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  1. InsertNameHere

    This gets on my tits

    According to the manual of this electric shaver, you're supposed to discharge it every 3 months to prolong the battery life. I've been turning it on and off for 10 minute periods for about 5 hours now and it won't fucking die.
  2. Eplifi Wand - Level 76 Effects: 10-19 Fire +27 Vit Durability: 39/39 Conditions: Intelligence >74 Characteristics: 1-handed AP: 4 Range: 2-3 Critical Hit Bonus: 1 CH: 1/50 CF: 1/40 Auction starting at 10kk Ends 3 days after first bid. 24 hours after further bids. Contact: Kyamari / Indifferent
  3. InsertNameHere

    "Intercontinental" Community Guild Recruitment

    I just dropped another year on my accounts after getting support to change the community on them. Finished gathering wis scrolls and now working on chance so I can finally reset and go full wis on Kya. Much excite!
  4. Yeah, there are a handful of people still playing in Intecontinental, but it's probably equal as desolate as basically every other guild. I wish people would stop breaking off to form new guilds already. It's the only reason I finally decided to focus on Intercontinental after basically everyone quit prior to the server going international. It has always been this way on Eratz. There will be a large group, then a new guild will pop up, the community splits, then people quit because it looks like hardly anyone is playing anymore. Same thing is happening with Henual. The grass is greener not greener. It will never be greener. History has proven that it will always result in the death of the community. Also, if you're in Intercontinental, bump the thread so I don't get banned for just reminding everyone that we still exist.
  5. InsertNameHere

    Looking for an english guild

    People are still playing on Eratz, but I've been busy with other things recently. As always, if you need a guild invite on Eratz, join the discord chat in my signature. People are almost always online there, but people aren't always playing Dofus.
  6. InsertNameHere

    Can we name change Echo to Rushu?

    @Youbutsu, I merely meant that Rushu players are the majority group on Echo, as Rushu's active population was, on average, at least 3 times higher than the populations of the other servers. Regardless, it's more than just a population thing. The reason Rushu had that population is because it was symbolic for the international community. But RIP servers. I'm genuinely surprised no one seems to be sentimental about the end of an era for so much Dofus history.
  7. InsertNameHere

    Can we name change Echo to Rushu?

    Given that Echo is probably a 40% majority of Rushu players, and Rushu represented everything that made International Dofus successful since the game launched, I still can't comprehend why they didn't just merge everyone into that database and call it a day. It's a weird brand-image decision that I'm really not following the logic on. Given that they set themselves such a broad group of names to choose from, it sure doesn't seem like a calculated business move... unless making everyone feel alienated was their goal. Can someone give me (as someone who admittedly doesn't care much for Wakfus) a quick rundown on the significance of Echo within the lore?
  8. ~ Kyamari / Indifferent's Profession Services ~ *10KK Call-out Fee Cost of Service Varies Craft Materials Not Provided 100 100 100 100 82 100 54 85 77 80 100 100 Hello there! Below you will find the services I offer and the wares I have for sale. You can usually contact me at Either "Kyamari" or "Indifferent", but I may be on my profession characters, "Llamageddon" or "Cuvelia". You can also message me here in the thread or via Imps PM, though I will most likely see your messages soonest through messages in the Eratz Discord channel, or by direct message there. If I'm in a workshop, my crafting fees are based on the values listed below. If the value is negative, your crafts will be free. If I am not in a workshop, my crafting fee will be a minimum of the Call-out Fee. If the cost of the craft(s) exceeds the Call-out Fee, the total you pay will be that of the craft(s). If a Craft Fee is negative in value, it is subtracted from the Call-out Fee to a minimum of 0 kamas. Tailor: Level 82 Craft Fees: 2 Slots: 1kk 3 Slots: 2kk 4 Slots: -4kk 5 Slots: -6kk 6 Slots: -8kk 7 Slots: -12kk 8 Slots: N/A Costumagus: Level 100 Mage Fees: Currently not offered! Shoemaker: Level 52 Craft Fees: 2 Slots: -1kk 3 Slots: -2kk 4 Slots: -4kk 5 Slots: N/A 6 Slots: N/A 7 Slots: N/A 8 Slots: N/A Butcher: Level 100 Slaughter Cost: ~10 pets: Free* Additional pets: 1kk each Sword Smith: Level 85 Craft Fees: 2 Slots: 1kk 3 Slots: -2kk 4 Slots: -4kk 5 Slots: -6kk 6 Slots: -8kk 7 Slots: -12kk 8 Slots: N/A Repair Fees: Currently not offered! Sword Smithmagus: Level 100 Stat Mage Fees: Currently not offered! Element Mage Fees: Item Level*100k Staff Carver: Level 80 Craft Fees: 2 Slots: 1kk 3 Slots: -2kk 4 Slots: -4kk 5 Slots: -6kk 6 Slots: -8kk 7 Slots: -12kk 8 Slots: N/A Repair Fees: Currently not offered! Staff Carvmagus: Level 100 Stat Mage Fees: Currently not offered! Element Mage Fees: Item Level*100k Shovel Smith: Level 100 Craft Fees: 2 Slots: 1kk 3 Slots: 2kk 4 Slots: 4kk 5 Slots: 6kk 6 Slots: 8kk 7 Slots: 12kk 8 Slots: 20kk Repair Fees: Currently not offered! Lumberjack: Level 100 Wood Costs: Negotiated on a case-by-case basis. I unfortunately cannot provide alignment-locked woods at this time. Miner: Level 100 Ore Costs: Negotiated on a case-by-case basis. I unfortunately cannot provide alignment-locked ores at this time. Thank you for your interest~!
  9. InsertNameHere

    Vote for the names of Your Servers!

    Are they seriously going to abandon Rushu? It is the definitive name for the English Dofus community. Seems a bit drastic, like they're nailing the past into a coffin, destined to decay on the wikia until everyone forgets it ever existed.
  10. InsertNameHere

    Server Fusion

    So, once this is all done and dusted, and all the forum boards for individual servers on here get merged into one, can we replace them with dedicated 1.29 ones?
  11. InsertNameHere

    1.29 Eratz

    A server is more than just the few people at the top. As with every server I mentioned, those people end up being left on their own, just like 2.0.
  12. InsertNameHere

    1.29 Eratz

    You're respected players, but that doesn't make up for the fact it's a minor server. I did the jump from Rushu, the Rosal, to Shika, to Solar meme when I was 16, and while it starts out fun dominating a minor server, eventually you realise that the lacking playerbase is actually an inconvenience, and you question the value of what you've accomplished is when there's no one to compare it against. It's just not worth it.
  13. InsertNameHere

    "Intercontinental" Community Guild Recruitment

    If you hop on discord and get verified, you might be able to flag one of us down if we're offline.
  14. InsertNameHere

    "Intercontinental" Community Guild Recruitment

    What's a character name I can try to contact you on? Otherwise try finding someone from Intercontinental and ask them for an invite. Everyone is able to.
  15. InsertNameHere

    1.29 Eratz

    Absolutely not. There is no reason to besides for the few of you who decided to go there for some reason.