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  1. Ohohohoh so we have a new tool to harass you?!

    On a serious note, you were always the type to get away with the minimum effort.

    I am well aware of your female stalkers, so I'm harassing you in pm.

  2. I've also abandoned msn forever i just use skype now. I am jealous of the wonderful weather you must be getting in florida while i'm stuck with rain and snow and all manner of inbetween. I'm the usual, just getting by with the least amount of effort needed. 2nd year of uni though it's not really getting much harder.

  3. Ugh and I have abandoned MSN for good! We are hopeless.. I am great :) in Florida at the moment. I think I dreamed of you once, you were doing volunteer work somewhere in south America.. how are you?

  4. How's life i have dofus uninstalled so i can't visit anymore lol

  5. There were a lot of pmed entries that I thoroughly enjoyed, and as Nix had her reasons for keeping them private so did the others. Out of respect to the artists I won't be sharing their submissions without their explicit permission but I can assure you that they were all sublime and I really really enjoyed seeing everything everyone had come up with. As I said I still have tons of items that people would be interested in, so who knows? maybe I'll need some other piece of art done and I'll pm someone who's style I think would match what I need or maybe I'll hold another contest ^^.
  6. Thanks everyone for your submissions, i love love love the art you all submitted and it was a real treat to see all the talent imps had to offer. There was a clear winner over everyone else though and I was completely enamored by the designs I was offered. I'll be contacting the winner shortly and transfering the prize over, and giving over consolation prizes as well due to my appreciation of your fine art. Stay tuned for the posting of the winning tattoo and my eventual post of the tattoo being done :D! Main prize has been distributed and i'll post the winning design soon. Will then message the runner up and give them an awesome second place prize! Nix submitted quite a slew of amazing looking designs and amidst her designs and everyone else's it was a very very tough decision. However in the end I narrowed it down based on ease of translating the image into a tattoo and my overall preference of the piece and Nix won out with these awesome designs that I will adorn my back with (with one of them that is). Big thanks to everyone for participating again, and who knows! maybe i'll need to call upon your talents again, I still have a huge cache of items i can offer as prizes ;)
  7. Wasn't trying to! Mouse slipped! Promise

  8. Don't stalk me!!111

  9. Just a week left till this comes to a close. I'm quite happy with the submissions and am just amazed by the talent people put out :D. Thanks for all the submissions so far and for those that may come in the future!
  10. mmmm. I see. A +17 is rather nice, I'll have to see if I can afford the 9,000OG haha. I buy Og via Kama 'cos I don't fully trust the interwebz with my bank accoun # / credit card #

  11. Well I don't actually play the game anymore so i haven't the means to do it myself, but what i meant is that i could give the prize to your character on the shika server and you could come by some ogrines and transfer your character, turq and all, to your own server

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