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  1. The lack of underboob on my Cra drove me away. Seriously. -Warning, serious amounts of text coming, apparently- Jokes aside perhaps even when the game was still the same at it's core it just didn't feel like it. Dofus was my very first online game which I started playing when I was 16 (I'm 24 now so go figure) and I was lucky enough (seriously lucky) to get to experience the whole thing and meet great people. I started off in Rosal back in the day, as this little crazy ass person who could barely speak English. Shortly after getting my first couple of levels grinding like a mad person I join
  2. .~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.
  3. Pot gone, Nose ring still stands. -Liss.
  4. Aye aye, added new things. IGN: Slayer-Uk or Irea. -Liss.
  5. Not really, just the ones he makes. It's an ok mage I guess, if the customer is happy with it then it's valid. :lol: -Liss.
  6. The merch is up at -1, -1 (Slayer-Uk). Fair prices. Contact me here or in game if anything. Cheers, Liss.
  7. Possibly. I'll let you know. I'll be online around 2 AM Dofus time since I'll be working until then. Any other suggestions are also fine by me. Cheers and take care, don't let the lightning get you.
  8. Alright, I'm on right now. Thanks in advance. Pot left.
  9. Both rings are still up for sale. Pm Naewen or Slayer-Uk. -Liss
  10. Ivy

    Besos, guapa!

  11. Pew pew, both rings are still available. -Liss
  12. Currently selling for 5.2m pew pew~ Merch is currently at 1, 1. Lissette is the name.
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