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  1. Hello, Because of the lack of English speaking guilds on the Galgarion server, we decided to create our own. Currently, there are three of us in the guild + our alts and it's fun but we are looking to expand and unite the English community. Everybody who speaks English is welcomed (it doesn't have to be perfect) and you don't have to be a hardcore player. Also, we are looking for Balkan based players. The name of the guild is: Underoath This is our guild emblem: Level 28 and rising. In plan is to buy a guild paddock. To get invited PM in game: Leader: Fireklin SiC: Petulka SiC: Razoric See ya in-game!
  2. Lot of incarnam grinding in the begining and alot of camping in astrub ws fighting for crafts with frenchies xD
  3. Hi guys, lvl 155 tailor here. Nickname: Razoric Feel free to PM me in game. Thanks!
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