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  1. Check [-32,-57] , Brahmaputra. You can find cheap souls, even cheaper than on market. Cheers
  2. Merch is sitting on 0,1 , Kita. Prices like on screenshot, If u re interested in buying more&want some discount pm me, altho prices are low right now.
  3. PaxiFixi

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Yo guys, I wanted to bring back my panda and eni to perc fights/pvp, was looking for decent idea for pvp set Cha/Int panda is the best? or maybe cha/int/agi ? Was looking for decent %res/hp/ch res maybe, range, decent dmg and most important she should have high ini. Every dofus available except cloudy/vulbis, made sth like this: https://www.dofusplanner.com/Aoywt/edit/ if u think on sth better, please share :) About Eni I was thinking bout decent res ofc, decent heal/dmg and ap redu, made sth like this (altough heals are not the best): https://www.dofusplanner.com/ahjNl/edit/ Dunno bout trophies & shield. What do u think? Cheers ;^)
  4. PaxiFixi

    S> Ice Dofus & Dolmanax

    Close please
  5. PaxiFixi

    S> Ice Dofus & Dolmanax

    Prices lowered
  6. Yo, Ice Dofus 28,5mk Dolmanax 17,5mk pm me here on in game: Ularis
  7. PaxiFixi

    B> Dolmanax

    17mk, Bump!
  8. PaxiFixi

    B> Dolmanax

    Yo, I would like to buy Dolmanax, paying 16mk pm me here or in game: Ularis
  9. PaxiFixi

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Like Mikefield asked, I would like to make PvP Feca too, was thinking on sth like this: https://www.dofusplanner.com/qZfQz/edit/ Do you have any other ideas? Maybe str/int instead of str/agi? although agi gives lock and octoset is really good so I dont think so :/
  10. PaxiFixi

    B> Abyssal Dofus

    70m. pm here here or in game: Ularis
  11. PaxiFixi

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Class: Sac Level: 200 Time/Kamas Available: A lot. Every dofus except vulbis&cloudy. PvP or PvM: PvP Extra Comments: I was thinking on Int set with a little agi/lock/dodge, sth like this: https://www.dofusplanner.com/9KeYX/ Would add also Vit OM or %res and trophies/dofuses/seemyool are changeable, shaker on sac is better than ochre too yea? Want good set on 1v1/3v3 and perc fights
  12. PaxiFixi

    S> Omni Set, Exos

    Bearb Band & Ellie Deluxe Sold, prices even more lowered :)
  13. Yo Im looking for Tal Kasha Boots/Hat/Cloak, good stats/close to perf with 3% or more air/water res ea. for 3% res overmag; Boots 20mk bought cloak: 22mk hat: 20mk tread amu + belt: good/close to perf stats with magged crit res to 0 amu:13mk bought belt:10mk bought Prices are ofc negotiannable, and will ofc pay more for better mage, pm here on in game: Ularis
  14. PaxiFixi

    S> Omni Set, Exos

    Cats Axe sold Lowered cost of the items for 0,5-1mk, added kou bow (vit overmaged) for 16,5mk and hairsh ap ring 18mk Everything u can find right now in market.
  15. Yo, merchant is on [1,1] You can see stats/items and prices. We can negotiate but not so much, cos the prices are already very low, feel free to msg me here on in game: Ularis