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  1. Hi, my name is Nox and I've been playing pretty casually, on and off since 2006. It's been about 2 years since I've touched the game but I lurk here from time to time. The game looks a whole ton different in my eyes so I'm looking to hopefully run into some old time pals and guide me!
  2. Camp Respawn Timers* When a camp that has a timer (Red, Blue, Dragon, Baron, Rift Herald) has less than 60 seconds to spawn, its timer is revealed to both teams (regardless of their vision of the camp), and an “about to spawn” icon appears in the minimap (will replace regular camp icon if you still haven’t seen the cleared camp Not feeling this
  3. So I actually went to IEM San Jose and I must say, those delays and pauses absolutely deflated the mood for the audience. Countless people falling asleep, it was a joke.
  4. Taken from the Ranked Rewards page on leagueoflegends.com : "Rewards will arrive by end of day on November 17."
  5. It looks like that device has some pretty bad reviews. Personally I like the TP-Link N300 USB network adapter which I have at work and its solid at about 35 feet from the router. For my home PC I use an ASUS AC1300 which is a PCI Express card and it's lightning fast.
  6. Played a solid Elise game (still ended up losing .__. ) but since I was able to pick off the enemy team's adc about 4 times, he got his premade 5 man team to all report me for "scripting", which I honestly have no idea what that even means. Sigh...this game's community :/ Hoping the tribunal is good at sniffing out bullshit.
  7. Yea I'm really just playing for fun and to learn more. I don't care all that much about climbing in ELO anyways but I don't wanna be completely useless even when picking a non traditional champ. I do find that mana really spreads thin trying to lane in human form.
  8. Is it viable/practical to lane Elise and not go jg?
  9. So I decided to pick up Elise and I was wondering some basic tips/combos/builds? Also, West coast best coast 29-34 ping ftw!
  10. That would be awesome! I'm always down to learn!
  11. I decided "screw it" and played my ranked placements and ended up Silver V. Three losses were due to teammates leaving game/AFKing (stating the obvious but, wow this game is toxic), but I'm actually happy with this placement being that i'm fairly new.
  12. Hey all so I've been picking up LoL casually for the past 4 months and finally hit 30. Kinda nervous to play ranked since 90% of my normals I play extremely average. I main Vlad and sometimes toss an Ahri/Akali/Naut/Nocturne into my mix. What do yall think of the new AP items? I feel like Vlad got a nice itemization buff.
  13. You could also wait till June 16-18 to see AMD's next lineup of GPUs look like. The R9 300 series are mostly rebranded but offer very aggressive price to performance ratios.
  14. Hyper 212 Evo is always a solid, budget friendly air cooler. I since switched to an all in one liquid cooler, the DeepCool Captain 240, and been running great temps. No more than 38-40C under full load. As for the case, I love my NZXT h440 and would recommend it to anyone.
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