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  1. Hello, There are some English folks around, as well as an English guild or two. Try pming Inf, as I believe he is in an English guild and may be able to better direct you. My IGN is Salami. Good luck!
  2. Yes, haha. I know, it's terrible. I went through the painful process of leveling 8 hunters exclusively to farm DP and at least make 50% of the souls through meat. I mean, it's quite an investment, but hopefully once I get better gear (7 Enus are still wearing Jellith sets), I can drop Turqs a little more consistently.
  3. Doing this on Enutrofs is not easy, especially when they're weak. It took about 3 weeks of commitment, but it's done. I can farm DP in peace now.
  4. Nicely done everyone. We all love seeing progress posts like this.
  5. I decided to invest in a semi-proper set for at least one of my Enutrofs, as my damage has been laughable at best. Quite a bit of kamas later, here is the result: I took some shortcuts to mitigate costs, but ultimately I think I may only be missing around ~4-6 damage total. This is a level ~100 set.
  6. I decided to trial this room in the dungeon. I was lucky in this instance because the Pippin Rainbow Blop summoned a Greedoblop. Also, the summons were the exact same ones that were summoned in the dungeon room, as this was a soul from my earlier run.
  7. I see you last visited these parts on the 13th, what are you doing with yourself these days my guy? Hit me up on Discord: [ 𝕷𝖊𝖚𝖎𝖊#1916 ]

  8. A little too late for me, but I hope this picks up momentum and you get some players joining.
  9. The game appears to be pretty vacant.
  10. Youb, you're the most committed Dofus player I know. You've been here since the dinosaurs and you're still here, advocating for the game. It's unfortunate, but Dofus will never be what it used to be. The days of alignment dueling @ 4, -18 with your Eca are over. Exeunt is long gone. The golden period of Dofus was relatively brief, and while it was glorious, trying to relive it has only ever led to disappointment. You've been preaching to Ankama for over a decade now. You're a good man, but they just don't care, man. They have their own agenda. We don't matter, and if we do, they have a strange way of showing it. It's unfortunate, but what can we do. I'm sorry.
  11. Is anyone playing? Just started back up again a few days ago and decided to play pretty casually. Is anyone playing on there by any chance?
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