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  1. Still playing man???

  2. I iz back

    ur noobkake
  3. Active 4v4 players

    Eithaeyr /// Iop, Sadi, Eni, Xelor, Feca, Osa, Eca, Elio, Sac, Fog /// After 18:00 dofus time most days /// Yes, whoever ///

    Yeah just ask that Coopers guy, he would know!
  5. (͡• ̯ ͡• )

  6. The end of the timeless Era

    Pretty sure you failed the first step since that is certainly not a screenshot...
  7. We Shall Call This The #TrannyMovement BB SHIKA

    Would make more sense to post this in Rushu section - there's probably more Shikans on Rushu than on Shika now (͡• ̯ ͡• ). Which is to say, more than 2 people.
  8. League of Legends

    Massive throws is pretty much every other game though.
  9. 2.32 Changelog

    Those other spells that frag do damage too, it's not exactly a huge waste of AP most of the time. I think Xelors will still be fine, their spells are overloaded with effects to the point where you can choose to be a Sac, Osa or Iop any given turn. All this does is balance out builds, right now there's no point in any Xelor build that isn't stack as much str as you can.
  10. Shika Picture Pwnage Thread!

    Pretty ironic that "Alive" controls the area.
  11. Dolmanax Pricing?

    Also gives you 200 init from the stats. Sometimes I use it to swap init order if chars have similar init and both use crim
  12. vegetables

    Tomatoes are actually fruits.
  13. What the title says, would like all stats intact to a reasonable degree. Willing to pay around 40mk give or take depending on how shitty or not shitty it might be. Shooting me a PM on Imps (or posting here) might be the best idea if you're interested, since I log on at weird hours in the night. (͡• ̯ ͡• )
  14. Messages in Bonta

    No one cares about the affairs of your puny sparkly fairy city. All hail Oto Mustam, the will of Djaul, lord of Brakmar, reaver of souls, slayer of dreggons, keeper of chafers, lover of Mak, guardian of potatoes and dorky helmet enthusiast. May you one day be blessed to scorch your feet upon the ashen bricks of the burning city. Now go play with your Trools, weakling.