotic Mages despite not getting many of them done, the Kring (which was the very first that I had done by myself) was so pretty and I recall selling it to OldNick for 160mk (he quit a week after or something which is still amusing to me because I was like oh why did he even bother but I doubt Kamas were ever an issue for them anyway). So the game has changed, and so have I. Most of what I remember as Dofus barely applies to this day even when I took part in more recent updates. For me Dofus was pretty much the people I had met, and as they got demotivated and eventually stopped playing so did my willingness to stick around every time. Breaks became longer and longer and here I am actively not playing. I was never a popular player nor got around with every single person, but back then you could pretty much name every single one of them and they could name you even though the community was pretty big, and that was dope. We could all tell when someone did something remarkable and have defining factors for every single player as well (Infinite forever the wis Eni). I should probably stop typing now since I don't even know where I'm going with this anymore, point being that what I perceived as Dofus has definitely changed and certain modfications they made within the game certainly helped, but it has to do with far more than that to be honest, and I doubt anything they do could ever bring these feelings (silly I know considering it's a game) back. I'm still glad it happened and I went through it all~ Sorry for the wall of text haha. #Sunny for Goult 2016.
  2. .~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.
  3. Pot gone, Nose ring still stands. -Liss.
  4. Aye aye, added new things. IGN: Slayer-Uk or Irea. -Liss.
  5. Not really, just the ones he makes. It's an ok mage I guess, if the customer is happy with it then it's valid. :lol: -Liss.
  6. The merch is up at -1, -1 (Slayer-Uk). Fair prices. Contact me here or in game if anything. Cheers, Liss.
  7. Possibly. I'll let you know. I'll be online around 2 AM Dofus time since I'll be working until then. Any other suggestions are also fine by me. Cheers and take care, don't let the lightning get you.
  8. Alright, I'm on right now. Thanks in advance. Pot left.
  9. Both rings are still up for sale. Pm Naewen or Slayer-Uk. -Liss
  10. Ivy

    Besos, guapa!

  11. Pew pew, both rings are still available. -Liss
  12. Currently selling for 5.2m pew pew~ Merch is currently at 1, 1. Lissette is the name.
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