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  1. they show up as 0 kamas sale but when you actually sell them they are woth 1 kama.
  2. Just generally in the mood for winter olympics. and this... I dont even... edit: Wait a second, how did you people embedd here?
  3. Need to urgently re-equip but I just honestly just can't decide, lol.
  4. I feel like I am the only one who didn't like toy hammer at all >.<
  5. That agi ring is awesome xD also I dont think any other ring at that level with wis and +heals? also skip the feu geta and go to boots kwish! You will lose a little bit of heals (just 4), but those are very fine boots! =p (although i suppose you have the lege crackler boots if you want a +mp/heals boots too...)
  6. In that photo you look like the 9th Doctor Who , younger. just a little,no? at least to me. :) it must be the hair. and the nose.
  7. is there a difference in the chance of maging ap to feudala ring/ omerta ?
  8. I used air maged metal as well on the sac. I love to see a variation on equips :P
  9. Come baaack! :)

  10. lol yeah I meant miranda not carrie. I confused names.
  11. :) the first thing I thought when I saw this photo is how much the coat and the hair (albeit its longer) remind me of that woman from sex and the city! (carrie is the name i think) Lovely photo btw.
  12. sadly so far no :) if your character is really low level you might want to redo her by deleting... BUT they implemented such things as stat and spell reset and alignment as well, so in future updates there might be an option like this as well...
  13. I wanted to see those pics that got deleted >.< curiosity burns
  14. full stringsicle set (or w/e its called) , gelano, jester hat, cere/tot boots , wandarelle and agi pet/or hybrid int-agi mount = 10 ap base, nice vit/heals and still enough agi to equips it ( provided your equips are like high/perfect on agi) only con is less resist than your current setup - but thats what you give for 10 base ap p.s any good agi/int suggestions before wandarelle level?
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