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  1. Souls I need : Step 21 - Piwiki the witty - Spimushuaia the Traveler - Matmushmush the Flasher - Dandel the Boy Step 22 - Bandirty the Messy - Tiwana the Tokin' - Tiwascal the Wapper - Bakeraider the Tomb - Goblimp the Bis Kit - Kokonan the Talker - Kwoanium the Smart - Larvalaska the Cold - Roseanne the Yanker - Tiwaldo the Hidden Step 23 To be updated Step 24 - Gargoyla the Paranoiac - Kitsewey the Blue - Crackrockisree the Tiger Step 25 - Snappster the Sued - Blopal the Precious - Crabartanian the Allforone - Craborthos the All - Drakokidoki the Volunteer - Trunkbeard the Gentle Step 26 - Chafermented the Drinker - Abounteous the Generous - Codemonic the Mean - Niptuk the Plasticynic - Misskokoko the Channel - Smitherz the Licker Step 27 - Ougineemo the Lost - Palmoleaf the Greasy - Palmpilot the Yuppie - Naypalm the Herbivorous - Kanniranda the Maniac - Pandartmoore the Dogged - Treektamak the Loud Step 28 Kojaklator the Lollipoper Palmella the Hefty Dragospel the Black Drakween the Cross Dresser Dreggershween the Tinpanalley Dreggonzola the Cheesy Leopardon the Sorry Pandan the Desperate Pandarwin the Naturist Rattle the Hummer Step 29 Ghostabrava the Tourist Polterghaisk the Stray Soul Arepotair the Bespectacled Warazpacho the Cherilla Dragamemnon the Deadtroyer Jackoalak the Ripper Ganon the Dwarf Step 30 Kanidoess the Giggling Dreggooniz the Adventurous Dreggrieg the Pianist Crackedral the Majestic Kidodo the Extinct Tanukhiraru the Gifted Tanukhuina the Drawer Tanaked the Stalker Tanno the Dominator TanuKiki the Deliveryghost Pandali the Surreal Step 31 Floratio the Investigator Pikhoven the Deaf Dregguantico the Trainer Oni'orses the Foolish Fisheralf the Stewart Koalarchitect the Balancing Force Koelloggs the Creator Piralhaka the Intimidator Kitsouie the Green Treekalack the Sad Treekonk the Stunned Pocher the Kingponger Step 32 Barkricrac the Unsteady Dragossiper the Nag Draigovsky the SocalledSwan Drakoamax the Mad Jackoalak the Moonwalker Kitsuey the Red MoMaho the Modernist Sorgyo Quiretox the Chatterbox Mopfeet the Circular Zigzoth the Indecisive Step 33 Snailmetalika the Garagician Treekstalbal the Psychic Nidsally the Mushtang Trooligan the Bulldogg Mushuliet the Catapulet Romush the Montecchi Spimushketeer the Loyal Trumpaynor the Survivor Koalakropolis the King of the Hill Pandipoopik the Wondrous Satonuki the Plastikpaddy Yokai the Choral Step 34 Pandoracle the Opposing Force Tanuktonik the Doofdoof Pandahl the Rolled Yoksai the Spirited Please pm me in game Tickled-pink
  2. Looking for quite a few and will also be updating with arches i can trade but im paying 50kk per arch atm.Please pm me on Sweet-Shots. Needed Blopium the Delirious Dandel the Boy Dreggershween the Tinpanalley Fisheralf the Stewart Ganon the Dwarf Jackellington the Lantewn Jackoalak the Moonwalker Kaniedoss the Giggling Koalarchitect the Balancing Force Krabaoly the Patient Mushuliet the Catapulet Naypalm the Herbivorous Nidsally the Mushtang Ougineemo the Lost Pandahl the Rolled Pigoblet the Useful Piwicker the Manly Piwilde the Bossie Polterghaisk the Stray Soul Pygknightlion the Lousy Rattle the Hummer Snowhitisha the Pure Tanno the Dominator Tiwascal the Wapper Trumpaynor the Survivor Trunkbeard the Gentle FOR TRADE Ambushapens the Unlucky x3 Amlullabeye the Dreamer Arachnawar the Killinmachin x2 Arakula the Carpature Bambono the Holy x2 Bambottinit the Quiet x2 Barbrosskam the Chief x2 Boarnigen the Damasker x2 Bulbamoon the Trumpeter Bulbigroov the Dancer x3 Bulbushisu the Makisan x2 Calipzoth the Icy x2 Chaferotix the Sixtininth x2 