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  1. As Ankama is evidently not interested in pursuing any sort of action against bots (they claim to have a tool that detects them - it's obviously not very good), and their presence on Algathe is at a level that's making me want to quit the game, I'm starting this thread to discuss what we can do about it as players. Two things I have found to be effective so far, are: -Some of these bots are written so poorly that they accept challenges, and can thus be disrupted for as long as you're prepared to monitor them. -20 pod potatoes can be gathered for free from the basement of the city militias, and dropping them in places that bots will walk can overload them. Most seem to bank their resources if they reach a certain capacity, so the goal is to drop more than they can move with. (I am aware that both of these methods can theoretically be coded around, so use them while you can) Other things to be considered are whether we should come up with an alternate means to using the markets, as they are undoubtedly being monopolized by the owners of these bots. It may also pay for as many of us as possible to make a stink about it on the official forums. Please post your ideas.
  2. Frankly I should just report your post, because there's no way to respond without taking the bait you laid of making this personal. It was not. I want to know because I've never heard of this in all the years of playing Dofus, I'm a curious person, it sounds completely infeasible, and if it is possible, there would likely be devious means of making it happen. If people are being spied on by means beyond simply checking file integrity, or looking at the data they send the server in order to interact with the game, I want to know about it for the sake of everybody's real life privacy. As far as I'm aware, the only way for them to see how your computer renders the game would be to take screenshots or video. If that's happening, people should know about it.
  3. Can you point specifically to where it is in the code, as I am highly sceptical of this claim. I could maybe believe it if it you were saying the Ankama Launcher had such a feature, but flash player broadcasting a video stream of your client? Big doubt.
  4. Yes, but specifically, "They see what you see if they need to".
  5. Just now on Algathe. The link goes to https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/announcements/1059090-update-future-dofus-retro
  6. I'm sorry your situation isn't great, but there is no way in hell that I'm changing servers again.
  7. https://www.dofus.com/en/forum/1119-dofus-retro/335746-new-server-dofus-retro With Hissering, the new server count is at 9, and much like Clustus, there's another unannounced one named Boune in the game files.
  8. Having been on Eratz and then Henual since 2015, most int cras get bored and then never log in ever again once they can equip their Limbo Wand.
  9. Whether intentional or not, I think they made far more changes than they've acknowledged publicly, and breaking Incarnam was one of them. There were never any mobs around on day 1, and I sat and waited to see if any would spawn for quite a while. The chafer area only seems to spawn mobs of 1 as well. I also somehow managed to complete one of the turn-in quests while I was in the middle of Incarnam dungeon... And in a similar vein, unless they fixed it with this maintenance, pet gifting seems to be tied to the server queue. I wondered if it was maybe quite literally putting you back at the end of the queue whenever you tried to select a character to give it to, but it seems more likely that it just won't do it at all unless the overall queue is sub-200.
  10. I didn't, but we could definitely do with some assholes to keep the game as historically accurate as possible. It's more fun that way!
  11. I finally managed to gift my Bilby without the client locking up!
  12. Seems as though they added a sixth server. Edit: The sixth server is Ayuto, and there are also 2 more unused servers in the game files named Bilby and Clustus.
  13. Hogmeiser is the better name, and the Spanish-speakers have Eratz and Henual. I say we go to Hogmeiser and roleplay them off the server with animated violence.
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