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  1. The IRC isn't really dead as such, it's just got a small userbase. Also hi.
  2. I can't even, haven't touched my account in a few years now. Mostly because I can't figure out what my password was and it's registered on an ancient and dead email :'(
  3. H-hey if you ever need a dofus husbandu you know...
  4. There's plenty, although few that i know of with the same feeling of exploration and such a large overworld map. Basically look at these game series, there are entries in most on the current generation handhelds: Disgaea Final Fantasy Tactics Fire Emblem
  5. On a scale of ONE to RAPEY you just hit VERY RAPEY. Please reflect on how this is probably not a good thing. Also on topic, I'd rather a girl that can cook well.
  6. You think you've got problems? Take it from me, you haven't. Let me give you some sage advice you've got it piss easy, I've got real problems. You see, most people are actually dribbling, goddamn idiots and that severely limits my socialising opportunities on account of myself not being a dribbling, goddamn idiot. Do you know how tough life is when you're better than everyone, rather than being completely mediocre? It's awful. The unprivelege of the beautiful is so rarely addressed that it upsets me sometimes.
  7. And beer is genuinely delicious.
  8. What do you mean 'eastern culture'? I'm just curious. He's exacting archaic and outdated 'justice' by using physical violence, and sometimes you've got to realise that some cultural values are plainly wrong.
  9. Alright so how about we post up some results from 3DMark, or other things if you want. I might make a wee graph with all the results if I get enough. I'm using the free version of 3DMark 11! Results Score P3637 3DMarks Graphics Score 3400 Physics Score 5797 Combined Score 3519
  10. Would you like a cup of tea to celebrate? Oh scratch that, someone chucked it all in the sea because they're a big mopey pants that didn't want to pay their taxes.
  11. Continuing on the theme of 'large publishers milking franchises and developers for money mercilessly': http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-05-04-free-radical-vs-the-monsters Star Wars Battlefront 3? It was mostly developed. Then it was killed because it wasn't as milkable as, say, Star Wars Kinect. Timesplitters 4 will never see the light of day. It's not CoD, basically. The remnants of Free Radical Design are working on Homefront 2, driven by the whips of corporate publishers seeking to milk the shrieking masses that call for CoD clones for infinitely. It was nice knowing you, interesting FPS design. You're missed dearly.
  12. I also want to make a post for Dishonored, as the cinematic trailer didn't really do it any justice. Although most of the articles covering it do it great justice: http://uk.pc.ign.com/articles/122/1223769p1.html "Dishonored is built on the principles of a past era of PC gaming, when titles like System Shock 2, Deus Ex and Thief dominated the conversation." This should get you interested. "Harvey Smith worked at Ion Storm as a lead on the original Deus Ex. Now he's co-creative director on Dishonored, and very interested in continuing to develop along the lines of his past work." They've got the original talent working on this game. "Arkane's art team, led by director Sebastien Mitton and Zenimax visual design director Viktor Antonov, who worked with Valve to develop Half-Life 2's City 17..." And the visual style is influenced by the guy who designed the crazy combine things in Half Life 2. So basically it's steampunk Thief/Deus Ex/System Shock (levels with multiple approaches and the ability to make many choices) that takes an entirely original visual direction for the Steampunk trope. Ohhh yeah.
  13. Double posting, but it's well worth it: Company of Heroes 2! Focus on the Eastern Front, so no Americans or Brits in sight. Soviets, Nazis, Tanks, Snow and the bloodiest battles in human history. You should check out the rest of the channel if you want to know why this is a really exciting announcement; the short of it is that Company of Heroes is one of the finest RTS games released.
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