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  1. I think it should work, Dofus is not an intensive game to run
  2. If you're only running Dofus, there's no need for a 'gaming' system. A prebuilt Dell/Lenovo/HP system can be had for a pretty good deal (bonus if you're okay with an old system that's being replaced) and should run 8 instances fine. I'd only recommend getting an SSD installed. Your current system with 8 GB of RAM should run 8 instances just fine, so not sure what's going on there. If you haven't cleaned your PC in a while, it might be overheating from dust buildup. Try reinstalling your operating system and see if that fixes your issues. When you need to relog, take a screenshot of task manager and post it here
  3. AMD just came out with new CPUs that competes well with i5s and i7s, at a lower cost to boot
  4. Reinstall Windows. Set BIOS to default. If all of this doesn't fix it, it's not a software issue and you should take advantage of that warranty. PS you should've waited a generation because the GTX 1050 is desktop grade graphics in a laptop in the same price range as a 970m
  5. 1v1 kolo is planned to include an auto-balancing pair-up feature that takes class win ratios into account. So if you play osa, you'll eventually end up only fighting other osas. I say just go with whatever class you like, but yes osas are very very good in 1v1
  6. Paddocks are locked until next maint. 2.40 update added features that made mounts lose babies so they're locking everyone out for a week while they fix it. Compensation is like 30 compensation tokens
  7. Less wasteful than going for pefect+ stats the normal way. It is theoretically possible to just keep sticking res runes until it's perfect, but I imagine the costs of those tens of thousands of runes(an estimate) would be more than getting a 1/100 exomage
  8. Aftermarket wrist wrests are pretty easy to come by. Of course, you shouldn't be resting your writs while typing and your hand should be 'floating' over the keyboard
  9. day 24 is the pine tree and the prize is a boss saw shield
  10. day 22 is the peki with a cactus hat
  11. Day 21 is count harebourg prize is platypus set shield
  12. Day 19 is the leaf to the left of the snowman prize is plum shig
  13. Day 18 is the pyramid and prize is treechnester
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