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  1. That is why I have said "mostly". The first couple of turns on most maps there are allies near you, if the monster is a close range offensive AI type it will keep running towards allies, if it is cowardly AI your allies will run to it.....yeah I think you get it. Edit: Although now we are talking about a very low possibility, but combos like Tight/Limpwrist(?) with Incurable also would make Eni's mostly pass.
  2. So an air or water eni would have to (mostly) just keep passing turns in a fight if you want to complete the Incurable challenge?
  3. Yes Piro, I understand what you are saying, and again, I am not saying they will increase or that they won't, I am just stating the fact that despite all the reasons the players and ankama staff gave for character change and character split for years, we now do have them. I guess what I am saying, nothing is impossible to ankama, specially if it generates money (buy level increase with ogrines? XD) might get more players to come back, or make the current ones stick longer. Imagine all these people with spare level 200 accounts that they only sub for a week when needed, subbing all their accounts just to grind again to the new max.
  4. What worries me is that all I see is the same people who said "no we won't make class change possible" and "no we won't make split characters from same account possible" are now saying "no we won't make level beyond 200". Go and check how many topics are there in the Suggestion Box talking about character change and character split with the same reasoning as above, yet they introduced them. I hope I reach 200 before we are all proven wrong.
  5. Hello all, I know you are all busy with level 200 sets and the new gear released, but I would really appreciate some help regarding some lower level gear. Sac- 182 to 185. Int/Agi 11/5, no ochre. Sadi- 163 to 165. Chance. I don't know what's better for Sadi in terms of ap/mp. Edit: budget for both sets is around 35mk. Thank you all for your help.
  6. So it is an added % to challenges? Say 100% total Idols and some 100% challenges = 200% more exp? Did you test this on beta?
  7. I cannot log on Beta, so if someone can confirm this for me please. If I equip Idols with total bonus of 100%, is that equal to 100 additional wisdom for each character? or is it added to challenges %? It seems rather stupid to give enemies 200% damage increase AND having each monster revived by the next monster after its killed for only 100 wisdom!! Now if it is added to challenges then it is a different story.
  8. Any reason why you are focusing on AMD instead of looking at Intel?
  9. Maybe the RAID is a hardware RAID from BIOS (which most servers have), then formatting doesn't remove the hardware configurations. Again without pictures it is impossible to tell. Can you check the HDDs labels and see the capacity of each one, and the total capacity you can see in the windows? If the RAID is set up in BIOS at hardware level, it will present the total capacity of the RAID as one drive to the OS, no matter how many drives you have in the RAID. This is the point of RAID (redundant array of inexpensive disks).
  10. I cannot seem to load the pictures you have attached with your post, but Dell Poweredge 2950 is a famous server machine. Maybe the reason why you can see only 1 HDD is that they are in a RAID configuration? Really cannot tell much without seeing the pictures or have access to the system. This server is a little outdated, as the Intel Xeon E5405 processor was introduced late 2007. If you can find the exact series number (not the model number which is 2950) you can find out what year this server was made. Anyway it is a very nice server, Enjoy it ;)
  11. Hello, What are the constraints on class changing service? For example if I change my cra to other class and didn't like it, can I change it back to cra immediately or I would have to wait some time? Or I cannot become a cra again?
  12. What do you think about the following gear Iop Cra Panda The idea is to have 12/6 with exo's and ochre. It is mainly for PvM (up to Frig 3). Please give your feedback regarding any changes (classes, elements, gear, 12/6.... etc). Thanks.
  13. Seeing how many people (include ankama staff?) were saying how this would never happen and would never work and at the end it will be done, when are we going to have a service to split characters on same account to other accounts?? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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