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  1. So does this mean they will revive my 8 dead nomoons? Also, long live the GobTubby.
  2. Send of the admin's a PM or better yet generate a report by reporting your own thread with the request. We can suspend accounts indefinitely or until you want to come back.
  3. I hope I'm wrong and I agree the basics of the game are suitable for tablet. I can spend a couple minutes killing some dinks or treechnids here and there. For me, and I suspect a lot of people, mobile gaming needs be completed in the time I can take a "long" dump 5-10 minutes max. I disagree with the fun early memories however. I enjoyed end game content, dungeons and PvP far more than early exploration and trying to figure out what the heck was going on. furthermore I find gaming on a tablet physically uncomfortable it requires being hunched over looking at a small screen and there's no w
  4. I've said it before. But I'm really dubious about any touch platform taking off. I've seen other games try to make the "conversion" from desktop to mobile. UI will feel clunky, battles will be much slower and people will get frustrated at how difficult things that should be easy will be. I hope it works out but I won't have high hopes.
  5. We'll likely file it under "other" unless it gains enough traction to merit it's own full sub forum. My guess, and this is my experience seeing other title games getting ported to mobile, is the novelty will wear off in about a month because user experience will be really poor and they'll scrap the project within the first year. But we'll see.
  6. Rkill + malwarebytes + cc cleaner is my standard basic removal. If they're not previously your computer I would typically just start fresh, safer and cleaner.
  7. Running applications off an external USB 3 hard drive is really bad practice. Yes, it can be done, but doesn't work well with non-portable applications (i.e. Things you install). USB throughput doesn't handle continual read/write very well, and does very poorly with lots of small changes. You're always going to get better performance with SATA drives. I'd suggest you pull non-crucial "heavy data" data off your local hard drive and move that to the external - Think music library, movies, pictures. If you expect the external to always be connected you can even have your web browser download to
  8. I laughed so hard when I found that picture... No flipping way I was typing out for each picture, I was just saving you all the clicks! I'm just such a party. /s
  9. Trip down memory lane (or my photobucket account) RIP good old days of being able to play in a tabbed browser. I hear it might be coming back? Or when the payment system didn't work for months. Good to know little has changed. Still the cutest pet. #foreverAvatar First 1/2 sadi on Shika? When Omni recruitment wasn't a joke... #IllPunchYouForReportingThisAsBaiting All praise the 0 wis Mad tofu agility Iop leeching the world to 100 Confused people be confused The great wall of firefoux When Allignment was something real. #SuckItBonta #brakLifeBestLife Because who wo
  10. I thought it would never come! I may still be right...
  11. I've never heard of a tablet that lets you take the battery out. What kind of devices are these?
  12. A little pre-tournament trash-talk is acceptable, but lets do away with the directed flame/bait. Thanks Shika rules Rushu drools.
  13. Interesting, I never had any issues playing on my MBPr.
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