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  1. Shovel Range Damage

    Ahhhh makes perfect sense now. thanks
  2. Shovel Range Damage

    Yes but for Axes the damage is the same in melee or diagonal range, technically 2 squares away http://imgur.com/a/ZuYA7 Melee and range damage on axe without shield
  3. The official newbie question thread!

    Do you have a panda? Cast stability. If not you could change the Air Destroyer or Miracle Man (your vit is far too high) or both to Dodge trophies. Also a dodge shield. I'm not sure on how much Dodge you need though for it to be successful Edit: And your Seemyool. Also you don't need 6 range for Agi elio as the Agi spells are not range modifiable
  4. Shovel Range Damage

    Is the range damage on Shovels bugged or is the damage preview bugged? I'm at work right now so cant provide any screens but I'm inclined to think its the damage. Last night I crafted the new Forfut Shovel and tested on my Eni. With CA shield and hitting in melee it was damage preview between 16xx-18xx and always landed between these. With Four leaf Shield and hitting from one square away it was damage previewing 12xx-14xx (seems low when you have range damage buff from shield) but was hitting 1100s. So a huge difference. When hitting with an Axe under the same circumstance (CA shield melee, Four Leaf range) they do around the same damage. Tested quickly with Dark Court Shovel too and was the same.
  5. Performance issue in newly improved Brakmar

    Yea I dont believe you can. I'm not sure if thats the problem because you can click to turn off display all monsters in group. I did that and it was only the other Ghouls yet still draining Cpu. Unless maybe the game still knows theyre there and processes it in the background, I dont know. Edit: Oh, i know for fact it isnt those. As soon as I leave the ''town'' area where the ghouls are but still in Desecrated Highlands it will go back to normal.
  6. Performance issue in newly improved Brakmar

    There is no way i need a faster system for Dofus. Intel i5 4670k 3.4Ghz 8GB Ram. The only thing that could prob be improved for now is GTX 650. I am not spending a couple hundred to improve my Gpu for the sake of tiny area of the map. Which i assume is bugged as it shouldnt be draining CPU
  7. Hey guys So I've been playing this game for around 11/12 years on and off, probably 5/6 of those years with 8 accounts. Never had a single problem with performance. With this newly updated Brak area though that has changed. If I go into the area where you find the Ghoul dungeon my Cpu will run at max 100% and everything will slow down. However if I enter a fight, things are back to normal and Cpu sits back and puts its feet up on 20% ish. Picture for proof attached I've posted this to the Dofus forums http://forum.dofus.com/en/4-problems-solutions/329983-desecrated-highlands-drains-performance-lot but so far not a single reply. I fear it will go likely ignored as they have only just released it and didnt get any feedback from Beta, I'm guessing. Anyone else struggling with this? Anyone know if it may have been reported in FR forums? It's a pain in the ass as I like to watch things on a secondary monitor while I play but can't while I'm in this area D:
  8. Weird bug

    I also resubbed a char I haven't played in over a year just yesterday and am unable to PM anyone because it says I'm unsubscribed Can you PM people?
  9. Dofus 2.42 Changelog

    ''Muh ornaments'' argument though, lol
  10. Dofus 2.42 Changelog

    So you're essentially whinging because you wont be able to make tons of profit anymore from dungeon achieves because now everyone will have an easier time completing these dungeons. It will no longer requires an optimal team composition. It's about time things were changed so that the richest players in this game don't dictate the markets, making themselves richer in the process. Casual players who have other commitments can get a foothold.
  11. How to obtain ODD generation seemys

    Sorry to reply to an old topic but can I assume this will be the same for Emerald/Plum. Mate the generation before it? thx
  12. Frig 3 Dungeons Spoilers

    I think thats my issue, I need an iop
  13. Frig 3 Dungeons Spoilers

    thanks for the advice, With sram being mainly agi and cra/eni omni i can do good agi/cha damage and Ive managed to get him alone with 4 remaining chars but then died out cus cant finish on glyphs so i should work on movement perhaps. Yea i beat him after 3 tries before with Sram/Cra/Enu/Eni i believe, before i had changed my second cra to a Masq. I think i would probably beat him again if i go back. Typical, ive been playing for 9/10 years and im always late/make things harder for myself by not doing things sooner. After the 30+ tries on freez ive got this down pretty much, rare occassion ill die when something didnt go right Cra and eni being omni suffice? Think my main issue will be rotations, i get so absorbed in the fight ill forget I wondered what the requirements were for the splash damage, exactly 5 squares? Yea ive been thinking i need an Iop. funny enough i had one til my friend came back and took the account back and changed its class... Yea with masq being full vit he doesnt do amazing damage but its ok, its very kinda of cc based tho, they dont have many spells for range No worries bout Freez ive got it down. Sram start at top near freez, double near the corner, jinx freez and fear to double, invis and run back to the rest, depending on AI from there depends on how tough it gets. Its already begun believe me It's the only one i have a tactic for too tbh lol, would be nice to know tactics that everybody uses. I stumbled across some synchro tactic yday with Xelors but apparently thats been nerfed. oh well
  14. Frig 3 Dungeons Spoilers

    All the tutorials I find for Frig 3 dungeons involve old spells/tactics, I figure with the change to stim word and vulnerability they are a lot harder. I've only recently started doing them, Got Freez down after 30+ tries, Sylargh took me 3 tries but not been since. I'm trying Klime atm and can kill off the trash by turn 4 but then manipulating him for rest of the fight is a ball ache.. Any tactics would be appreciated not only for Klime but all frig 3. lookin to prob do just 4 man but chars at disposal are: Sram 200 - mainly agi, ok str Masq 200 -full vit 6k - omni Cra 200 - omni Eni 200 - Omni Enu 199 - cha Panda 199 - str
  15. Idols fix, possible bug

    This is rather annoying to have to deal with and I feel it may also be a bug but ill let others be the judge. Idols. Theyre fine, equip when you need them, remove when you dont. Whats annoying is when you log back in after finishing for the day/night, and the idols re-equip themselves. If there was some indication they are equipped then great. There is only an indication when in a fight, which is too late. The amount of times ive finished for the day in the middle of a dungeon then log back the next session to continue to find ive got to do the next room with a bunch of idols equipped is ridiculous, time consuming usually results in death at end game. Thing is this doesnt happen all the time, otherwise I would remember to check every time I log. Dno if anyone else experiences this