Cheech the Pussycat Chukoalak the Norris Crabaramis the One x2 Crabathos the For Cracklerod the Old Crackoalak the Blonde x2 Crackrodilrock the Helltune Croccyx the Bummer Dokterwho the Tardisporter x3 Don Quizothe the Stubborn x2 Dragangora the Softy x2 Draghouse the Cynical x2 Dragorse the Wild Dragory the Violent x2 Dragostino the Tiny x2 Dragotitis the Painful Dreggatón the Latino Dreggommomm the Chewer x2 Dreggoog the Downunder Edvushmunch the Screamer Eskoko the Baron Ezothbeitor the Neighbor x2 Fung Ku the Master x3 Ginsync the Hyperactive x2 Glukoko the Slow Gobballad the Romantic Grasnakizanami the Ruler x3 Greetdoff the Gentleman Gwabbit the Wunner Hunflower the Sinful Jelleno the Chinny x2 Jellvis the King x2 Jellyposukshion the Slim x4 Jiminicrackler the Conscious x2 Kannemik the Skinny Kannimantha the Maneater Khameleltux the Tolerant x4 Killua the Assassin Kirevampiro the Wrestler Kitchy the Scratcher Koaldman the Garish x3 Koaldmen the Grumpy Koalsen the Similar x3 Koaly the Fiddler Larvalencia the Orange x2 Lert Macraken the Used Emo x2 Mamankalak the Bibliomaniac Milikkybum the Informer Milivanilli the Mime x2 Minoknok the Visitor x8 Moops the Bubbleboy Mopidyk the Mire Mufavabeenz the Cannibal Nebuchadnezzar the Conqueror Osurcus the Tamer Ouassingiam the Tyrant x3 Ougathard the Fortunate x2 Pandaltry the Unknown Pandumonium the Joker Prestreet the Fighter x2 Prikoko the Witless Quetnin the Fictional x4 Ratilla the Hun Raul Modrid the Chulo Roy the Rover x2 Ryukualak the Bored Salamaa the Henpeck Scarabreef the Short Scarahazad the Storyteller Scaraheath the Hanger x3 Scaratheef the Pincher Snapoalak the Redhead Sparodi the Python Speedmush the racer Spimushtache the Hairy x3 Spimushty the Smelly x2 Spimushuaia the Traveler x3 Supergwass the Free Suzessman the Enthusiastic Tofudd the Hunter Treekness the Dark Turtan'ernie the Streetwise Turticorn the Horned Turtrenalds the Tragic Wabbitor the Apt x4 Warko the Inky Worka the Willful x2 Wowalker the Egyptian x2 Zouzoth the Cuddly
  3. Ok so I'm almost done with making my final pvm set for my 8 chars but I'm not liking the massive hits I take on group pp every time I make one of these new end game pieces so I was wondering what sets do other people use for pp set? I will list the chars I got the lvls and builds below so feel free to add any suggestions on what I should have a look to make as I head toward making them all individual pp/drop sets. 200 cra - str but can go onmi 200 panda - str/cha 200 enu - cha 200 osa - intel 195 eca - str 200 enu - wis 200 sac - agi 200 eni - intel
  4. i am currently looking for about 15k oak and walnut woods as well as 15k bauxite so if you have a massive amount of any of these please pm me in game on Magentarose .
  5. So i run bworker fine untill last few runs when i have creature mode on then if i put panda into drunk state the whole map glitches , doesnt show player movements altho it does move bc when i cast a spell its from 4 squares away from where it shows me at , also wont let me "end my turn" and everything is doing the running man. anyone else experiencing this and any solutions?
  6. I just recently started playing my intel feca again but not sure what equips to use on it . It is lvl 125 , any ideas would be helpful.
  7. is there a way you can take your mounts with you, i know you keep the one equipped but can you take others as well? if so how? i tried to take them by just having them in my inventory but they got returned to my bank.
  8. How long does it take for them to transfer your character after confirming your order?
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