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  1. Echo - Platinum Guild activity record

    Sorry Youbutsu I miss-understood your intentions. This was a guild record nothing more and something which was nice to show! I do like your challenge and i think everyone'll agree to try and go for it! Come at us when everyone's online? :) No sport in killing percs when the Europe is sleeping/working and you killing percs, right? The percs are there so that our pvp'ers can have fun, I do believe you should try again!
  2. Echo - Platinum Guild activity record

    wauw, you can really take the fun out of this post. I wanted to show our guild's online record, which is frankly nice, and all you can say is that your e-penis from 5 years ago is bigger. Well i'll be the grown man and stop this conversation right now, you be the old man and think about your past. Have fun, Bongo out.
  3. Echo - Platinum Guild activity record

    It was all natural :) no-one really had their teams logged unless they were actually playing ^^
  4. Echo - Platinum Guild activity record

    40 individuals
  5. Official "What team should I use" Thread

    What I Have Acct1: 193 panda cha Acct2: 167 masq str Acct3: 162 Iop str Acct4: 153 Eni What I Want Number of New Accts: 1 Goal: Clearing all dungeons Leaning Toward: rogue ... i just don't know why. they seem interesting i got back from a long college break now i have time to spare and my previous high lvls (193 cra and 190 eni) were all naked when i returned. I started iop and masq and a new eni to grind up from scratch. Just want some feedback about picking a rogue, if it's wise or not :)