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  1. Do you have a source for this? I'm not seeing anything on the French, or English forums.
  2. It's what you think it is. Over on Wakfu we have a system known as the Hero system. It allows us to us other characters on the same account all on one client. A lot of the players voiced that it made their alts, that they've worked hard on over the last few years useless. With a system like this we'll be able to move characters on to our main account, so we can then have a giant team while only logging one client.
  3. I don't have much room to speak, since I've been on a huge Dofus break for quite awhile now, However... To the people here on imps, on the Facebook post, and to the Official forums, can we please drop the "LUL THEY'LL PUT GEAR/DOFUS ON THE E SHOP SOON!!!!!' it's seriously getting old. All you are doing is acting like a spoiled child old "BACK IN MY DAY!!!" fuddyduddy and possibly causing misinformation among the community by venting your anger in a petty way. Games are changing. MMOs as a whole are changing. Yes, it's lame that nowadays players are able to obtain something that you and I had to work pretty hard for back in the good days, but lets be a bit real, most MMOs are having to do something similar. Traditional subscription based games are slowly making their way out the door for games that make huge profits via Micro Transactions. As silly as it sounds, at least Ankama hasn't turned Dofus into something along the lines of what Bioware did for SWTOR, that entire game is a glorified advertisement to sink more money into gaining bonus experience for quests and monsters. Hell, look at the great World of Warcraft, even they're offering players a boost to the game's level cap VIA their shop for 60USD, or free when they pre order the new expansion (Which is 49.99USD) It's what's already been stated on here. Nobody has gone "Wow, that guy is sooo op because he changed his build". This is not a P2W move, this is just Ankama keeping up with the times, doing something that has been requested for years, and this certainly isn't the first step to "LOOK VULBIS IN THE ESHOPLULULU" The in-game economy isn't going to change one bit from this. If anything, it may keep some of the lower level players who would normally end up quitting because they messed up on their stat points. I'm personally never going to purchase The Magical Orb (especially when it's 6000 orgrines...) but I'm not going to sit here and stomp my feet because Ankama is doing something that I don't like.
  4. Live from the convention!??!? Via Twitter... Anyways, here's a picture from the Wakfu Twitter account.... THE ANKAMA AUTHENTICATOR !
  5. You mean this thread that has absolutely no reference of "15,000 limited quantity" you speak of in it? (There aren't anymore locked threads of the sort, either) Also, the Spectral Scout seems to be sold out.. Which the post on the official forums saying it was sold out was actually posted before you post on Imps...
  6. I mentioned the North American thing on the official post (Also included Australia and Asia) and Izmar said this
  7. It's a shame North American players aren't able to enter this, I would be all over it in a heart beat :l Good luck to everyone!
  8. That's how I felt when I read it. There's a lot of people really upset by the fact that it's 10,000, and think it'll sell out within minutes. But I feel like they'll be there for a good 3-4 hours before they sell out.
  9. Yes, I'm going to complain about increased stats when it makes two of my characters unusable. The title of the post actually explains that, before you want to act all high and mighty, try and put yourself in other's shoes.
  10. Just noticed it today on both my Panda and Foggernaut. When I attempt to mount up it will knock off my Jackanapes trophy, Xa Shvoel, and Xa cape even when I clearly have less than 6 mp. =/
  11. I must have this cape...for so many reasons... I will change my Panda to the greatest American Hero of all time made in China
  12. Really doubtful. Dofus and Wakfu's entire December update revolves around these guys. Krosmaster is popular, but not popular enough to be the main part of the update in both games.
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